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Your top 5 rides at KI?


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1) Diamondback (I think I can safely say this)

2) Flight of Fear

3) The Log Flume (During Halloween Haunt that is, when the elephant is off)

4) The Racer

5) Shake, Rattle And Roll

Favorite 5 that are gone:

1) Backward Racer

2) Skylab

3) Enchanted Voyage

4) Tumble Bug - 2 of my top 4 located in the same spot, now the spot is vacant or a dumb game:(

5) Antique Cars

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Personally this is really tough but here's my best crack at it:

1. Banshee

2. Mystic Timbers

3. Tropical Twister Left

4. Trop Plunge Blue 

5. Diamondback 

Yes, I did rank waterslides ahead of Diamondback. 

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Note: I didn't get to the park in 2020 and thus have not ridden Orion yet, though I fully expect that will at least make this list once I can get back to Kings Island, which seems very likely to happen this year.

#1- The Beast

#2- Diamondback

#3- Banshee

#4- Mystic Timbers

#5- Delirium (was a tough choice between this and Flight of Fear for current #5 spot. Before it was closed Vortex was also in the running for this spot.)

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1. Diamondback

2. Mystic Timbers

3. Beast

4. Banshee

5. Delirium

Note: I have not ridden Orion yet so it coudl likely bump Delirium off the list.

HM: tough choices to Drop Tower and AE as well

Previous rides of Tomb Raider (original version) and Phantom Theatre would have been on here as well.

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