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-3 +3 Game

Captain Nemo

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+ADD 3 PAST ATTRACTIONS (But they can only be attractions that previously were located in the attraction you removed)

Here's how it works. If you could remove any 3 CURRENT attractions in the park and have the attraction that PREVIOUSLY was located there, what would they be

For example:

Vortex -> BAT

Action Theater Haunts -> Action Theater

Banshee -> Son of Beast


Here's mine:
Backlot Stunt Coaster - For Les Taxis
Diamondback - Keep old rivertown and Lake
Boo Blasters on Boo Hill - for Phantom Theater

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The Crypt-KCKC

Junkyard Coaster-Original Antique Autos--Les Taxis and  Livery Company (forgot the specific name)

Barren splashdown for Diamondback--richly landscaped nature area.


Honorable mentions:

The Area Formerly Known as Coney Mall-Coney Mall sign back

Oktoberfest-German stuff

Action Zone-landscaping and return to Adventure Village or Haunted Hill (new thieme)

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This thread is "off the rails" so maybe try to get back "on track" by bringing back some rides that had just that.

Delirium - King Cobra

Mostly vacant land - Baba Looey's Buggies

Snoopy vs. Red Baron - Boo Boo's Baggage Claim (Snoopy vs. Red Baron would be relocated somewhere else.)

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