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This guy is kinda crazy. I had to show this to you all. I've been trying to talk some sense into him for the past few months (this is the 4th time he's done this) telling him thats unrealistically high. And he keeps telling me, "11k is a neccesary asking price due to the items rarity".  Then he cussed me out. 


Someone talk some sense into this guy. Lol. 

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He's been extremely rude to me and then tells me I'm lying about owning one. 


If it wasnt for my thread on here, i honestly dont think those would have been sold at all. 


Anyone here with an ebay account, please tell this guy he's crazy. :blink:



My piece is not for sale and NEVER will be. 

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The price is insane but so is hounding the guy repeatedly and then making a thread on here asking other people to bother him as well. His item will never sell at that price but coordinating an online mob to harass him about it is not only pointless but also childish. Stop acting childish and leave the guy alone. 

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I say let it sit...who are we to name a realistic price on a rare historical item unless we're potential buyers? Unless you are a buyer looking to reach an agreement with the seller, who cares wether it sits or not? Who cares if it gets relisted 100x if you aren't an interested buyer? Who needs to say anything unless you are a potential buyer? I don't understand why anyone would tell this seller that he needs to lower his price. I agree it's WAY too high but after it sits for 10 years, inflation will have gone up so much that 11k might be reasonable then! Lol.... couldn't resist a joke about inflation. Minimum wage might be $100hr in 10 years. Leave this guy alone and let the product sit. Either he'll figure it out on his own and lower the price or maybe he doesn't actually want to sell it that much. There's a difference between trying to sell and item for what it's worth and trying to get rich off an item. Kwim? 

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