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  1. See a bit of Country Crossroads in action. Every time I watch this show I like it a bit more and more.
  2. I have seen the Country show multiple times the last few days. Very enjoyable. More photos and videos coming soon. Maybe one day the cast will recognize you @BoddaH1994
  3. Here is the Charcuterie for Two at the Food & Wine Festival. The honey sauce pairs very well with the meats, cheeses, & fruits. I like this event being hosted in Tower Gardens.
  4. Here is a picture from today. Here is a Human Claw Machine. Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/cogAy16oig7bVQC57
  5. I love Intamin coasters. Maverick is a top favorite of mine at CP. Millie is a great coaster. I would agree that it was ahead of its time, but a ride manufacturer shouldn't have to be constantly defended.
  6. Let's use this thread to post Food and Wine Festival reviews!
  7. Considering they brought in a whole new manufacturer to"fix" Top Thrill, is that not a failure on Intamin's part? Yes, I know it's down again hence the quotes, but still.
  8. So a maker to know where to place the survey equipment to place other types of survey markers?
  9. They could get creative and wrap it around. That area is bigger than it looks in the photos.
  10. Pictures today. There is paint on the grass that just did not come out in the picture.
  11. I am sorry to those that got a ticket to the event. Especially those that were looking forward to the TT2 ERT.
  12. Paging @malem! He has to look into this.
  13. Glad to hear it's back open.
  14. No inside information here, but it could be as simple as waiting on permits. Sometimes it's the red tape that delays It, then it snowballs into a few month delay instead of a week.
  15. We did that 2 years ago, and I didn't think I can go back either.
  16. What did he think of Soap Box Racers?
  17. Good point. We are doing our part! https://x.com/KICentral/status/1795570448274780650?t=Q1B_MJlQNMDzaFFoI4TCVQ&s=19
  18. Those are some of the best days, sharing a ride with your child that is now tall enough. I take it he liked it?
  19. I think I have finally finished our Camp Snoopy page on the main website. I would love your thoughts! https://kicentral.com/camp-snoopy/ After ridding SSBR a few times the last few days. It is very fun little coaster that really packs a punch. Every ride after going backwards after the 2nd spike the turn and that little airtime hill got my stomach every time. It is a fun little ride.
  20. I have personally seen the exit gate ajar cause it to go down multiple times. So to @IOE_Jeff's point, that means the control systems are working. You can't blame the control system if it is brining the ride down from doing it's job.
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