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Orion Construction Photos


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2 hours ago, BBN said:

Not seeing any track work at all today, cranes not even moved that I've seen

The weather is pretty miserable here in general. Cold, wet drizzle and dreary... Ive been decorating the lawn with Christmas decorations and its a bogg, I cant image what a swamp that must be back there and how hard it would be to work in it. 


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16 hours ago, aj74205 said:

I'm wondering if Monday was just supposed to be an off day, anyway. Also I'm gonna take this moment to reflect on how many times people have asserted the temp lift supports are gone when they're fully still there :P

I saw people in construction vests wondering around a few times during the day.. walking to and from the turnaround area. Maybe doing some logistical planing.


I hope they're going to replant a bunch of trees around the track and not just leave it in a grass field. The renderings are awesome with all the trees around. 

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