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  2. 2018 Apollo Kings Island

    Six Flags Kings Island... Thinking about that name, and what rides wouldn't be here makes me get chills (not in a good way). Also makes me wonder if Six Flags would of RMC'ed The Racer.
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  4. Here's another shot from a different angle. Seems like they're just putting a new piece in. Wear and tear may have got to that section of track. Interesting way of covering up the ends.
  5. 2018 Apollo Kings Island

    We'd be getting a Golden Lasso ride this year. xD
  6. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I loved the buffalo chicken mac ... hope they make the mac and cheese bar permenant!
  7. 2017 2018 2019

    The Ohio River is now forecasted to crest at 60 feet. Highest since March 1997 which was 64.7 feet.
  8. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    It was super delicious at Winterfest.
  9. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I really like the pulled pork and mac n cheese, only had it at CP though.
  10. 2018 Paramount's Kings Island

    Definitely some Transformers or Iron Man ride(s)! What kind of rides is anybody's guess, but I'm sure they would have been massively advertised/hyped. I'm very happy with Cedar Fair, but I do sometimes miss the way Paramount themed rides really well.
  11. Cedar Point changes for 2018

    You must have missed the photo they provided.
  12. 2017 2018 2019

    Matt Foley better move his van away from the river.
  13. 2017 2018 2019

    The last time the river was this high was 1997 and I think this year's flood surpassed that. I drive by it all the time, and I'm hearing one of the major roads that goes downtown (US 50) is flooding in spots. I've never seen that before. We're in good googly moogly territory now.
  14. Tony Clark during the special presentation did mention the land still unused behind the new RV sites. Will be interesting what they do. The marketing team also showed us a really cool commercial that reminds me Disney ads or Univeral you would see on TV. It seems like they want people to know there's more than just roller coasters there (Ex. the beach). The food options they showed off during the new presentation looks great (nearly all of them coming to a revamped FrontierTown, which is entering it's 50th season). They are turning the Coca-Cola station near Matterhorn and the Sky Ride into a cotton candy stand with 12 (possibly more) flavors and toppings apparently. They don't have a name for the stand so Tony Clark called it something to the lines of "Crazy Cotton Candy Stand 1" (RCT reference).
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  16. 2017 2018 2019

    Don't think I will swim in that pool anytime soon. I bet the water is cold.
  17. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Bacon is good on Mac too... lol
  18. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    What about Baconators?
  19. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    But I like Mac N Cheese for its reliability and easiness of cooking, BBQ you have so much down time with smoking and the wait oh my don't get me started MNC>BBQ
  20. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    BBQ vs MAC N CHESSE This could be worse than B&M vs Intamin[emoji41]. Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
  21. 2018 Paramount's Kings Island

    I feel that if Cedar Fair had not purchased the park, KI may have already been closed and the land sold. When Paramount first bought the parks, Viacom had not yet purchased Paramount. After Viacom bought Paramount the parks were constantly being shuffled around to different divisions of the company. The parks went up for sale several times before Cedar Fair purchased them. They were not really interested in owning the parks. I think Cedar Fair saved the parks from being closed and the land being sold off. Just feeling on it.
  22. 2018 Apollo Kings Island

    We would not have had a Kings Island in present form if they had sold to Apollo.
  23. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I agree, no reason they can't do both.
  24. 2018 Apollo Kings Island

    To piggy back on @chugh43 topic of 2018 Paramount KI. I started thinking about what if the Kinzel deal in 2010 of selling to Apollo went through. What would the park look like then? I think they would have kept it for a few years with no big investments and sold to Six. Thoughts?
  25. 2018 Paramount's Kings Island

