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The Great Ride Exchange


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Welcome to the Great Ride Exchange! What rides are you willing to trade or bargain for? They can be between any two parks and any ride is open for exchange. Attractions like Dinosaurs Alive are up for grabs too. For example, I'd trade Dinosaurs Alive and Congo Falls in exchange for Thunderbird at Holiday World.




*EDIT* Exchanges should be reasonable

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Dominator for FH! Although I don't think KD would be happy with that exchange.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure I'd approve of that even with KI as my home park.

For example, I'd trade Dinosaurs Alive and Congo Falls in exchange for Thunderbird at Holiday World.

Now, Holiday World would certainly not approve of that!

I'd take Volcano and Avalanche from KD for Banshee and The Bat from KI.

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Hmm...while there are plenty of fantasy trades I could think of, part of me was thinking "What about realistic trades if they were actually possible"...in that sense, Kings Island would not be able to get a ride like Fury 325, El Toro or Maverick without losing a HUGE chunk of its current rides lineup since those rides are signature rides and staples at their respective parks, and Kings Island isn't gonna wanna give up rides like Beast, Banshee, or Diamondback either. I'd also imagine age and reliability would be a factor in such trades, since a park would feel screwed if they traded for a ride and 2 years later they needed to demolish it or it was giving them maintenance nightmares. (Dollywood would probably jump on that "proposed" Beast for Lightning Rod trade due to this- no longer do they have to worry about the mechanical headaches that ride has given them so far, that'd be KI's problem now, and they get a tried-and-tested wooden coaster legend in Beast which due to the nature of wooden coasters still has plenty of life left in it...Kings Island would then be scrambling to get Lightning Rod to work correctly in their place, though if they did then they could potentially have a amazing coaster. They would also have to deal with the backlash of trading away a beloved iconic ride in Beast though...)


But what Kings Island might be able to do is say trade Invertigo for a couple (3+) of flat rides to a smaller park- that seems fair and would improve Kings Island, while the loss of Invertigo wouldn't mean much now that Banshee is at the park. The smaller park might get a nice boost simply from having a "new" coaster to boot, and might have a few extra flats it really doesn't need that much- which KI could really use to be honest.

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How about Vortex for a dozen Coke Freestyle machines (staffed)?


"Look man, I gotta make a profit here. Best I can offer is about tree fiddy." ;)



God dang Lock Ness Monster we ain't givin you no tree fiddy!



But what about trading Loch Ness Monster for The Vortex?

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