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  1. Wondering how much cheaper the new price will be since the cups cost less to produce….just kidding. (As my dad liked to say…500 comedians out of work and you’re trying to be one.)
  2. You should have thrown on one of the new full train cut outs…that way you would have gotten more bang for your buck with the shipping cost!
  3. It’s finally up on the site!
  4. @gforce1994 Your cherry picked bad reviews have changed my mind, the place IS a sh*thole after all. In my defense, I can only plead the onset of senility for believing I was satisfied during all of my family’s problem free stays there.
  5. @gforce1994 Yes I agree, that many 1 Star ratings does not look good…but I would venture to say that a lot of them are from when they first opened. The whole COVID situation put them behind schedule….things weren’t ready…they cancelled reservations, and even when they opened everything still wasn’t ready…I remember they were getting severe hate!
  6. I was on Craigslist…Camp Cedar has begun renting the cottages on a monthly basis during this slow period! They have also changed their policy that pets are now allowed in them…which doesn’t honestly thrill me. https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/sub/d/kings-mills-short-term-tiny-home-rentals/7574764449.html
  7. The vast majority of them give it a positive review. I have stayed there around 6 times…I can agree that they are still trying to get some issues worked out…but I have never had anything even remotely dirty.
  8. @Vortex1987 Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  9. I envision this Winterfest discussion going through the summer!
  10. I know that paying $7.00 is neither fun nor fair for shipping such a small item as one pin…but in the site’s defense, shipping costs have gone up a lot over the past couple of years…plus they do ship Priority Mail. I am very happy with the site’s current shipping calculator. In the past it was often cheaper to split your items into 2 different shipments because the calculator that they were using at that time seemed to be miscalculating the packages true weight…now it appears that no matter how much you order it is still only around $7.00. I ordered one of the full train Beast cutouts…and those things are REALLY heavy…I also had a few pins in that order…and shipping was still only around $7.00! I appreciate the site is working like this…it means that someone like me who lives far away and can not come to the park often can still keep up with new items. I am a Gold Pass holder…so it kills me that I already miss out on a 10% discount because I can not come to the park…so having a reasonable (IMHO) shipping cost makes this situation a little less painful. I am so thankful the site even exists!
  11. I haven’t been to the park since Haunt…did the park ever start selling the 50th Anniversary coin there? (On the website it is still only sold as a bundle with other stuff I already own.)
  12. They are not too big, they easily fit on a shelf. Mine is roughly 14 inches x 5 inches x 2 inches.
  13. The people who are not happy about it. (Just trying to add a little of The Interpreter’s old literal humor into the conversation. )
  14. Has anyone seen the WindSeeker pin at the park yet? It is still not up on the site…which I find odd.
  15. Things have sold out on the KIGEAR site several times in the past on different items and restocked, sometimes within a few days…so I wouldn’t worry too much that it will not be back in stock.
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