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We are looking for a new moderator.

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 I could've sworn this thread came up before. But I searched and found nothing.  


  So, my avatar actually decided my screen name.


  I found this wonderful site looking for KI info. Decided to join, had no clue as what to call myself.  The Mrs.  reminded me of a pic taken by a friend in line for BLSC, and, the rest explains itself. 



  Just an example of why I cast my vote to malem. 

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With less than a week left in the season, just wondering if there's any update.

I haven't heard back from Dane or Ryan, so I'm not sure if they would like me to play an official role here. This obviously isn't my site, and I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but (as I said in my previous post) I'm more than willing to lend a hand. Again, thanks for all the kind words from those who have brought up my name.

A fair & responsive staff plays a big role in individuals feeling respected as community members, so I am eager for vacanc(ies) to be filled. KIC members have spent countless hours contributing insightful discussion over the years; I hope we do all we can to ensure that the tradition continues.

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