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  1. Maybe some sort of small flat ride in area 72? I don’t know where they could fit it but it would I be nice to have something new in area 72.
  2. Do you think they could actually be putting something there soon since they said future expansion? Or are they just trying to bypass talking to them.
  3. Looks really nice! Perfect for the park appearance!
  4. I would love to see a RMC here but, that is just me and probably won’t happen. Don’t get me wrong Adventure Express is a really good ride, It is just me wishing.
  5. Was it like that yesterday? Maybe it used to be a front of one of the trains
  6. Great to hear! Did it get crowded in the evening?
  7. Yeah I was thinking the same thing I have not had a problem entering with my pass multiple times in one day.
  8. I hope we get some sort of a couple small flat rides of some sort next year, and in 2024 I could see a new coaster coming in. We can hope!
  9. Another amazing b&m coaster pick up from another park. Lol.
  10. Thank you that helps so much! Doesn’t sound to crowded, but at the same time everyone might have decided to come on the first week day that Kings Island is open.
  11. I noticed in the video they still haven’t taken down the rider higher and requirement and safety sign next to the entrance. Interesting.
  12. Are the wait times long today? Since it is a week day I was wondering if the rides were walk on. Specifically what are wait times on Orion and The Beast right now?
  13. Wow, you can really see Banshee’s first drop now! Is that the launch spot the circle on the concrete?
  14. Anyone else excited for daily operations starting tomorrow! And lots of night rides this year. I saw on Kings Island’s calendar that there is lots of 10pm closings this year.
  15. I was not a huge fan of the ride but a ride that thrilled people when it goes it is still sad to see it go.
  16. Wow, It is still so shocking to see this. It will be missed. RIP Sling Shot.
  17. Has the park said anything yet? Does anyone know if they have finished removing the towers on it by now?
  18. Hopefully the park says something soon. Maybe something happened on the ride while running the ride. Someone said there was no ball on it? With this removal, Orion officially becomes the fastest ride at Kings Island.
  19. Hopefully any kind of new ride in 2023.
  20. Wow, I don’t think anyone saw this coming. But maybe in a couple years we could see Adventure Express gone and some expansion there.
  21. I agree it looks interesting, also the lift in the middle looks different like newer. And the Cable also.
  22. I totally agree, If you look at Diamondback and Banshee they both look a lot different than what they used too. If you look at Intimidator at Carowinds they re-painted it last season and it looks a lot better, it makes it look very new. I would love to see the same treatment done to both of them. A little bit of paint could go a long way for guests!
  23. So I assume Orion hasn’t had problems lately? And yes, Banshee is such a great ride it is so much fun.
  24. That is exciting! Do you get any air time on it? I assume pov video will be later this week after they see how today goes.
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