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    Sharing this from @KingsIslandPR Instagram! The station looks great!!! Edit: the caption says "A look inside the station on Mystic Timbers" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ^^ Pretty soon, it will say please don't disturb the operator. What's in the shed may come after you. Lol
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    Probably not in the shops, since they moved them into the arcade as prizes (to be purchased with tickets) the last few weekends the park was open. I assume this was to get rid of them because #WhatsInTheShed will no longer be a pertinent question in approximately a month. Chances are there will be something similar in the shops though, and probably a plethora of new shirts to choose from.
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    It's not the walk. Its the distance you must go with only one destination. A sentiment Thunderbird doesnt fully fit into with the food, drinks, restrooms, and one flat back there with it. Im used to the walk to The Bat but I do understand why some think the walk back isnt preferable. Thunderbird's walk is also really weird despite having other things and makes me hope they relocate hyena falls, utilize the old pilgrims plunge, and one day add more flats along that path
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    Yes! I hope that shirt is still around come opening weekend.
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    My friend Kaeli had her interview today and she got hired! She will be working in the "North Pie" of Planet Snoopy! On a side note: 6 days until my Orientation.
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    I LOVE that door lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Also, Thunderbird would like to say hi.
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    Indyguy4KI and I bought our tickets this weekend - 4pm Beast tour. The 2pm slot was full. I will miss part of Friday morning as I'm flying back from Florida that morning. One of my niece's is graduating high school in Florida and I can't miss it. I'm glad I was able to figure out a way to celebrate her as well as attend Coasterstock. Edited to add- I brought my 13-year-old nephew the first year for his birthday present. As much as he was used to going to the park with me, it was a long and exhausting weekend for him. We arrived for the morning ERT time and ended up not staying for all of the evening ERT time. He fell asleep during the talk in the theater and sat down and conked out during the train talk too. We even went out to the car and took an hour nap the one day. He had a blast but it was a bit exhausting for him. For people with kids, I would recommend watching for signs of them dragging. Visiting the park open to close is a bit different than Coasterstock. There is enough time in the weekend to take breaks as needed or skip out on something in order to get some rest at home/hotel/car. Making sure you (and the kids) are well rested will make for a far more enjoyable weekend!
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    While it may seem strange, busy days at Coney are usually the days I love most to work. The time goes by quickly, there is never a dull moment, and it is fun to see the park so full with people. Busy days sure beat slow days when the park is slow and time drags on so slowly. Just as a friendly reminder to those that have been hired on at Kings Island. Remember to be careful what you post on here. Posting of anything which you are not authorized to do, can and will result in your termination.
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    Think they would / could every put something else back that way? or even a few things? I like the walk, its a nice break while in the parks but maybe if there were other thing/s back that way it would attract more people to that area. Just a thought
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    Its all relative lol I've heard some east coasters that consider Cincinnati to be the west... Uhhhh
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    So for the check in on the first day do you HAVE to be there at 6:30 or can it be in-between 6:30 - 8:30 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Last year on Saturday I took the last Beast tour, and had an early lunch. This gave me a large enough gap to hop in my car and drive to my hotel and get an hour or two of sleep in a bed. The bad part is you loose your parking spot, but I feel like it was worth it and might try it again this year.
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    I love this idea as a whole, minus the names you came up with for Action Zone. I do everything you have said & id call that area of the park Haunted Hill.
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    I love how secluded the area is! You get some great photos of Banshee back there, also some nice views of Banshee from riding The Bat.
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    Right?! I actually kinda like the little long walk it takes to get to The Bat. It almost feels like your not in the park anymore.
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    As Terpy liked to say: Line length is not an indicator of popularity. To add my own two cents: Why? Assuming that each train or cycle is mostly full, there is functionally no difference in total ridership regardless of whether the ride typically has a 5-minute wait or a 45-minute wait, because the number of trains/cycles dispatched per hour is not affected by the line length. The same number of people are riding it either way; the only difference is that many people think one ride isn't worth losing more than 5 minutes in line, while many people think the other ride is worth losing 45 minutes of their day. But that too, is not an indicator of whether the ride should be removed, else all small rides would be removed and replaced with shiny new record-breaking roller coasters. Each ride fills a need in the park. The Bat, in combination with The Racer, serves as the "next step" for a 48" child after conquering Adventure Express and Backlot Stunt Coaster. Congo Falls also helps fill a hole: it and White Water Canyon are the only two rides with a 46" requirement, so it gives those who have conquered everything in Planet Snoopy (where the biggest height requirement is 44") something new to do while waiting to hit that magical height of 48". Essentially, some people here are trying to make it as simple as "this has short lines and thus isn't popular, so let's get rid of it", but that is wrong on multiple levels. There are many things to take into consideration here.
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    Realistically speaking, CF would only acquire a new park for two reasons (IMO): 1) Some theme park chain is selling all of their parks in which they get some sort of "deal" 2) There is one specific location that has zero competition and a lot of traffic. Now reasons 1 & 2 would only be beneficial if the parks CF were acquiring had very little investment to get the park up and running the way they would like. As an example I don't see them trying to acquire a park like SF: New Orleans any time soon, but I could see them taking something like Holiday World (It would never happen I know). Just because they know they could probably out compete a near by park like KK. Only way I see it happening within the next few years. They still need to work on some of the parks they currently have.
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    Cedar Fair buying the Busch Parks would scare me. I don't want them getting rid of the animals in Tampa. I like competition. But Cedar Fair really would be smart to buy a park they can operate year round. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not to mention, that Thunderbird has a food stand, restrooms, and even a flat ride back by it. I would imagine that eventually, they will add another couple of rides out by Thunderbird.
