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  1. Do you mean this Ray Stevens song? I found it SO annoying...I had to go out and buy it! (The best place to get it is on the “Pecker” soundtrack.)
  2. It would have been easy money for them....certainly something they could use now.
  3. I hope someone finds it for you.
  4. Admittedly, I am no food connoisseur...my two favorite chefs are Boyardee & Oscar Mayer...but I think Chicken Shack’s chicken is WAY better than the breading...I mean chicken, at Festhaus!
  5. Welcome! A lot of collectors are enjoying the pin selection. There are several to choose from and you can find some interesting nostalgic rides. The pins are offered at a few different locations...and sometimes you can find some at one location, but not another...so look around. Here is a link to some of the new ones this year:
  6. On the subject of the “big lanterns”, I have to give myself credit...from the moment I first saw them at Haunt, I thought to myself...self, the park is going to roll these out every chance they get. (Not that it is necessarily a bad thing...but I could just tell that the park spent too much money on them just to use them during Haunt.)
  7. I had to go for a joke! (That’s John Wayne Gacy.) Seriously though, good reply...but I will never be at your trust level...maybe I will be standing by your husband someday (without knowing it) watching over the kids.
  8. @LuckyluvsKI Thanks for the reply...I guess I fall into the “helicopter parent” type. I would trust your church because you have a relationship with them...but I couldn’t do the others...not even Disney. Here is an example of why...there is a local play area with bounce houses and a massive 4 story play structure. Like Chuck E. Cheese and other places, you are assigned bracelets and hand stamps to identify that you and your child belong together so (ideally) you are the only one who could leave with your child through the exit which is constantly “guarded” BUT, the flaw in the system is that due to fire codes there are other emergency exits which are unlocked, but do set off an alarm when opened...but nothing would stop someone from grabbing a kid and making a quick exit...the alarm will tell them that something has happened...but by that time it may be too late. P.S. Those kiddie corals at the rides were always heartbreaking for me. (I know, helicopter “parent” to the extreme! )
  9. (Not counting this COVID year....because I really don't think the normal Haunt will be happening.) But, I like your idea of having an upcharge event meant for kids. (As long as the parents could stay with them.) BUT, my question is this, do parents really do this?! I do not have kids of my own, only nephews, but I would never think of entrusting them with strangers, especially at a busy event. I would constantly be worrying that something could be going wrong. I know that my parents would have never considered this...so once again, i'm curious, is this something that is going on out there?
  10. Unless the book is titled something like: ”Kings Island: The Glory Days”
  11. The thread could be about the differences this year...such as the limited hours, the sanitizing, the social distancing...etc... For example, when I was there, I found shopping different...it varied by each location. At the first place I bought something, the associate both handled my merchandise and bagged it. At the second place, the associate handled my merchandise but had me bag my own. At the third place, the associate had me place everything on the counter with the barcodes facing up...never touching my merchandise...and then I bagged it. I thought it was odd that there wasn’t a consistent process.
  12. Everyone is (obviously) free to do what they want...but personally, I wish everyone would just skip talking about COVID stuff unless it DIRECTLY relates to Kings Island. At this point everyone has made up their mind where they stand and are not going to be swayed no matter what they read. I think this is unnecessarily dividing us.
  13. @coaster sally...where’s your faith in humanity...have you really become that jaded in life?! Now that everyone knows the gravity of the situation I am sure we will see a big difference, maybe not today...but certainly by tomorrow. (FYI: I couldn’t even type those 2 sentences without laughing to myself. )
  14. @Shaggy...just curious how good my eyes are...did you bring a couple of ghosts home from Disney?
  15. I am puzzled by this decision...unless things have changed since I last checked, even Disney eliminated any type of event like this that would possibly cause people to congregate. (i.e. Main Street shows, fireworks, parades etc...) It seems odd that they are inviting people to group together.
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