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  2. As someone who has collected a sizeable menagerie of themepark merchandise and parts, I have spent extra on several pieces over the years. That said, the pricing is a wee bit excessive in terms of what you actually get. Would I spend $150 on it? Maybe if I got a bonus or a giftcard to help bounce the bill, otherwise it looks overpriced; especially considering the $125 price point for comparable train sets for the KI & MV RR and The Racer set that is currently for sale.
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  4. At this point, just tear it down and use the land for more flat rides. If they were daring, they could go further and relocate or replicate Congo Falls in Rivertown and use that strip of grass to the left of Diamondback. According to Google Earth, Congo Falls takes up about 420ft of linear space which is about the size of that plot of land in Rivertown:
  5. Speaking of old shirts. As a young teenager, I had a Beast shirt that had Bengals stripes on the sleeves. At the time I thought that was the coolest shirt I owned! lol!
  6. I would really like to see some retro Beast t-shirts like when I was a kid. The paws were some raised material that was poofy. I think some parts of the lettering too. I mean, since nostalgia is making a comeback at KI, why not?
  7. That is a Cat's Meow edition. They have a "cult" following LOL and many of their pieces have a black cat in it, thus the name. That is about as cheap as you can find anything Cat's Meow and to the Cat's meow collector they will jump on it at that price. https://www.catsmeow.com/products
  8. ^I'm surprised they are selling something that shows riders (although they are cartoons) with their hands and arms outside the car. I thought that was a no-no for Cedar Fair.
  9. Today on the site the “new” listings are for 2 different Christmas ornaments. I believe the brass one is the same as the one I bought a year or two ago. (Am I wrong?) I have not seen the fireworks one before though…but it really doesn’t look $19.99 nice to me…more like something I would expect to pay $14.99 for. EDIT: I dug up the one I bought a year or so ago…the new one is different…they swapped out some rides…it is really similar…yet different.
  10. I sure do love me some nice freshly graded land Hoping to see it for Vortex's plot in the next 5 years. :fingers_crossed: !!
  11. That one I can excuse them since our Winterfest does not have FastLane.
  12. Something i ran into but don't recall being on the list when i signed up is that the front of line passes aren't good for winterfest.
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  14. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the zippers. The sweatshirts are probably my favorite of the month so far.
  15. These are also available in the park. So if your interested in them and visit Winterfest get them st the park to get your pass discount. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  16. In regards to DB and Orion running, I believe @IndyGuy4KI and I can both attest to the fact that both of those should fit squarely in the "Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD" category. We rode Millie on a mid October Sunday in 2013 after Fall Freakout, and after one ride at a reported 39 degrees.... no BS, we both checked different weather sites and both backed up 39 degrees... we headed quickly back to the car to warm up and head for home.
  17. That could be said about every single event held everywhere.
  18. Hey now, if we dont want words on our sleeves, its "Our Prerogative"! . I actually did have a Tommy Hilfiger shirt in the late 90s that had his signature in raised rubber writing down the right sleeve, but I digress. I am Loving the zippered pocket as well, absolutely perfect size for my phone, pass, DL, and key fob.
  19. OMG- Dave_78 just brought back an immense amount of my early childhood memories at KI. For those that didn't get a chance (or are too young) to experience KI in those early years... this is a TERRIFIC example of the "flair of excitement" it had. Thank you so very much for sharing these - terrific!
  20. Well Taylor Swift does say "come back stronger than a 90's trend" The zipper is a much needed add-on to help secure phones and keys. You mean you didn't have a jacket with your name down the sleeve LOL.
  21. Based on recent events in Orlando, it would probably be a better event if influencers were not part of the event
  22. Truly fantastic! Thank you for sharing!
  23. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! This is extremely cool! If you would be okay with it and if the admins are interested, I'd love to see these saved and preserved somewhere on the site. These are some really cool pieces of history that I would really hate to revisit down the road only to find every link broken. That's happened a lot here over the years, and I hate it every time I see it. @IndyGuy4KI @malem @Dane @CoastersRZ
  24. Ive gotta say I like the Orion color scheme, and could see myself having one of those without the sleeve print. If it is some type of heat transfer print that I could remove Im all for it!
  25. Marketing team having fun with those new sweatshirts.
  26. Right buyer, yes, 250 of them? Thats a no from me on that, dawg. They are cool, and if there was one made for a coaster in jeopardy of being removed Id say JUMP on it…. I regret being stupid enough to not buy the single car Dragster cutout.
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