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Coasterstock returns on May 19th and 20th in 2023.

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Kings Island once again will be hosting Coasterstock on May 19-20th in 2023. Tickets for Coasterstock 2023 go on sale February 24th at 10:00AM. 

KICentral is very excited about another year of Coasterstock for friendship, coasters, food, guest speakers, tours, and of course ERT! Tell us what you like most about Coasterstock in this thread!

To participate in this event you must purchase a Coasterstock ticket and be an active member of one of the seven approved roller coaster clubs below:

  • American Coaster Enthusiasts
  • Coaster Crew Platinum
  • European Coaster Club
  • Florida Coaster Club
  • Great Ohio Coaster Club
  • Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain
  • Western New York Coaster Club

Tickets for Coasterstock 2023 are exclusively online. Space is limited! Ticket sales will end when capacity for the event has been reached.

  • Season Passholder* = $66
  • Non-Season Passholder = $110

For tickets and more details visit: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/coasterstock





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On 2/22/2023 at 6:28 PM, BoddaH1994 said:

I noticed that TPR and Coasterbuzz are both no longer on the list. I understand that TPR ended their club. Coasterbuzz was sort of slipping ever since Jeff moved away and started a family. Is anyone still associated with either of those groups and know what the lowdown is?

Coasterbuzz Club is still very much a thing, and they've had Coasterstock on their upcoming events list for a while...

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