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    It'd have to be pretty special or a diverse collection of things to attract people over there that aren't necessarily riding The Bat.
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    I did to. On Sunday. Right up front in the Preferred Parking. I'm sure there were some folks wondering what in the world is wrong with this guy. I was SO tired.
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    ^yes, you totally can. At check-in, you'll receive a schedule of what is happening when and where, and you may show up with your credentials to as many or as few as you like. While groups tend to meet up, hang out and ride together, regroup, etc in between the scheduled events, nothing is required. If I could have easily left for a nap, I very well might have in past years. This year's event is a little shorter so it shouldn't be as grueling.
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    I don't know when testing for MT will be, but the earliest picture I have of Banshee testing is March 15th, 2014. Sooo hopefully testing will maybe start by late next week.
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    My son (currently 11 years old) is a platinum pass holder and I have not taken him the last few years for I do not think he can handle the very long days. On a regular day he is dragging 7 to 8 PM. If she can handle the long days I say she would really enjoy it. There are some younger ones there I have noticed, but not a lot. Welcome to KIC by the way!
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    New to the forums! (How did it take me this long to join?!) Hello all! I am considering taking my DD (who turns 8 on May 17) to Coasterstock as her gift. She crested 48" last year and has done every coaster that has come her way since then. Pretty sure she's at 52" now, so that opens us to even more options! She's also very curious and would love behind-the-scenes stuff and scavenger hunt, etc. What do you think? Would she enjoy? Do other littles ever attend? She'd be okay as the only kid, but would she be welcomed? Thanks for any perspectives/advice!
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    Since when was Silver Dollar City in the south? XD Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Well said jcgoble3, you also have to remember that when Top Gun was installed in 1993, the lines length was do to heavy theming pre-ride and also do to it being "FighterTownUSA" or something like that and made it feel like a unique area of the park being the only coaster back in the area. It was like that and very secluded until Son of Beast was built in 2000.
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    Yay! Trains are in! (Heh, we're all pretty excited)
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    Yeah it's defiantly a great coaster to ride for an easier, less intense ride and great for families. It's also pretty smooth. But your right, the queue line is way too long. The Bat is something I hope sticks around at Kings Island.
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    That'd be sweet. I can se it now. Freak's wife- "Why the h*** is there a piece of wood in here for. It doesn't go with anything and it's just clutter. Errrr". I've had that battle more than once (in two different houses.) about my 2 millionth Banshee sign, and has actually won that battle everytime. Well, I guess it's one of the only battles I win.
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    Yep, both years have been the cup that is typically $1/refill after the day of purchase, but extended to give free refills through all days of Coasterstock (then $1 the rest of the season). I have a feeling we'll be getting drink wristbands rather than cups this year but we'll see. I haven't heard anything, that's purely my speculation. I want one of those Mystic Timbers wood offcut prizes, SO BAD, like a completely unreasonable amount
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    I received the bottle which includes refills for only the day of purchase. You can use it the rest of the year but refills are a dollar each.
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    I am fairly sure you can check in at Guest Services any time that they don't have the check-in windows going. I know those who got them are understandably a little freaked out about emails concerning problems with matching registrations to orders, but I'm really happy they're being so proactive about it. It will make check-in a lot less stressful for everyone involved this year.
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    I went solo last year, are you allowed to bring a guest this year or do they have to be a coaster club member as well? I'm a member of ACE.
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    I received the same email. I emailed her back with the names of the people registered and she promptly replied back that they found our registrations and we are good to go!
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    Can not wait to see you at Vortex this season VortexBFF!
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    Last year we were given several coupons at check-in. Then when you used one at a photo booth the employee printed a receipt with a code which allowed you to download the photo.
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    Season Pass for sure if you've already got the FunPix program...but for those who don't it'll likely be a card. I wonder if there will be anything different for those who have it for all season already.
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    FunPix is a photo program that rolled out last year. It's unknown at this point to the public how it'll work for Coasterstock. It'll likely be FunPix for just the 2 days of the events. You will be able to take your card (I'm assuming that's what they'll give everyone) to any of the ride photo booths to redeem your pictures to download them later. It also will work for the front gate photos. The program is fantastic. I have it all season long (I did last year) and absolutely loved getting the pictures from my trips. This year, more parks than KI and CP will have it.
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    Q... I was showing my mom the itinerary that is on the website for Coasterstock and she asked me about FunPix. I know it's KIs photography plan but how does it tie to CS? I was just curious since she asked and I didn't know lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You only need to check in one time. You will get your lanyard, schedule, t-shirt, etc at that time.
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    Thanks! We have our vouchers on the fridge!, but you never know!
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    How many years old is the HWN event? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Since there's a lot of time between now and the event, this is probably a good place to mention that you can re-print tickets from Kings Island's website if you misplace or destroy them. Just open the ticket store & use the menu at the top to find Order Lookup.
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    ^ When you save a webpage to a file, a matching folder is created for that page's resources. This includes images, style configuration files (css), JavaScript, and more. This way, if you open the saved HTML file, those other parts of the page still show up. Saving your order configuration in this way isn't the best idea, as the dynamic order information might not load properly. I suggest printing - either to paper or to a PDF file.
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    Coasterstock cheaper than Coasterstock? . I know man, I loved it last year. I've wanted to do Mania the last couple years. If I was just born rich instead of so good lookin.......
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    Coasterstock for sure! Multiple days, more than likely cheaper than Coastermania, Mystic Timbers, Great ERT sessions, Guest Speakers, The Don Helbig, great perks/gifts AND I may have forgot, but Mystic Timbers! Need I say more?
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