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Mystic Timbers Construction Progress


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Its that time again, since it is looking like we will be getting a wooden roller coaster next year, its time to make a thread about its construction progress and how it progresses over time. Once we know its name I will change the topic title. :)

A few ground rules before we start.

PLEASE source every source you get if it is not yours, pictures, anything, including Kings Island Social Media Posts or anything your find on their website including webcam snippets, this abides according to the TOS.

For those lost, here is a link to the TOS: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/4128-terms-of-service/

I do not think this will be an issue but please do not trespass into restricted areas or after hours to try and get that money shot, it is not worth it in the slightest and WILL land you in trouble with the park and with our community.

I personally know what it is like for a thread to get into a rut and understand there will be off topic tangents in the discussion, but try to keep the topic as on topic as possible, some people do not have the free time to view the thread everyday and catching up on the thread can be very tedious when half of it is off topic discussion.

Please keep bickering and arguing to a minimum... friendly debates are fine but when it affects whole thread it leads to a lot of negativity and affects our community as a whole.

Most importantly, everyone enjoy this thread... enjoy this time in the thrill and anticipation of seeing our upcoming attraction being built... a whole era of Decoding is already almost gone... I hope everyone in this thread has loads of FUN. :)

Here are links to past rollercoaster construction threads for those who want to relive the good ol' days :) :
Banshee Construction Progress
Diamondback Construction Progress

I hope everyone enjoys the announcement and the construction to come! :)

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It's not time for a thread for this yet as the ride or attraction has not been announced. The admins will lock the decoding thread and open the proper construction thread when the ride is announced.

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We did this for the Banshee Construction Progress.......


The thread started on August 3rd a full 5 days before the announcement and someone else other than an admin started the thread.

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I am so very excited for this ride... I think this is exactly what Kings Island needed... it needed a good mid-sized woodie that can stack up against The Beast and Racer. 


Also with what Greg said..... another announcement for another "attraction" in August?? That got me genuinely curious....


Cannot wait to continue to see how this ride will take shape!


Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the construction today, but other members on here probably did... feel free to post pictures!

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I have two t-shirts from Kings Island that I will probably never wear to the park. One says Big Woody on the front, the other says "I'd rather ride a woodie" on the back.

Where exactly would you wear them? :)
Being KI is the wooden coaster king....those shirts kinda fit the park. Lol
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There's a lot of trucks and workmen around one of the access roads that goes by Diamondback. They are tearing up a large chunk of that road near one of DB's dips (the last one before it goes around above the soccer game IIRC). I haven't got any good pics yet, but you can see it well from on DB, and less well from the train.


Best I got so far


They're also continuing to clear the hill more or less across from the unused station.


I heard strange noises from what sounded like inside Fort Coney but didn't look like anything was going on in there. Probably a strange echoing from elsewhere.

No footings that I can see yet, and no mixer truck as of when I rode the train around 1 today.

There are some new materials hanging out in the gravel area they built just outside the WWC queue


I zoomed in on the tag as well as I could with my phone camera.



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@Magenta Lizard The rectangular objects you are wondering about are columns of rebar, which will be lowered into the holes being drilled for footings.  The concrete is poured into the hole after the rebar column is placed, and it gives the concrete both structural rigidity as it is curing, and improves the strength of the finished footing.

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I saw that today as well looks like they are getting ready the start the Footers.

Plus I notice thick by the retaining wall it's not much but I'm thinking access road will be permanent.https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160801/d83d4f4dc2c009173a831a5bda3b2656.jpg

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I would imagine they want easy access to the maintenance shed and lift hill.
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I recognized them as rebar, but didn't know enough about coaster construction to realize how they'd be used. Thanks for sharing :) I guess I'm going to be learning as I go. If I had a message board like this, and the connections I have now, when I was in college, my life may have been very different. Roller coaster design and construction was my dream job when I was graduating with my mechanical engineering degree, but I didn't know how to get into the field and assumed they'd want me to have more experience first. Life went sideways and I never got the experience anyway.

I was trying to get a pic of the tags in case there was any info there others might find interesting. There was a tag very near the WWC path, but flipped so the info was facing away. From the back, I can say the rebar isn't heat treated :P

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Forgot to mention, I saw this last night. They've begun spraying what appears to be the layout onto the ground. Assuming they continue, it should give a very good idea of how the final ride will lie in the area, especially when viewed from Diamondback. Won't be able to get pics of that of course.


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