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  1. looks like a great episode!! I can’t wait to listen to it later!
  2. I just received an update for my Kings Island app saying it now has the ability to pick up food at a designated locker. Interesting. Same for my Carowinds app.
  3. So there is no re entry after 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday and no re entry period on Friday, that is because scare zones start at 8:00pm on Saturday and Sunday right? Correct me if I am wrong please.
  4. So I was wondering, does KI have employee dorms? I hear about the ones at Cedar Point and kings dominion and I I can find addresses for those but not KI employee dorms If there are some.
  5. Same policy as Carowinds, interesting, Carowinds implemented the bag policy at the same time as the Chaperone policy. I wonder if they considered it for KI and ultimately decided not to go with it.
  6. Is Hotel St Michelle open? I saw it was closed earlier.
  7. Drop Tower is listed 5 minute wait, can’t confirm If open at the park right now.
  8. I am really excited for Hotel St Michelle! A new maze is always super fun! Alien X scare Zone in front of Orion should be very Interesting as well! This years Haunt looks to be one of the best! Can’t wait!
  9. Chaperone policy and new bag policy are now listed on Carowinds website.
  10. I am surprised cornered has been moved all the way to Timberwolf! That should be interesting to see how it plays out.
  11. So I was looking through the Haunt 2022 attractions and Drop Tower is not listed as an attraction for this years Haunt. I know it has been closed for a while lately, I don’t know if it is usually not in Haunt by my thought is they shut it down for the rest of the year. And will try to fix it in the off-season.
  12. I just saw that Cedar Fair posted a article listing what golden tickets their parks won and it says Fury325 won the best steel roller coaster in the world then lists below: also in the top 25 steel roller coasters in the world, Diamondback and Orion at Kings Island, and Mystic Timbers and The Beast from top 25 wood in the world. Amazing job KI! Keep up the great work!
  13. I assume KI will just slap a bandaid on Diamondback and try to find the quickest fix to keep it running until the off season then I think we will see a re paint and new lift motor next year.
  14. Has Diamondback fixed what problems it has had lately? It has had all three trains in the shed sometimes. And sometimes when it goes up the lift it goes super slow.
  15. I would hope that Kentucky Kingdom can get a Solid B&M invert or wing sometime down the road. But they probably would need more attendance first. So I guess I can see it in the next ten years or fifteen years.
  16. We cannot thank the KI team enough for a amazing year! So well deserved!!
  17. I wonder if this is some sort of hint about the launch being removed. I am not saying will but the point of the grand stand was to watch riders launch and fly up the top hat.
  18. I really like the name they went with! Looks like a great ride! I am very interested to see how the new seating style goes.
  19. My heat stopped for a second reading this. I really hope they end up going with LSM to make it more reliable. looks like a retheme as well.
  20. I would really like to see Afterburn receive a repaint. With all the new re theming it will make Afterburn stand out. I hope they give it some love this off season.
  21. They could be moving it for something in Haunt. I hope. Or maybe they need more room to move the queue which is what I hope they do.
  22. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if they just shut Drop Tower down for the rest of the season. The off season isn’t that far off. Glad to see BLSC open! Our maintenance team is incredible!
  23. Especially if KI adds a new ride in the future the sales will sky rocket for the skip the line for a new ride if one does come in the future.
  24. Mike has done such a great job we can’t thank him enough! I really hope he doesn’t retire.
  25. I would hope in the feature we get a Action Zone re-theme Kind of how Jungle X-pedition is at Kings Dominion and what Carowinds is getting next year with a couple of flats, Banshee and The Bat Repaints, maybe take out Invertigo and Congo falls and add something from Zamperla or if Canada’s Wonderland new flat is high capacity something like that. Maybe they could theme the area to something along the lines of a Haunted land to fit with Banshee, kinda like how Carowinds new area is themed around Afterburn and they spread it thought the area.
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