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Relocating Rides

Rivertown Rider

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On 1/23/2017 at 7:06 AM, CoastersRZ said:

A lot of those things come down to ROI.  Number one could be done, but the ride is not in need of a repaint right now (at least from what I can tell.).  Where would you move Congo Falls to in Rivertown?  There isn`t much room and would the cost of moving it boost ridership and be marketable by the park?  I doubt it would be that marketable, unless they did something else to it to spruce it up and make it seem like new.  Same things go for The Bat.  Why go through the expense of those items when it will not increase park attendance or spending by guests (not to mention those items would be another thing that would have to be maintained.).

I think a River Cruise add some pieces to Congo Falls and truly add some dark building areas, and make it incredible. That's for Rivertown.


I think call the area all Oktoberfest and make it a huge stea of German , haunted, and even add a dark ride.

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The upcharge rides are partly spectator attractions. I remember watching people ride Xtreme SkyFlyer when I was 10-11 years old, thinking they had to be crazy to do something so insane. Capacity math precludes these being included as part of general admission.

Xtreme SkyFlyer would probably benefit from being moved to a more crowded midway, but then guests couldn't ride for $5 on slow days.

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