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5 hours ago, DonkeyKong said:

Have we seen a good new flyer though?

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Universal Studios Japan says hi. Flying Dinosaur is probably the best flyer yet. Vekoma's new launched flyer @ Phantasialand could be quite interesting. And all the non-clone B&M flyers are pretty great. 

Also it's *such a relief* teasers are happening lol.

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@Hawaiian Coasters 325 : You know, I don’t think I fully appreciated Disaster Transport’s queue line. Yeah it was unique and cool, but it was more a themed waiting area for the great ride ahead. I don’t remember paying too much attention to the details (though I do still remember that “Dispatch Master Transport” sign in the queue.

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10 hours ago, Magenta Lizard said:

Although it’s still humorous to me to imagine someone trying to “sneak” out past about 100 employees between X-Base and the front gates, lugging an approximately 3 by 4 foot rigid poster.

And then lugging them to a certain used book store. "Yo, how much can I get for these?" :D 

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