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  1. I never even considered that they could have renamed Face Off to Screamin' Demon. That is a great idea. I think not installing the Spongebob themed water coaster was a missed opportunity.
  2. I also have a great love for Phantom Theater. Of course, being a kid that grew up with Hannah Barberra Land, I also loved Enchanted Voyage. I wouldn't mind either one making a return or a combination of the two. As for location, I think both could work. If they do that, I would also like to see Boo Blasters re-themed and given a refresh if it goes where action theater was.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't mind KI installing another Top Spin ride, just not a giant one since TR had so many mechanical issues.
  4. I didn't find the seats to be uncomfortable at all. However, it may vary between body types and sizes, so I can't speak to everyone's experience.
  5. I think MIA is safe, due to the profitability of this park. As for SF parks, I don't know enough to make a judgement on what SF could be sold off.
  6. https://fb.watch/olVKQmRiKN/ The first S&S Axis coaster, with 2 launches and 4 inversions, themed to the Transformers to open in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This is a concept that I was hoping someone would finally take a chance on. I've seen the basic testing video on the S&S website. If this proves to be a reliable ride, would you like to see one installed at Kings Island?
  7. There was the Batman villain, Count Vertigo, who would disorient his opponents, although he's not widely known. Just thinking out loud as a possible re-theme for Invertigo.
  8. At the same time, we have no information that indicates any parks will be sold off. They may feel all of them can be managed under one umbrella, although none of us would be surprised if they did.
  9. Contrary to popular belief, Michigan's Adventure is quite profitable. Possibly some of the less profitable parks could be sold off. Smaller size does not always equal less profitable.
  10. I will say this...I will reserve judgement on how the chain is doing until 5 years down the road. At that point, you should at least begin to hear about changes to how Six Flags parks are managed. I would expect it would be longer than 5 before we will know the full effect of this merger. I don't see Kings Island being sold off. You don't sell off some of your most profitable parks when there are some less profitable that could be sold first. With CF management being utilized more, this should be seen as a good thing, not a bad thing. Also, we should face facts in that Six Flags has a better nationwide brand recognition than Cedar Fair. Finally, for the record, the only complaint I have about Orion is strictly my enthusiast preferences.
  11. I would, in the interest of riding Lightning Rod and Mystery Mine. Those two coasters have painfully long lines.
  12. Walmart puts out Halloween and Christmas decorations simultaneously, so why not?
  13. Well, I was able to visit Dollywood for the 1st time this year. Pretty good park, although the narrow midways were definitely not something I enjoyed. I love Lightning Rod, but the slow operations (which is apparently due to one train ops) was just unacceptable. Really glad they are going to do a high speed chain lift to cure that problem. Really loved their new coaster Big Bear Mountain. As for my KI visit, I had a great time. I didn't feel like the operations were lacking and I attended in July. I tried the blue ice cream for the 1st time and I loved that. I like the new additions and was really pleased to see Adventure Express with added effects. My son and I keep saying that we are going to try something new in food, but somehow we can't get away from LaRosa's in Rivertown. Also would like to commend them on opening The Beast when it was stated at the front gate that it would be closed for the day. I was disappointed as I was extremely excited to ride it since the re-tracking/re-profiling. Gravity Group did an excellent job with that. In addition, I feel like the Red Racer delivered the smoothest ride I have had on it since likely the late 80's/early 90's.
  14. I agree @WoodVengeance. That is exactly what we did. I told him for the exact same reason.
  15. @Orion742, Big Bear is a really great coaster and solid addition to Dollywood. I don't honestly know which I would pick to ride 1st.
  16. It did have a long line @Orion742. Found out recently that they have been running one train, which would explain the slow moving line and long wait. Dollywood is replacing the launch with a high speed chain lift, which should improve operations and I would assume allow them to run more than one train.
  17. This is good news. On my visit this year, I rode it first thing since it was open and I knew of the issues with downtime. Wouldn't you know, shortly after we rode, it was down until late afternoon/early evening when we circled back and rode it again. My other issue with LR is how incredibly slow the line moves. Not sure if it's inefficient operations or what else it could be, but that line sits still nearly as bad as Mystery Mine Ride.
  18. I may be in the minority, but I wouldn't mind seeing CF purchase some of those Tourbillon rides to be installed in some of the smaller parks in the chain. Not sure what kind of capacity they have per hour, but they look to low capacity to be in the larger parks. Looks like something that could fit in at Michigan's Adventure, Dorney Park or maybe even Valley Fair. Back on topic, I think Six Flags is making some solid additions to their chain.
  19. I think a re-branding of Action Zone is needed. The area made sense when it was Paramount, but not so much any longer.
  20. Looks like it has to do with the new Adventure Express theming, not related to Son of Beast, imo.
  21. This is a great addition! So now Planet Snoopy has 4 kids' coasters. That's really good. I'd love to see something like Big Bear Mountain added to that lineup.
  22. I am thrilled with the new layout. Overall, it should be a great ride. However, these are my thoughts/opinions on the new name. I had assumed there would be a re-branding to distance it from the problem prone/injury inducing coaster that it was once. The name Top Thrill 2 isn't going to accomplish that. As others have said, using either Formula __ in the title or some other racing terminology would have been a better option. Again, strictly my opinion.
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