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  1. New Update. The Coke Refill Station coming to Action Zone that we had reported was going to be a Freestyle station was incorrect. It will be a Coke Refill and Icee station. Construction will begin this fall. I apologizes for the confusion.
  2. Take a look at Snoopy's Soap Box Racers here:
  3. From the conversations I heard that were going on, I think they're assessing on what is needed for the area. Hopefully some umbrellas and more seating areas have been put on 2-day delivery on Amazon.
  4. Here it is if you would like to watch it.
  5. I tried the s'mores brownie earlier. It was not bad. The brownie was quite dry and I wish it had more of a fudge flavor. There seems to be another ingredient missing that I can't quite figure it out. 5/10. I would not buy it again in its current form.
  6. Hopefully this makes you feel a little better?
  7. Adventure Port is in good shape!
  8. No signs of activity over there. All the trains are in the storage shed. I have not heard what's going on.
  9. The Cheesy Mettwurst at Pigpen's Mess Hall is an all beef hotdog topped with a cheese sauce and bacon bits. It is very good and on the dining plan. Probably the best meal I have had this season. I do wish the side portions were not so small.
  10. See the KIC social media pages. You will see I posted the first public train.
  11. We will use this thread for reviews of the new kids area, Camp Snoopy.
  12. Thanks for the PTR! It sounds like you had a great time. I have heard from others as well that it was a wonderful event.
  13. Carowinds enters the chat. "Nope, nope, most definitely won't happen."
  14. I have not seen it open in my visits this year.
  15. The last construction update before the opening of Camp Snoopy.
  16. It has been open, just not at the times that I went to ride it either to windy or other issues.
  17. Every time I have tried this and last weekend, ET has been closed. That is why there have not been any pictures.
  18. Both trains were running last weekend. Anyone know if it was removed earlier this week?
  19. I have seen running at least once or twice.
  20. I do like the name. Credit to whomever came up with that!
  21. I don't think they are hand breaded, more like freezer crusted. Here is one I got last weekend. Before this season this was my favorite place to eat. Please bring back the old tenders KI!!!
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