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Decoding 2020


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12 minutes ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

Is there any way to tell whether the spine of the track is painted a different color with what we have to work with right now?

Theres no way to tell if the KI track is even painted let alone two tone. We just have a pic of some blue track off in the distance, but all of the track we know is KI's is still sitting there gray. 

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I thought years ago roller coaster makers designed the track to be pressurized.  If the track were crack, even a little, at any point, pressure would drop and they would be alerted to a known safety issue.  Does it look like this new coaster has a track that does that?  Safety First! :P

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4 minutes ago, XBeastGirlX said:

How do we know for sure that track labeled MCT is for KI? Just by process of elemination or has this been confirmed somehow? 

The track labels (ST1 - ST9) match exactly with the KI blueprint markings. 

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10 hours ago, Driver8rws said:

Pictures from today (Jun 6) right around noon.

Rode on The Beast this morning and there is only about 20ft of woods between The Beast track and the CLEARING for the new coaster.  There was a bulldozer parked at the edge of the clearing and it was VERY easy to see from The Beast.  The actual supports and track will of course be a little further away, but it's much closer than it looks from overhead plans.








Did no one notice the parade floats are now located there?  They are covered in blue tarps behind Zephyr.

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16 hours ago, sixohdieselrage said:

I can get aerial pics of your house,if you would like.  :-)

I can't be the only one that thinks every little plane I see flying around the park has Sixohdieselrage in it take pics, right?   lol

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Checking out the recent aerial pics and comparing them to the blueprints, looks like most of the piers have been poured for the brake run, all have been poured for the transfer/storage/station, and they're just beginning with the lift. 

The green highlights below is the existing transformer that can be used as a point of reference between the aerial images and blueprints. The yellow is the backbone piers/footing. The purple is the furthest so far of the brake run. Finally, the blue is upcoming lift hill piers that'll be poured. Note that the semi trailers will need to be moved to access one of the pier areas.

brake blueprint.jpg

brake air.jpg




lift blueprint.jpg

lift air.jpg

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10 minutes ago, sixohdieselrage said:

@BSBMX Yes. The 4 piers(holes) I have circled in this pic look to be for the station. 


I think the 4 you circled are actually for the transfer track, closest to the station. I used the track footing blueprint below to better show the station area. (hard to tell the blue from green highlights in the aerial image, but the corresponding colors match the blueprint image below) 

station air.jpg

station blueprint.jpg

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And here it is! After almost a month of hard work and careful speculation and blueprint analysis along with all y’all, here is my updated and improved recreation of the Kings Island Giga in the supposed color scheme! Give it a watch! 
Awesome job, thanks for providing!

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9 minutes ago, sixohdieselrage said:

Will you guys still want construction pictures from the air? Seems as though I am one of the very few people who can get aerial pictures legally, we dont mind helping the community out. :)

More certainly won't hurt, but images over CSF would be handy too. I think we are still assuming the supports are white--it would be nice to see that from aerial images (obtained properly, of course).

Also, it would be great if someone could swing by the Mason city building again and ask if there have been any additional blueprints since the last batch.

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