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Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees


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I hate to play the wet blanket but has KI actually teased anything? They have a few cute signs up about falling trees but maybe it's not supposed to be a "tease"? Maybe maybe not....

Maybe there is no tease and we are reading more into it? So maybe it could be a flat then haha

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There was a tweet from KI with a picture of Effiel Tower saying nothing to see up there, move along. I took this as some kind of tease but it could really just be nothing to see I suppose

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There is so much they can do. I like the idea of hiding hints around the park. Hunting for Easter eggs is always fun. They could drop hints about anywhere. For example, if the ride is animal/monster based they could:

1. Place huge animal foot prints in landscaping on the other side of the park.

2. Make fake claw marks on the outside of some structures.

3. Create a huge animal "nest" in some green space.

4. They could create a minor structure that is visible most of the summer to draw attention then destroy the structure, surround it with caution tape and warnings of whatever might have caused the destruction.

5. They could do fake news stories on FunTV about the mysterious happenings in Rivertown.

6. They could have sounds that trigger whenever a guest gets near a certain location.

The possibilities are endless!


7. They could create a gigantic hole at the Son of Beast grave...

The son never truly died he is making his triumphant return!


Wouldn't it be awesome to enter the park one day and find the graves in disarray with that giant hole there, with giant muddy footprints painted on the paths heading back to Rivertown?

Could be done with a CGI commercial on FunTV.

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This video by Coaster Studios, takes every single word out of my mouth.

Interesting thoughts, however, I thought of something else I would love to see at the park and could be a possibility... a Mack Splash Battle! The one at Dollywood is so amazing! I don't think the stakes match up, but that would be cool to see sometime in the future. I also thought of another possibility a few days ago; what if we get the first RMC T-Rex coaster?


-MDMC, who is not on Team Giga


PS: Sky Roller is/was an interesting idea and could be a possibility, but how do you theme that to lumberjacks?

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"Watch for falling trees" is a teaser. Does it mean it's a wood or is it a ruse? That will be revealed in the future. You'll see a series of teasers throughout the season just like Banshee.

I'd hope that they would take it to the next level this time. They could trigger the app to give a teaser or really do anything as you approach the fence. They have the infrastructure to do that. It would be a far more interesting approach, create a bigger buzz, and promote app downloads. But what do I know?

I mentioned some app improvement suggestions to Don when I saw him on opening day (looking adding the opening times for restaurants or better yet adding the ability for the park to actively update which places are open and which are closed... So when you're hungry you don't walk to a closed place)

He said app updates take a long time as it's all done by a third party... But that there would be a update coming memorial day.

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Does anyone have that Cedar Fair plan chart where they show what they're going to be doing each year?


Found this on my computer from one of Cedar Fair's annual releases last year.

I have seen this and Cedar Point has already did the ride removal for this year. Kings Diminion looks to be getting the coaster referb since they announced that their wooden coaster would not open this year!

Do I think this can possibly be a B&M Giga Coaster? Possibly! Cedar Fair is good at keeping to what is important to their parks. And Kings Island's center piece is the Eiffel Tower. Placing a new very tall ride of any sort would keep to that. Right now only time will tell!

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He may have! But it's always good to have someone play moderator who can ask or state something to either just cause people to slow down or look at it from other angles... Help people take a step back and survey the landscape so to speak. Get a real feel of the land.... :)

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I have to wonder if trying to figure out which Cedar Fair park is getting a B&M this year is another way to look at this issue.  Since 2004 Cedar Fair has built one B&M every year except for 3 years, 2007 where none were built, 2008 which had two, and 2011 which had none.  


The chances that some park in the chain will get a B&M is VERY good.  So there are 12 parks in the chain.  The only parks I would consider as possible for getting a B&M in 2017 based on park size, attendance, and time since last major ride are

Canada's Wonderland - They got Wonder Mountain in 2014, before that Leviathan in 2012.  It feels like it might be their time.

Knott's Berry Farm - Been a while except for Voyage to the Iron Reef, Last coaster was a wild mouse in 2013, before that Pony Express in 2008

King's Island - Banshee in 2014, and Diamondback in 2009

King's Dominion - Last big ride was Intimidator in 2010


If I had to take bets I would say Knott's or Canada's Wonderland.  I am pretty sure someone on this list is getting a big B&M for 2017.  I expect we get a good attraction for next year I just have my doubts about it being a giga or even a B&M for that matter.

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I think the scariest part of the 5 year plan, is next year's ride removal. Cedar Point is removing Shoot the Rapids this year, so I feel our rides are safe. Unless something happens. But, next year? We can only guess, and hope it's not our favorite.

I agree on Canada's Wonderland, or Knott's for the big thrill/coaster spot, and personally think we're getting the mid-size thrill ride. I feel that 2018 or 2019 would be our dark ride year.

But I'm just an enthusiast on a fan forum, so what do I really know? I'm just guessing.

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The amount of interesting posts in this topic, and we're only 6 days in.........


Since I have failed to recognize the importance of the topic prior to, here are some of "BB1's Tips on Surviving a Decoding":

  • Don't overthink things.
  • Don't underthink things.
  • Look for what is, or what won't be expected, both can happen.
  • Expect sarcasm, and some cryptic posts here and there.
  • Don't forget this one simple thing: Look everywhere, not just in one location(s).
  • If you weren't here a few years ago, just understand this, Decoding is a phenomena that only happens ever so often.
  • Participate in the conversation.
  • Have FUN!


I won't put down my full thoughts until May comes around, I need to ride the train a few times to get my bearings on things.  But I will agree, something is coming, and people will be either let down or excited for 2017, depending on the camp you sit in. (Just don't camp under the trees, they're falling you know!)

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