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23 minutes ago, pkiknex25 said:

According to the blueprints, L16 is the base of the spine on the drop-side.

Absolutely, I define the “lift spine” as the entire system of large box beams that make up the arch from the base of the lift hill to the drop. 

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This is probably completely irrelevant to KI and the Giga but has anybody seen the billboard on 75-N right before the Norwood exit that is just a black screen with blue dots all over? That's all it is. It's been like that for about 2 weeks now. It almost looks like the night sky with all the stars. IDK maybe it's nothing but it could be something. Maybe a teaser of some sort? I will take a picture tonight on my way home. 

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I really wish I would have taken my good camera and telephoto lens. I just didn’t want to wait until I got home to post pics so I only used my phone. Hopefully someone else with a good camera can drive over in the next few days and confirm the blue track is for KI. 

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9 minutes ago, thatguyfromohio said:

They got some decent footage, I see my designed based sign I sent to Dustin in the video too3b214febe719986379b373e01c522406.jpg

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Yes, you did a phenomial job and I look forward to your work on the station plaza for our updated recreation! 

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Pictures from today (Jun 6) right around noon.
Rode on The Beast this morning and there is only about 20ft of woods between The Beast track and the CLEARING for the new coaster.  There was a bulldozer parked at the edge of the clearing and it was VERY easy to see from The Beast.  The actual supports and track will of course be a little further away, but it's much closer than it looks from overhead plans.
Thanks for the pictures everyone!!

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