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Mystic Timbers Construction Progress


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My thought process was more on the lines of audience retention lol
If it's once a day, most of the time I wouldn't expect much noticeable progress being made. But once a week or twice a month would allow the viewers to get hit with a good chunk of progress at a time..

But I may have over-thought this hehe

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I really think that whatever is in the shed won't be put in till the shed is built anyway. The interview where the GCI guy said he said he didn't even know what was in the shed pretty much means that it has nothing to do with drop tracks, backwards runs, or anything that would have to be special built by the manufacturer. Unless you think he just lied to everyone. 

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Wishful thinking here, but a cam from the top of MT's lifthill looking down the hill would be perfect.

I think this is highly unlikely. Running Ethernet all the way up there and then across a construction site to a network connection, is asking for it. Construction will destroy the cable all the time.

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