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  1. I agree 100%. It frustrates me when I see line jumping...but try not to dwell on it...it just puts me in a bad mood...and I don’t want that when I am visiting the park.
  2. I could never work up there!
  3. ^Same here... I always thought these were one of the better souvenirs the park offered.
  4. Not to rain (or snow) on anyone’s parade...but if it would just be the same old “12 Days Of Christmas” train trip again, I say let the train have a nice winter’s nap.
  5. Yes, congratulations to Sixflags82...that is an excellent photo!
  6. As I mentioned earlier, I always enjoy going up the tower...I especially enjoy it at night when you have the platform all to yourself...it is so peaceful looking out at all of the lights...and a nice gentle breeze makes it even better!
  7. One of the odder photos that I’ve taken at the park...Halloween Haunt, my nephew in the fog.
  8. I always make a trip up the tower on every visit...usually right before we leave...it’s always a nice farewell to the park. On this particular day the sun was beginning to set and casting long shadows, I particularly think the shadow of the mom and her kids holding hands turned out nice.
  9. I also migrated over from PKIUnlimited...my first post here was a smart a$$ comment about Son of Beast...and how the park came to their decision of where to place the on-ride camera.
  10. I hope everyone has a very nice Christmas! Here in Illinois we only got a slight dusting of snow...but I’ll take what I can get!
  11. I thought the park outdid themselves decorating the carousel!
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