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Banshee Construction Progress


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I'd like it to dark through the ride, but have lights on the first hill, just lights shining up from the bottom, the standard Action Zone make up.

I really want there to be a cemetery that the ride flies over. Some eerie lights over those might be cool.

Are we going to see all of that like fog and scenery around and during the ride?

I think it would be awesome to have a path that went back through a cemetery, kind of like the outside entrance through the cemetery at the haunted mansion at Disney World.

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Some deep purple spotlights on this ride would really look cool.

Im pretty late on this. oopppsss.

Just some imaginational thinking here... Some black lights would look really cool. Although, Im pretty sure Banshee isn't fluorescent (lol).Even though its not, it would be neat to see peoples clothes light up in the station.

It could be just about as neat as the fog on Flight deck and Gatekeepers lit up train eyes! ;)

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