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Bus / RV parking, sponsored by Progressive


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25 minutes ago, disco2000 said:

They sponsor the motorcycle parking spots as well.

We are turning into Six Flags lol.

Some light beer will sponsor Orion:P

At a Six Park right now. Even if we add sponsors, we are still way ahead with parks, operations , food, and well everything.

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25 minutes ago, SonofBaconator said:

If companies want to give us money to slap their name on stuff, what’s the issue?

It’s unholy and makes the experience feel less special. I don’t really care about this since it’s out of the park. But the progressive ad near antique autos ****es me off.

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I'm all for sponsorships and advertising if it's done in a presentable manner. For example, how Disney in the past would have rides such as "Space Mountain presented by RCA" or "Siemens presents Space Ship Earth. Like I feel Aeronautica Landing at Carowinds would've been a prime example to be presented by one of the airlines. Like how hard would it be to put signs entering the area saying "presented by United Airlines" or something. I get maybe KI isn't as big of a market as the Disney & Universal parks, and I certainly don't want entire ride vehicles turning into adverts like Six Flags has done in the past, but I feel like there's a good middle ground to be found. 

I'm all for other companies helping fund the maintenance of these rides. Like perhaps a new Dark Ride presented by I dunno, P&G, TQL, GE, Kroger, etc. If it allows KI to focus funds elsewhere without majorly impacting the experience, I'm all for it. It just would need to be carried out in a strategic way, not just lazily slapping ads over everything that makes it feel like a discount experience.


I'm open to anyone else's thoughts on this as well :lol:...

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I agree with CoasterJack above. 

I visited SFGAdv (or NJFTP for those from way back when Terpy was still on the boards) in 2014 and at least one of the El Toro trains were wrapped in a Kia Soul graphic  - this was definitely interesting for my first visit to a SIX park.

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