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  2. Pop music back on International Street

    Great article!
  3. Haunt 2017

    I will be there as well and would be ok with meeting up with others throughout the night. However, per tradition, I always start the Haunt season with Slaughterhouse first (before any other mazes). If anyone would like to join me, be my guest (or rather, be Sam and his family's guest)! 2 more days; I'm so excited!
  4. Haunt 2017

    We are. I would bet others from here will be there as well. Welcome to KIC
  5. Pop music back on International Street

    I don't think you understand. The whole "we changed it back in preparation for Haunt" was what /one/ person was told at Guest Services in an effort to get her to leave happy, by an employee who had no real options to actually give or control over what goes on with the music. It differs wildly from what /other/ people were told, when they visited GS. It is not something that actually makes any sense as a reason, nor is there any reason to believe the orchestral music will /actually/ return next summer. Winterfest most likely will have its own themed park-wide soundtrack. If you liked the music, write the park! Even if you believe what I think is BS, that it was "changed a month early for Haunt." If no one officially, in writing, lets the park know how much they liked the orchestral music, they could still very easily decide to scrap it for next year!
  6. Pop music back on International Street

    I actually have to side with the park on this decision. The park deals with drastically different demographics during the Haunt season than from April-September (I don't see many families going during Haunt), so I feel its appropriate to change the music as well. As long as it's back in April, I'm fine with this move for that purpose.
  7. Haunt 2017

    Is anyone going this Friday? I live in Columbus and am thinking of going alone, but always looking to meet new people at the parks.
  8. Pop music back on International Street

    I haven't been to the park since last month and this still stings.
  9. How is it like working at KI

    I have been working at KI for 5 months and I cannot overstate enough just how much I enjoy it. My friend circle has increased dramatically. And I learn skills that cannot be taught except when one is on the job. Haunt and Winterfest will be very interesting. And I know that there is no way I am not applying for next year to return, I just enjoy it so much. Sure some days can be long and hard and grueling, but having a bunch of coworkers you like in the same building makes everything better. I would recommend anybody who wants to work here to apply next year. Admissions is the department I work at and I enjoy almost every second of it.
  10. Haunt 2017

    Oh, I remember. It was cheap too. It was much more than 3 years ago, though. My, time has slipped away!
  11. https://blooloop-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/blooloop.com/news/holovis-appoints-howard-newstate/amp/ Holovis appoints Howard Newstate as Vice President of Experience Innovation Old news, but still a cool blog. Howard Newstate designed and was responsible for FUNtv for a few years. Holovis themed Mystic Timbers’ shed.
  12. Yesterday
  13. What's Your Favorite Moment on Any Ride?

    Beast's helix at night Diamondbacks Airtime hills Mystic Timbers' drop and the small ejector air hills Vortex's drop and hangtime on the corkscrews Magnum's final bunny hills. (Absolutely insane) Millennium's drop Maverick's second launch
  14. Phantom Theatre Parts

    Still waiting. lol!
  15. Train Tunnel Remnants

    Yep still there under the west gate entrance.
  16. What's Your Favorite Moment on Any Ride?

    1. All the dark ride smells.
  17. Haunt 2017

    As much as I personally liked Fright Feast, I'm not really surprised they discontinued it. There hardly ever was anyone back there taking advantage of it. Granted, I was there relatively early on Fridays. I assumed maybe they got more people Saturday nights, but apparently not enough to make it economically viable.
  18. Haunt 2017

    Does anyone else remember I believe it was Haunt 3 years ago the Reds Hall of Fame Grill did an all you can eat wing buffet for a few of the Friday nights. They had fried pickles and caesar salad too it was like the best thing EVER. I really wish they would do that again!
  19. Sit On it - A nostalgic look back at KI...

    I'm still holding out hope that Adventure Express can return to it's former glory!
  20. Maybe it's just because I'm an artist/designer (and years ago, an aspiring animator), but one thing I've always been drawn to is the theming. I'm also drawn into shows and movies that have appealing characters where something about their design really ignites something in my brain - I can't really explain it. Even as a child, I was drawn to Hanna-Barbera Land and it's characters and always found their characters to be highly appealing (design wise). I felt the same way with the Nicktoons. Something about their design and their colors really appealed to me - ignited that thing in my brain - and I found I was really drawn to it. However, something about the Peanuts characters just never really did it for me, even when I was a child. Perhaps it's their simple designs, maybe it's the muted color palette, who knows. However, out of all the Peanuts characters, I find Snoopy to be the most appealing to me. I know that I'm evaluating things from a completely different perspective as pretty much all of the general public, but maybe this explains a little bit why I prefer the older characters as opposed to the Peanuts.
  21. Oh yeah, the old boulder bumpers. Loved that ride.
  22. I have never had a problem with fear of launches, but I have had a fear of coasters when I was younger. I would not ride The Beast when it opened. The only thing I can figure is just the name was intimidating alone. Once I did ride, I was literally hooked for life. Still my all time favorite night time ride at the Island. Also, fear used to really grip me when I was riding The Vortex. The slow trip up the chain lift was always filled with dread knowing that a huge drop awaited me. Plus, that drop always gave me a feeling in my gut that has not been matched since. The only thing that helped in the fear was riding with my mom. By the time FOF came along, I was well versed in coasters and an adrenaline junkie, so the launch was nothing but pure thrill for me. On a side note, I gotta agree with Magenta. I have never forced my son to ride anything. Talked him into it, yes, but forced, no. Once he rode The Beast, he was hooked as well, especially our night ride. We went to Cedar Point this year and he was not afraid of anything he rode. Millennium Force is the largest he has been able to ride thus far, and he got on with no resistance. Nor did I even have to talk him into it. He's really looking forward to next year as he will be 52" and it will add 6 new coasters for him to ride; Top Thrill Dragster, Steel Vengeance (although 48" requirement), Wicked Twister, Maverick, GateKeeper and Valravn.
  23. Haunt 2017

    Ah bummer First we are down a maze and now this!? <shakes fist at the haunt gods> Why do you taunt me KI with no Fright Feast!!?? Still, i am super excited for Friday!!
  24. ^ I did actually. Next time I am getting a non-wheel seat for sure. I would have done that on this trip, but they had about half the back cars (save the very back) blocked off and the seat I took had no extra wait. Both sides (Red & Blue) were running though. Magnum XL-200 at the end of the day was doing the same thing, but I still got a non-wheel seat (1-2) because there was no wait for it on that one since it was close to park close. Also I did not get the racing element of Gemini because, and I forgot to mention this in the TR, when the trains were sent out some lady in front of me had her phone out. The ride ops hit the E-Stop for the Blue Train I was on, told her to put it up, and I watched the Red train pull away and reach the top of the lift before we even began to climb it. Also thanks for informing me on the new/different name for monster actor dudes, I wasn't aware it was different at CP (or has changed).
  25. Haunt 2017

    I know, it's another reason why it is so perfect! Fingers crossed!
  26. Haunt 2017

    And we'll be there, since that's the day of the KIC Haunt Meetup!
  27. Phantom Theatre Parts

    ^I believe they use the mouse in the Board to Death Haunt maze. (Edit: sorry, I missed a page worth of posts apparently, see it's already been said) Here's the furnace from Phantom Theater, now in Slaughterhouse (pic from the lights on tour at Coasterstock this year)
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