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Ride Wait Times 2022 Season


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39 minutes ago, Orion742 said:

It sounds like the weekdays are just walk ons this year!

I agree! The park has never looked better! I think Fury 325 is better but I feel like if you put Fury at Kings Island it just doesn’t work I think Orion is perfect for Kings Island and is my second favorite Giga behind Fury.

Not all weekdays have been walk-one, but many have been recently due to storms and now excessive heat. While it can be fun to marathon rides on a dead day, I personally enjoy the atmosphere more when there is a more healthy crowd. Also, if Kings Island was dead on every weekday, Cedar Fair would likely consider slashing operating hours on weekdays. Good attendance is not a bad thing but rather a good thing for Kings Island.

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2 hours ago, disco2000 said:

^can you report if the violators were escorted from the park?

Didn't see that part. @electricsun saw the guy climb the fence and start to get in the water when we were going up on DT. By the time our cycle was over, he was out and the ride was e-stopped. Not sure what happened in between.


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On 6/19/2022 at 2:34 PM, IndyGuy4KI said:

These guys got a rollback because of an estop. PSA: please do not climb the fence to try and retrieve an article. 



For being a light crowd today, we had lots of inconsiderate guests.  Guests vaping while on rides and in no-wait queue lines and vaping/smoking in other areas of the park.  Seemed higher than normal for a light Tuesday.

A guest exited the Congo boat and proceeded to walk along the concrete channel despite repeated loud announcements by the ride op to get back in the boat.  Finally got back in where the fence is at going back into the station.

Usually the Saturday stuff, not a random low crowd Tuesday.

Fortunately no reports of Snoopy being left locked in a car in the parking lot.

But yes, as others reported, most rides were fairly short waits today.

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55 minutes ago, Coasterteam said:

While I don't intend to advertise, I developed a twitter bot that automatically posts a few interesting things relating to Kings Island. 
I am posting this in the wait times thread as it seems somewhat relevant to the overall discussion. (if necessary, I can start a new thread entirely too)

1. Every morning, the bot will post the operating hours of the day and when the park will open. If the park is not open, it tells you when the next operating day is and when the park will open.


2. Whenever the park opens or closes, it tells you either how long the park is open for and when the next opening date will be. 



3. During operating hours, the bot will post wait time updates once every hour, at the half past mark. (10:30AM, 11:30AM, 12:30PM, etc) until close. 

4. Alongside these operating hours, the bot will post snips of the official Kings Island webcams (found here: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/live-video)



The wait times run off of the same data other wait-time sites use - like queue-times, thrill-data, or isitpacked. The images are still-images fetched from the video feeds directly and sent as media. 

The reason I developed this bot is solely so myself and others can see current wait-times in a quick way, how busy the park is, and other info right from twitter whenever I'm scrolling through it. Hope you'll find it kind of neat like I do, as you may even be able to see yourself if you time it right. 

Feel free to give it a follow if you want to see those kinds of updates on your twitter timeline, handle is KingsIslandBot 

My long-term goal is to have it also post end-day statistics in a visualized format to get an idea of how busy the park was for any given day, similar to how thrill-data and queue-times do it.

The Beast is down again?

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