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Guests Say The Darnest Things


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It wasn't. It was the 40th anniversary and the 41st season.

40th anniversary was 2012, but it was the 41st season.

Sort of like you are on your 30th birthday when you turn 29 years of age....

1st season, 0 Years

2nd season, 1 year

etc etc etc

1st Birthday, day of birth, 0 years of age

2nd Birthday, 1 year in age

etc etc etc

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I heard this one last year but forgot to share it.


While in line for Backlot, the people behind me were talking how awesome the tunnel was on the ride. Next thing I heard was this person asking, "Did you know there is a barrel roll in the tunnel?" Then the person she was with said, "NO WAY!" Then the girl continued, "It is by far my favorite part of the ride!" I could tell they were not joking.


I wanted to say something, but I told myself to just let it go.

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When we were sitting in the brake run, a couple next to me in the back row of Banshee were discussing the baseball cap that didn't stay on the man's head through the ride (his "good hat" apparently). Surprisingly, the woman's did, but she was on the inside seat so I guess that helped.

"I wonder if they'll let me walk back there and look for it?"

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^ Do they have times after the park closes where they retrieve lost items? If so, they should advertise the heck out of it. Put signs up everywhere. Seems like a lot of amusement park fatalities occur from people sneaking into unsafe areas to retrieve hats.


Also I wonder if hats will ever be considered a "loose item"?

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That depends which park you're talking about.  At Cedar Point, guests are typically instructed to, if available, use a bin, and if not, use a shirt to store a hat, rather than wearing it during the ride.  They are indeed loose articles at those speeds, just like glasses are.

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Watching the video informed me that he was just making stuff up.  For instance, complaining about the gift shop while using the ride logo imposed upon what almost looks like Kill-Mart?  One might call it trolling, but certainly not serious.  Not funny, either, in my opinion.  I did not watch it all the way through.

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