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Guests Say The Darnest Things


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I hear a lot of people that say they avoid Diamondback to avoid getting wet.

I've had multiple people ask me (even while in line for it!) how wet you get. Not if you get wet, but how wet. I'm always amazed by those questions.

In all fairness, if you are not familiar to a ride over water it's a fair question. The roller coaster goes over water and shoots up a rooster tail with water.

Plus the rides exit goes through a store so you can just see if people are wet or not.

Many of the questions/comments that are mocked on here are honestly innocent questions.

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Overheard this weekend at KI

1. I'm suing Kings Island because when I was riding Delirium my foot hit Banshee and now it's broken.

2. The park website says your open from 11am-1am, why are you only open 2 hours that's stupid.

3. So when is that new coaster gonna open where White Water Canyon is now ?

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Last weekend, Saturday:

"I liked this place A LOT better when Six Flags owned it. Too bad they lost it in the bankruptcy."

"Let's go ride Son of Beast. It's in the back of the park now."

"I used to really like the McDonald's here. Then they took it out and put in a Subway."

"When I was a boy, son, Beast didn't have ANY brakes. And Racer went backwards. At Halloween, both sides did!"

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From a video of Flight of Fear and in regard to it being the first launched coaster.

''Sorry but Disney world had one long before Kings Island. And it truly in the dark. Like going through space. Hence the name space mountain. Kings Islands you can see everything inside''

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Someone asking an employee where "Frontierland" was at Kings Island.


Frontierland was the original concept for Rivertown, but ya know, let's make it look like we're a little more original instead of just blatantly copying Disneyland.



""Son of Beast killed a bunch of people".  :rolleyes:


Probably the most common misconception among guests at the current time.






Today at Surf Dog:

Ripe Op told a guest's father that one of the kiddos wouldn't be able to ride because she was too short.

Guest to Ride Op: "How come she was 44 inches when we measured her on the height wall by Diamondback?"

Ride Op: "Which height wall?"

Guest: "The one right outside Diamondback"

Ride Op: "I didn't think we had a height wall by Diamondback, but if you want to double check there's one right over by Woodstock Express."


*guest bows his head and guiltily walks towards exit gate*


I laughed.

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On pass preview night a few girls were in line at The Beast. WindSeeker was cycling. One mentioned that she knew someone in maintenance and they worked on that ride. She proceeded to tel the other girl that there are stairs inside the ride and that they can climb them to perform work on the ride. Okay, I am assuming there are stairs inside. Then the conversation goes to left field. They sometime climb inside the tower and get on the ride and come down, or ride to the top and climb down the stairs.


To me the only way this might make any type of sense and get twisted, is if there in an elevator inside you can use to get to the top. I am not aware either way so I don't know if she got information twisted, or making things up. Probably going for the latter.

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