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24 hours at Coney Island Cincinnati

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I'm more interested to see how things go for Balloon Glow this year. I've attended that event numerous times over the years, and it's always one of Coney's busiest days. The rides being gone will theoretically give them more room for people to place chairs, blankets, etc. for the big fireworks show at the end of the night, but at the same time, the rides always drew big crowds during the event and gave people something to do besides the pool.

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6 hours ago, Oldiesmann said:

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that the park was pretty busy, but everything got shut down at 10:30 because of safety issues.

Did they elaborate on the safety issues?  Was it an incident that happened or was it a safety issue they should have anticipated and planned for by agreeing to do this?


Edit: despite the park saying it was capacity issues (which should have been planned for and addressed), it appears something did happen:


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WCPO just said there were no reports of shots fired, despite someone claiming there was a gun. If Coney decides to attempt this again, they need to make sure CPD and/or the Hamilton County Sheriff are there to provide extra security to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

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I'm still interested in seeing what happens during Balloon Glow on Sunday. No rides to help spread out the crowds this year, so I'm sure many will just stick around the pool all day instead. I'm not planning to go this year because of the lack of non-water activities prior to the balloons lighting up, but I'm wondering if they will regret not having rides or if this will just add fuel to the "people only come for the pool" stupidity

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