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  1. Yeah, that path caught my eye. It leads directly from around the smoking area to the main Timberwolf gate next to Invertigo.
  2. The main thing now is getting a large multi-looper back. Without Vortex, there are no sit-down multi-inversion coasters other than FOF. Vortex plot is prime for a large B&M floorless or S&S Steel Curtain-type ride. Something with a major visual statement like Vortex was.
  3. SOB station is missing, but I don't remember if it was there before.
  4. WWC isn't marked. I hate how cramped the maps have gotten, the boxes cover up way too much compared to how they used to be.
  5. The first drop looks really good, no over-excessive profile change so the peak is still the same. And, for now, no sign of a trim.
  6. Ugh, yeah, it saved as a webp for whatever reason... Let's try again. I prefer the rendering's track color, and also the structure is a little lighter blue, but that's faded a little so is more like the rendering now.
  7. I'd like a Banshee repaint to more accurately reflect the original renderings. I was disappointed when I saw the actual track arrive. Banshee02_8x10_300dpi.webp
  8. Ha. Even when they repainted it in 2005, it just didn't last. Considering how Diamondback's track and lift structure has become, and Banshee's magenta-ish, maybe yellow and red just don't work well at KI due to sunlight angles or something. I wouldn't mind Banshee's track looking more like it did in the renderings. The actual track, when it first arrived, was a deeper, more reddish hue.
  9. Yeah, that old red and yellow became pink and... something really quick.
  10. I'm mildly confused by how you quoted me from a post that was deleted, lol.
  11. Despite how tricky it would be to escape from the bar, I'm still surprised Cedar Fair didn't add belts considering they're even using them with B&M clamshell lap bars now, which are basically idiot-proof by themselves.
  12. Yeah, this is basically "Okay, here's what we're doing new, but we're not saying what they actually are, and here's some already known reminders of waterpark, Haunt and WF operating."
  13. Eh, I like the current system. Steady and reliable. The only full Sally I've ridden was the cheesy "turkey caller" one at HW, and it was really jerky with those small cars.
  14. Yeah, R&R is still around and there's nothing wrong with re-using the existing conveyance system, it works fine. I think Rivertown could be an interesting place for a dark ride themed to the overall "Miami River" concepts they have running. Knock the giant box off the Crypt building, reuse the entrance and queue parts redone to something like a mine shaft, and build an all-new dark ride in place of the box that lines up with Mystic and The Beast "mine" somehow. Could even add theming to WWC to tie it in too.
  15. Even if they just did something about the lift structure, it would at least be less obvious.
  16. Man, Diamondback is gonna look TERRIBLE with everything else getting painted, including those Rivertown buildings right next to it...
  17. I'm not saying bring back the "Half Pint Brawlers" as they called them at KI, but a return to the early-CF level of Haunt hours. Shows like Ghouls Gone Wild or Graveyard Shift in Festhaus during Tricks and Treats hours, and then back to more "mature" shows, perhaps even rebooting Dead Awakening or Hot Blooded themselves, during the actual Haunt hours, and increasing the intensity and overall atmosphere. Even with less actual mazes, they could counter that with more outdoor, open scare zones and improving the props.
  18. Hopefully there will be a large poster size 50th anniversary map this year. I have a bunch of the 30th anniversary Paramount ones, because in addition to what I got in 2002, they were essentially giving away the rest of the stock during the 2007 fire-sale of everything Paramount. Closing night of 2006 was interesting because they were literally just outright giving away heaps of gift shop bags to anyone that wanted them, because everything they had left would get junked after close because they were Paramount Parks bags. They were hauling boxes of them out of storage and putting them behind the counters in the shops. Useful for car trash bags. They also had the remaining inventory of the Paramount-branded rain ponchos out on the counters for like 10 cents apiece.
  19. I'd like to see a return to the edgy first few seasons of Cedar Fair's Haunt at KI, with things like the Club Blood maze and Dead Awakening/Hot Blooded caliber shows returning to the Showplace.
  20. They've got the power lines crossing through, the substation behind Mondo Monsoon, and severe terrain where the giant raft slide is. That exit is brutal, they need an escalator or something to get you out of that ravine the pool is in. I'm not sure why Mondo would be removed anytime soon, it came with the BB expansion so it's not like it's ancient. Pineapple Pipeline on the other hand is an original slide, not very big, and could be a candidate to remove. They may be able to, creatively, fit in a water coaster between the corkscrew slides and the giant raft slide if Pineapple was taken out. I'm not sure how much usable space there is behind it.
  21. Ah, the old Fastracks complex. Was never on them, but I heard they were bad for your back. Wave pool might have been a matter of not wanting to cross under the power lines initially. The original WaterWorks stopped before them, with a set of kiddie slides that are over on the other side, to the left of the play structure now. It's too bad the 1997 expansion that brought the wave pool was essentially just an ocean of concrete to get over there. The Boomerang Bay conversion fixed it some, and the Soak City conversion fixed it some more, but the original was horrible.
  22. True, but that's also a lot of real estate for such a ride. KI's was kind of an odd one out among antique car rides for using so much land. KMAA could have potentially crossed under Racer to add more track, but would have involved crossing the service area and then likely interfering with Orion. I'd like to see a wall of dense trees or other greenery to supplement the fence and "covered bridge" in the back, but in time the trees planted within the course will mature. It's still very new.
  23. Cool Zone was removed, iirc, when the Gold Pass Speed Lane was added, and it was in the way of adding the chain link outer fence for that entrance. 2003 or so.
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