    Hmm...this depends. CBS ownership, or does Viacom get to keep the parks after the 2004 split? CBS did not seem to care about or want the parks, so if Cedar Fair had never bought the parks from them, I honestly wonder if Kings Island would even exist in 2018. As far as I know, CBS might have even sold the park so it could be razed and condos built on the site, which would obviously make tons of people angry. Thankfully, IRL, Cedar Fair did end up buying the parks from CBS. Now, if Viacom had acquired the parks in the CBS-Viacom split, maybe we have a different story. Viacom has made a few attempts to build new parks since losing the old ones (though so far, none have stuck) so I think they would have actually wanted to keep and run the Paramount parks. So, under Viacom... Son of Beast: Still gets torn down. This ride had many major issues, and RMC did not really get going until 2012-2013, after Cedar Fair had destroyed SOB already. I think Viacom would have been even less tolerant of the ride's major flaws, and it may not have even lasted until 2009 had they stayed in power. Flight of Fear: Probably re-Themed to a Musical Roller Coaster, but remains in the park. (There were actual plans for this, which Cedar Fair reversed) The Kings Dominion model may have been moved to a new park entirely. I'd say...Carowinds. Banshee: Not likely to have been built. In this scenario, Cedar Point is still a "enemy" rival park run by a different company. When Cedar Point built Raptor, they had B&M make a deal with them not to build any more inverted coasters within 200 miles or so of Cedar Point. Kings Island is within this range. I don't know if that deal had a expiration date or not. If not...uhh, anyone want Kings Island to get a Vekoma SLC? Diamondback: Unlikely- after SOB Paramount & Viacom seemed iffy on huge roller coasters, but since Cedar Point never added a B&M Hyper, still possible. Probably would not have been built in the current spot, however, since Paramount was not as big on tossing rides "In Your Face" like Cedar Fair does. Might have actually been the SOB replacement, TBH. Would not be called Diamondback though, of course, if Viacom/Paramount built a B&M Hyper. Firehawk: Might still be X-Flight @ Geauga Lake, but could have been re-located, maybe to Dorney Park or something. However in this scenario I think GL has a much better chance of surviving, but Cedar Fair did have plans to return it to its family park roots and downsize it before the PP Acquisition drove them into massive debt making that impossible. Tomb Raider- The Ride: TBH, unlike SOB, TR:TR has a bit better chance of still being around in this scenario. Running it in crazy mode in 2007 took a LOT of years off it, so had that never happened, maybe it would have lasted longer. It would probably have been pretty run down by now though, and likely still be a shell of the ride it was in 2002, unless at some point Viacom put money into refurbishing the ride. It may have gotten a re-theme though, since the Tomb Raider movie is very outdated by now. Mystic Timbers: ...might actually still be built, but under a different name. GCI's are not expensive, or overly large, and the company has a great reputation so Viacom probably would have taken interest and wanted one. With Son of Beast still flopping, the park would end up needing a modern woodie again anyway. In fact, under Viacom, I think smaller coaster companies would have some rides at Kings Island by now, like Gerstlauer, Mack and Premier Rides since Cedar Fair would have most of the big B&M's on lockdown...unless KI built them first, should Viacom have opened up to big coasters around the 2010's. A Dive Coaster seems like something they could have done, and ironically it would prevent Cedar Point from getting Valravn! Other Notes: WindSeeker probably does not get built, but Viacom might have built a Star Flyer of some sort instead. Racer still runs backwards since apparently that was a Cedar Fair decision, if Viacom is not tempted to RMC it. TOP GUN, Drop Zone, FACE/OFF, and Italian Job: Stunt Track retain their old themes and names. Nick U remains the kids area, but would need some re-theming as lots of the shows the rides were based on are over now. Boo Blasters is likely still Scooby Doo. Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay probably remains the name of the waterpark as well, though it would also have probably been upgraded and gotten new slides by now. Unsure if Viacom would allow Vortex to live as long as Cedar Fair has, since the policies on very old rides like that could be different (Six Flags has destroyed most of their Arrow Loopers, for example, while Cedar Fair has kept most of theirs so far). Well, those are my predictions for this scenario, for at least the major attractions and stuff. Though since Cedar Fair bought the park in 2006 IRL, none of this is true in this universe, and some of it may be a bit optimistic at that.
  26. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    It could be both... when you enter, go left for barbecue... go right for Mac bar....
  27. Underutilized Plots of Land

    They could combine Les Taxi and BLSC into one! You're on a pleasant car ride for most of it, then BOOM, high speed car chase.
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