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  1. I find it much more enjoyable to lap Diamondback over Orion. I think im only at 45ish for Orion, not much at all. From my experience, i feel like Diamondbacks operations are so much slower than Orion and always has a longer line which makes it harder to lap.
  2. @BoddaH1994, I do not know you personally, but coming from someone who is a casual fan of Kings Island and rollercoasters, all of your posts as of late seem to have one purpose: to go at the park and constantly say negative things about their PR or operations. ON this site, we often voice our frustrations to certain users who always come to the parks aide (even when times they shouldnt), I see no difference with what you are doing here. I see your posts as forcing a narrative on the people on this website to try to prove a point. That being said, you have every right to voice your own opinions, but at some point, it does come off as beating a dead horse. I do not know what your end goals are here. It seems that you are much more upset about this than anyone else (including Don). I mean no ill will towards you at all, I just wanted to voice how your posts over the past few months have brought quite the negative outlook on the park.
  3. Don’t get my hopes up. I would love an RMC at Kings Island. I think it would look and fit the park great in the old Vortex lot Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Totally agree with you Brad. Thanks for posting this. I am a very average visitor compared to many on this site. I live in KY and visit about 4-6 times per year. I think the announcement today was great and great for the park. I think this vendetta certain people have has gotten a bit out of hand and excessive.
  5. Sounds like asimialr situation to what happened to Valravn a few years ago. Hope everyone is okay!
  6. See I disagree. I dont know what maintenance is supposed to do about a situation like this. Its not like maintenance takes a detailed look at everything each morning, even though we would like to believe that. I look at this as a structural error and possible poor design of the support beam in that location. Seeing the videos of the train going past it yesterday was scary and we are super lucky nothing occurred from this. We always talk about the downstream affects of accidents with intamin coasters with CF parks, it would have been a horrible situation if something this serous happened with B&M. Im glad they found this early and can correct all potential problems that could occur down the line. Its a shame for people who frequent Carowinds that their flagship ride will likely be closed all summer.
  7. This is great to know. Thanks Brad. I appreciate how open and transparent Mike is!
  8. I saw this posted elsewhere. So sad...so sad. I saw his Facebook post that he posted before this that makes the situation even more sad. Praying for everyone involved.
  9. I drive 2 hours to Kings Island when I go, maybe you can say I do not plan, but I do not bring extra insulin pump supplies or insulin. I have been going to Kings Island with diabetes since 2010. I have never brought extra supplies, glucose tabs, or anything. My sugar has gotten low multiple times. During those instances, I simply walk up and get a Coke. Easy peasy. Back to the fun. No issue. I will say if someone wants to bring extra pump/insulin/diabetes supplies, they should be able to. But there is NO reason anyone needs more the one additional infusion site to Kings Island. That has to be miserable to carry around right? If I came to Kings Island with all the supplies I needed and glucose tabs to replace everything, I could fit it in the bag that they allow entry with.
  10. If this did in fact happen, that person should have denied that request. I'm no Karen, but I would have just laughed in their face to that answer.
  11. Agreed. Ive had type 1 diabetes for 13 years now. Every Kings Island trip, all I have is my pump in my pocket. You could never tell I was diabetic. That being said, if you have a medical bag, it most certainly will be allowed. No ifs and or buts they have to allow that. Some people like to be a little extra and pack a lot extra for their medical supplies. Is it needed? probably not. Should it/is it allowed in the park? 1000%
  12. "The female told officers she had shorts on under her dress and dropped her cigarette pack out of them. She said she bent over to pick them up and her friend helped her." I feel like you could have come up with a better excuse
  13. I also just really doubt we will see a coaster for a few years. Kings Island is normally on the 3-5 year cycle (2009,2014,2017,2020) for new coasters. I just keep thinking back to how much revenue theey had to lose in 2020 and 2021. I bet the ROI for Orion was so bad due to the awful timing of its opening and COVID. All things considered, given how bad the past 24 months had to be for Kings Island, I thought the park was in great shape this year when I returned. I was so pleased. I would really be surprised if we go anything "big" before 2025. This is all just my novice opinion. You all are all much more in tune with the park than myself.
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