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Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

Magenta Lizard

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5 hours ago, johnaalexis said:

Is there a pass holder preview night thread? I've searched on my phone but it's not coming up. Something have changed at work so I'm now off this whole weekend and trying to decide if I want to go to Preview Night & Easter Sunday too or just Sunday. Is it usually crazy on preview night? Would be able to arrive until about 6pm

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Not only was there no new ride last year..... also preview night was ONLY for renewing gold pass holders. This year you can buy a gold pass today and still get to go. So it will def be more crowded than last year. They also hopefully will have $1 ice cream and other things again

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As I was leaving a little after 6 (Feet were done after standing for 3 hours), this was the crowd attempting to enter. The line for pass processing went all the way back to the entrance where the permanent metal detectors are now. It looked like there wasn't a single parking spot left, and they were backed up on the road halfway out to Kings Mills Rd trying to get in.


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Posted the review of my day in the passholder preview thread but related to 2017 got my souvenir cup today and funpix for the first time. It went up to $49.99 now I swear I just saw it as $44 online. Still a good deal though! The girl gave me a new updated gold pass and kept mine and didn't give me a receipt which made me nervous but seems to all be correct in the end...

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Overall I would give the park a solid "A" for the day.  I don't know that they expected the crowds to be as huge as it was/  We've been at Gold Pass night before and never have I seen it this crowded.  For the first time in a long while, the staff seemed equal to the task.  For a park that has shown themselves to be a quart low on customer service in years past... bravo!

Walking up in the parking lot after 90 minutes navigating the drive in (we only live 15 minutes away) I noted that it seemed to be the same crap pop music roll in the parking lot.  Immediately upon entering; the music befitting of an International street was noticed by our entire family.  EXCELLENT move!

Food lines were long, but seemed to move pretty well.  

The Mystic Timbers area looked amazing!  Very well done!

Only critique really...  Upon leaving and strolling back through I-Street.  I noticed that not only were the lights on the buildings not on, they appeared to be completely gone.  Not awful; they were usually half lit anyway.  But, the fountain lights weren't on and the buildings don't illuminate much (this was at 9:30p not 1a).  The exit to the park really seems like it needs a lot more light.  

But other than that; KI has upgraded themselves across the board it seems.

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Just gotta say while watching the webcams this morning.

Has any GCI EVER had this kind of a line on opening day?? I mean I think it's kinda cool that stat wise it's pretty standard, and yet here at KI, people line up in droves to ride it. It looks just about as long as Diamondback's opening day line, and it's for a coaster half its size! Lol.

One other thing, I wouldn't want to wait in a multi-hour line like that in the rain haha.

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It's hard to tell from the webcam, but does the MT queue go back next to the old Crypt building?  It looks like it starts at the drink stand in-between Diamondback and Backlot, then heads back towards Beast, wrapping around the Diamondback fence line, then back to the non-public area behind/beside Beast and The Crypt.  But then how does it get back out to the midway and down to MT's actual queue?

Also, I thought the park opened at 10... the website indicated that.  Did they open early?

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That's not all. Mystic Timbers has been running ghosts and Diamondback has been down for about 10 minutes or so


Update: Mystic Timbers is back carrying riders and Diamondback is transferring a train off the track-2:35:00 PM

            Diamondback resumes normal operations with 2 trains-2:46:00 PM

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5 hours ago, brendan71388 said:

Does anybody know what the app is that you can download to get a free Coke in the Diamondback queue? It's on the Coke machines in the queue but I can't read the  name.

That's My Coke Rewards, a reward program which is being discontinued (it goes away for good at the end of June).

On the topic of new things, Zephyr got new seats this year. Instead of the small wicker seats with cushions, they're now larger black plastic seats. They're more comfortable and seem to be roomier. I didn't get a picture of them though as I was in a hurry (last ride before I had to leave for work).

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I heard the theme song of The Godfather in full glory while walking and it kind of made me do a double take, it fit in SO WELL.

Opening day was WAYYYYYYYYY less busier than Preview day by a LONGSHOT.

The lines were still long but not as unbearable as it was on Preview Day.

Like a normal summer saturday almost.

The park really seems to have upped their game this year, compared to the last two years. 

I have had a great three days spent at the park..... :) 

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