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  1. One point for TRTR! TRTR:1 TRFF:0 Just kidding, But TRFF looks fun. I would ride it if I were passing it.
  2. It's actualy pig latin.
  3. It'syay ayay oodgay ingthay Iyay understandyay isthay indkay ofyay uffstay.
  4. Great Pics Dane. It's great to see pics of IJST upclose like that.
  5. C'mon guys, yes it is funny but it's just a simple mistake, lets get on track.
  6. Top gun I beleve could be a great ride if they stopped playing that danger zone song.
  7. Dane made them, Thank dane for the sweet IMG!
  8. I gave it a 4, but the park is still the best.
  9. Just like the question asks. What Rating would you give PKI as a park. *Thanks to Dane for IMGs*
  10. I saw them testing it today as well. There were also some testers riding the ride.
  11. PKIC Avatars More staff oppertunitys New site look *(A page for my pics, where I can give info on the plane and Stats on my flights.) A more advance employee lounge forum An RCT/NoLimits exchange place An intro movie when entering the site Member of the week and/or month If I think of anymore I'll make sure to post them.
  12. While I was there many of the rides broke down.
  13. Done and done. (calls dog to mark his words )
  14. Never. I love Son of Beast!
  15. /\That post was confusing and at the same time desturbing/\
  16. Why are you acting so competitive? I mean look at you Sig... I don't mean to be rude but that is what you come off as.
  17. The vid just makes me want to be on it more! Did you guys hear the sirens?
  18. I have. Why did you double post this topic?
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