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  1. Is there any new tombstones this year?
  2. Any new updates so far? I hope the park gets things going soon if they want a spring opening for camp snoopy. In the video showcasing CS it just said 2024 so I hope it isn’t a summer opening.
  3. There is no such thing as a perfect ride but I’d say Voyage is pretty close. The slight roughness can be fixed by retrack which is what they did this past offseason. It has an insane layout that endlessly keeps coming at you. You hit the break run thinking how on earth does this thing exist…
  4. If Valravn wasn’t sent to Cedar Point would we have gotten a dive coaster instead of Orion?
  5. Notice Time Traveler is on that list and RTH isn’t. You don’t have to go crazy to make an extreme spinner amazing. I think most of the GP would like TT over RTH if they had the chance to ride both I think it’s only the enthusiasts who like Ride to Happiness more.
  6. Do you have the list of the top 25?
  7. I a few weeks ago I decided to watch some old KI coaster announcements and I came across the Banshee announcement and if you look in the animated pov from 2013 it shows grave stones on the ground in between the 4th and 5th inversions as well as the 2nd loop and upward helix. Wonder why it was scraped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM7SJctRFMY
  8. With the new maze going in Area 72 the SOB station activity has certainly become very very intriguing…
  9. I wonder what is so big this year that lots of CF parks are advertising their announcements for Haunt. KD is tomorrow as well and Dorney is Thursday.
  10. Sorry for Double post. As soon as SSBR was announced I almost immediately thought that we wouldn’t see a new coaster in 2025 because CF wouldn’t put a new coaster in back to back years. But I have been thinking, in 2023 Cedar Point opened Wild Mouse with a new area upgrade. Then they added Top Thrill 2 in 2024. Both additions from Zamperla. In 2024 Kings Island is getting a smaller coaster with a new area upgrade. What if KI got a package deal with Vekoma for a new coaster in 2025 just like CP? I think 2026 or 2027 is still very likely I just wanted to point out that I wouldn’t rule it out yet.
  11. Invertigo or any other attraction’s closure might be announced on September 27th if they decide to close anything. Firehawk and Vortex closures were both announced September 27th.
  12. I don’t know if it is possible but I would really like to see the old trains on FAAC swapped for the new gen trains that are so much more comfortable. I also wonder, with the repaint will we see a new name for FAAC?
  13. I 100% agree. The area has already been empty for so long I wouldn’t mind waiting longer. I would rather see a new coaster go to Action Zone along with a retheme of the area. Maybe theme it to like Haunted Hill or something. Banshee and Bat already fit that theme. Drop Tower and Delirium could easily be re themed with the area as well. They could also get a package deal with Zamperla and get a Lighting Launch with a NebulaZ in the area. This would all happen with the removal of Invertigo and Congo Falls.
  14. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for items to come back in stock on the KI store?
  15. With a new boomerang on it’s way next year it may be sooner than we thought…
  16. Where did you get The Beast, FOF, Steel Vengeance posters at? Your setup looks awesome!
  17. Railblazer has been having issues just like wonder woman at SFFT so I really don’t think it will be relocated. I think it may be the first RMC to get demolished. If Valleyfair wanted an invert I wonder how much cheaper it would be to relocate Flight deck and retrack it. I don’t know if the price would be cheaper but that could be an option. I have no clue on Gold Striker. It’s a 50/50 shot on if it gets relocated. If it were to be relocated Carowinds would be the best fit. But I don’t know how easy it would be to relocate it. I think Psycho Mouse probably has the highest chance to be relocated. I think it would definitely go to KI if it got relocated. We are the only park in the chain without a wild mouse. I think Patriot will be scrapped. It’s over 30 years old already had the floorless treatment and I don’t think any park would want a 30+ year old B&M that they will just have to tear down in a few years. Any other coaster they have I think will be scrapped as well. Maybe Lucy’s crabby cabbies could go somewhere else but I don’t know where it would go.
  18. Does anyone know why the Kings Island gear website is under maintenance? I’m sure it is just regular maintenance but I saw that all CF gear websites are down as well.
  19. I finally got my Banshee ride this weekend at it was running well! I sat on the left side of the train and I finally heard the music on the lift hill. Maybe I haven’t noticed it since I always sit on the right side of the train.
  20. I have a season pass and it’s digital so do I show the line greeter the season pass? Sorry I may have read it wrong.
  21. Can the Single use FL be used at any coaster that has FL available? Also how would I redeem it?
  22. According to Queue Times it has been running since 9:30 at a 30 minute wait. I’ve been trying to get my Banshee rides as well lol.
  23. I love to see Banshee finally running for early entry for the first time in two days! Maybe they finally fixed whatever happened. I’m still not planning to go for early entry this weekend. But maybe I will finally get my Banshee ride.
  24. I’m currently debating if I should come for early entry. It may not be open even though it’s supposed to be for early entry. Because if I show up at 9 then it ends up not opening I would be riding Cargo loco and sol spin for an hour… Or I could come at opening and hope it opens soon and run over there as soon as it opens and ride as many times as I can before it shuts down. It opened at 11:30 this morning… If it’s not going to open in the morning and KI knows it won’t I would hope they put some other big coaster to ride during early entry. Because without Banshee it’s only Flat rides and FAAC.
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