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  1. https://www.kcci.com/article/iowa-altoona-adventureland-purchased-by-palace-entertainment/38583433#
  2. The 32 seat version of the Zamperla Zetta Swing looks interesting. https://www.zamperla.com/products/zetta-swing/
  3. If you click the seventh button in from the left (clock with green arrow going counterclockwise), you should get the latest imagery with Orion completed and Vortex gone.
  4. You can see the six photos on reddit.com/r/rollercoasters. The horse has left the barn. A large section of the helix was removed down to the footers.
  5. The known timeline: Oct 18th: Selim Bassoul appointed to the Board of 1847 Goedeker Inc. Oct 27th: Six Flags Q3 Earnings Nov 4th: Selim Bassoul resigns from the Board of 1847 Goedeker Inc., "due to unexpected commitments on his time that could not have been previously anticipated." https://m.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/1847-GOEDEKER-INC-109987931/news/1847-GOEDEKER-INC-Change-in-Directors-or-Principal-Officers-form-8-K-36921295/ Nov 13th: Six Flags and Michael Spanos entered into an agreement and general release (the "Spanos Agreement") Nov 14th: Selim Bassoul appointed President and CEO of Six Flags https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/us/sixflags3/SEC/sec-show.aspx?Type=html&FilingId=15352671&CIK=0000701374&Index=10000 Nov 16th & 17th: Activist investor H Partners Management buys another 400000 shares of Six Flags stock and now own 9.7% of the company. https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/us/sixflags3/SEC/sec-show.aspx?Type=html&FilingId=15365946&CIK=0000701374&Index=10000
  6. The press release and SEC filing make it sound like Spanos was fired and pushed out by the Board of Directors over the weekend. The new CEO, Selim Bassoul, was the Chairman of the Board and should have a solid understanding of the company.
  7. According to the owner's son and multiple employees, the loop base pieces needed to be moved about four inches on the footers.
  8. Six Flags attempted to sell Magic Mountain in 2006. The company and the park are in a better place now. https://la.curbed.com/2006/8/21/10602894/magic-mountain
  9. What if Cedar Point removed Power Tower (S&S Space Shot) to make room for a new Top Thrill Dragster queue/station extension and relocated the ride to Kings Island with the new spin shot seats on two of the towers? Drop Tower could be removed as part of the eventual Action Zone redo. I will admit this idea is a bit out there.
  10. RMC's 208 RetraK might make sense in the future. https://www.rockymtnconstruction.com/wood-coaster-refurbishment/ "208 RetraK is our latest innovation in track replacement and is based on our proven Ibox and Topper track designs. 208 RetraK will last for years and eliminate the need for continuous inspection, repair, and replacement of traditional wooden track. Additionally, 208 RetraK is able to utilize a rides existing trains, mechanical system, and controls to deliver a smoother ride, reduced downtime, and improved wheel longevity at a reasonable price. Custom 208 RetraK is precision manufactured utilizing RMC’s laser measurement system, CNC plasma cut, and patented semi-automated welding technology. 208 RetraK is manufactured with premium grade weathered steel to match the existing coaster profile and installs effortlessly to existing structure. 208 RetraK can be utilized as a small track upgrade in a troubled area of a coaster, or even as a full coaster renovation. Simple track upgrades of 150’ or more can be installed throughout a ride and added onto year after year. A complete circuit replacement at one time is also possible. 208 RetraK can be installed turnkey by RMC’s factory team or by the park with RMC providing technical support."
  11. For comparison - Q2 income: SeaWorld: $82 million Six Flags: $70 million Cedar Fair: -$59 million
  12. I am hoping to see a clone of this at Six Flags Great America in 2023 or 2024. The layout lines up nicely with the Buccaneer Battle/Hometown Park/Demon Funnel Cakes area. It looks like the coaster could go over the maintenance path and the Go Karts or the Go Karts could be removed. The entry/exit portal could go under the extreme airtime hill.
  13. Cedar Fair Unveils Exciting Plans for 2022 Operating Season
  14. I think the goal is to open up access to the beach. I could see a new path along the beach with some bars, restaurants, and shops. The old pathway (between the ferris wheel and the kids areas) and some flat rides could be removed for a new coaster.
  15. I am guessing this is a ride removal announcement. Also, it will be 4:30 pm ET and not 6 pm ET.
  16. Glenwood Caverns https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/america/theme-parks/2021/08/05/roller-coasters-colorado-theme-park-plans-mountaintop-coaster-2022/5495447001/?fbclid=IwAR10Os4cvN3vijaJr7hHZgvdUBp6ymU5ruxYP59vTKDJCWjdITXmwHOPH5w
  17. Not yet at least, but there is still time. It is a little concerning that the financial performance snapshot wasn't released after July 4th this year. I guess we will find out how bad the quarter was on Wednesday. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4439293-cedar-fair-facing-higher-costs-higher-debt-and-lower-attendance
  18. Here is a picture of the layout. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thrillseekersunited1/posts/979521209492222
  19. Six Flags is working with developer Sonnenblick Development LLC on a Fresno park and hotels at Los Angeles, NY/NJ, and Texas parks. https://gvwire.com/2021/07/15/is-six-flags-over-fresno-the-real-deal-developer-looking-at-sites/
  20. I thought this was a bit odd and interesting. There is a construction bid listed for the pre-design phase of a project called Six Flags Over Fresno Amusement Park. https://www.construction.com/projects/dr-202100677434-six-flags-over-fresno-amusement-park https://www.construction.com/projects/?country=USA&query=amusement From January to April, there were rumors that Six Flags was looking at building an amusement park in Fresno and potentially relocating Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. https://thebusinessjournal.com/six-flags-over-fresno-negotiations-to-bring-amusement-park-are-real/
  21. https://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&pe=15035&cr=130&ii
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