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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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@Shaggy I realized later as I was dozing off (yes Ive got one of those binary minds that just doesnt shut off so I think of things at odd times) that I left that statement more broad than I meant to, I do apologize for mis-speaking in that manner.  I own my screwups, unlike fanbois/girls, and thank you for calling me on it.  I also admit that, while I was nearly sure it was Herschend, I did have a wild off the wall thought of another player possibly in it in the shadows who does have that $100+ price point on passes, but when I read the group operates 9 parks I realized that thought was invalid because the one in my mind only operates one park.

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Yesterday while I was outside of the fence the site leader from RMC came out and gave us stickers and talked about the industry. That really made my day! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G928A using Tapatalk

Back to the topic at hand... I got sneaky and took some pics while at the Fairgrounds this weekend... Enjoy!

Guys I received a large surprise from the Kingdom today. I learned I was being promoted to be in charge of the operation of the Thunder Zone. Apparently I have really impressed in the last few months

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The deal is done and has been formally announced by Herschend.  Craig Ross the former GM of Dollywood is taking over as interim GM of Kentucky Kingdom.


Personally I am expecting more shows, live entertainment, festivals, and likely a new indoor theater.  They are already talking about extending the season so a fall harvest festival and maybe even a Christmas event seem likely.

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1 hour ago, WickedDragster said:

I hope Winter Walkthru and Keys to the Kingdom stick around! 


Speaking of Keys to the Kingdom, I thought it was interesting that Herschend owns the the tv and film rights to "The Keys to the Kingdom" books.



Herschend Entertainment Studios, the media arm of Herschend Enterprises, has secured film and TV rights to The Keys to the Kingdom, the New York Times bestselling seven-book series by author Garth Nix.

The fantasy story follows the adventures of 12-year-old Arthur Penhaligon, the reluctant hero and Rightful Heir to the House, which is revealed to be the center of the universe. For the last 10,000 years, seven Trustees, unknown to and unseen by mortal humans, have collectively ruled over the universe. Arthur must defeat and dethrone the treasonous trustees, each of whom holds a different magical key and presides over a specific day of the week. As Rightful Heir, the series sees Arthur undertake many adventures to save his family, home, the universe and hopefully fulfill his destiny.


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4 hours ago, Shaggy said:

For clarity - my "not yet" was in regards to the post saying it was official.  I posted that because, as I understand, the Herschend deal has stalled several times.  So until it was formally announced to the media, and by the state, it wasn't official.


As far as admission rates, I would suspect they will increase naturally over time as investments and offerings increase.  Right now, they have to remain sensitive to the market and not rock any boats.

Do you think this will truly influence more offerings on any sort of scale? My fear is that being a small market with a weird ownership situation may make it more of their Michigan’s Adventure, as in they’re content making little money but also investing very little. I’m just speculating, but I’d love to hear your opinion. 

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