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  3. CStrike isn’t nearly as intense as Maverick but it has more hangtime
  4. When I finally receive the long-awaited email about when my crew's on-ride training is...and it happens in only three weeks! In just three weeks I will be back at Vortex and WindSeeker for the first time since October!
  5. Nah, that's for RMC's, but maybe for The Beast...
  6. Just curious as to why its not similar. They are both launched blitz style coasters.
  7. Sorry, yes cat. Didn’t see this as something they would do annually (remove and replace two fountain pedestals) I think when those two were removed that should’ve been a hint. I think the time needed to remove them all plus the “shock” may have been why they only took out what they needed for winterfest this time around. Duhgfybcryjknkkfcffcbuyvfvb don’t you think?
  8. Yesterday
  9. In my opinion, Maverick isn't really a similar ride to it.
  10. I watched the Twitter video and note a couple of things. 1.) There are zero visible anchors in the bottom of the fountain. I suspect the pedestals are gone. If the pedestals were coming back, I’d expect to see some kind of supporting structure for them. Now seems late to be doing that kind of work. 2.) See the “S” shape running the length of the fountain? Reminds me of a series of nozzles that could spray all at once or in different sequences. With lighting and music, would make for a very skilled water show. There are other frames that clearly show them as either different lengths of pipe or conduit.
  11. @Gordon Bombay @Kayla_Uzlik I've blocked that guy on Twitter. He just uses his Twitter to get into arguments. If you prove him wrong with stone cold facts, he won't accept the fact he's wrong. Apparently according to multiple people and a review on Google he creeps on women on Facebook and social media. He's also spammed Kings Island and the PR guys to try to get into media events. Kind of like @Oldschool75 said, you're better off blocking that POS. That's advice for everyone here. He's done plenty wrong.
  12. Part of the problem is consistency too. Disney doesn't seem to care if you have your phone out on rides. Universal makes you go as far as going through a metal detector. Sea World lets you record on a GoPro if you have a wrist or a chest strap. I understand that the signage says that you aren't allowed to, but if you are used to being allowed to do it then you are going to assume that they can.
  13. Again, I find myself saying this..... Until the parks actively police YouTube, and other video posting sites, and requests any unauthorized videos to be removed, this will continue. Remove the forum and the problem resolves itself. If there isn't a way to get those "likes" the motivation goes away. And as others have mentioned, why watch a shaky blurry video, when almost all rides have a high quality authorized POV readily available?
  14. For those who have been able to ride Copperhead Strike at Carowinds, what are your thoughts? How does it compare to similar rides like Maverick?
  15. If their will be a Madhouse. The walls will be strip down and the Benches for the ride will appear, also the crane for building it inside the Crypt building.
  16. Do think a cat walked across the keyboard?
  17. I like the addition of the figure 8 turn around. Would love to see that at KI!
  18. You can see from the pic of the removed pedestals the wiring was cut as was the plumbing. Unless they were planning on adding some type of attachment couplers after the fact, the way they were removed indicates they weren’t coming back. When two were “temporarily removed” for winterfest i sort of thought this might be happening as I didn’t see this really being sinettingbtheyveiuldceantbti do annually with these at least the way they were originally constructed. While I liked the idea of them, I felt the blue and white color execution made them feel a bit dated. If they just were white or looked like stone that would’ve been better. We’ll see in a few weeks, but I don’t expect to see them back.
  19. I think there are rumors around that the Black Widow movie may be rated R.
  20. I meant the character Deadpool wouldn't fit in a MCU movie. Like you couldn't drop him, as-is, into an Ironman or Spiderman movie. He wouldn't be able to be the character that made his movies a success.
  21. I consider Deadpool as part of the MCU through the power of 4th wall breaking and the fact there's a helicarrier in the first one. I always shoehorn it in after Civil War when I do a marathon for the needed much levity. I know its a stretch, but that's the point.
  22. That stuff at Bellagio uses compressed air to not only raise the sprayers and the platforms they are on, but also for the motion of the nozzles and rapid movement of the water. Bellagio was designed by WET Design. I have a book on the fountains there. I doubt Kings Island will be going to that extreme, but, I think the fountain would look immediately better without the pedestals. They always looked dated and junky to me.
  23. Yeah, Deapool doesn't fit in the MCU. Or even the normal X-Men movies. A PG-13 deadpool would be a letdown.
  24. You are correct. All of the stuff was lended by the Reds and private collectors. It will likely be returned to them.
  25. Last week
  26. It'll still be R-rated. I don't think they've announced their plans for Fox, but I think they'll probably use it the way they used their Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures divisions in the past for PG-13/R-rated movies and films that otherwise didn't fit Disney's family branding at the time. They may even slide some of Fox's family-oriented IPs (like Home Alone) over to Disney's primary studio, and to differentiate Deadpool, they could keep the Fox branding. But this is all conjecture, so who knows? My personal opinion about Deadpool is I think he should stay in his own movies with cameos by MCU characters, as they had in conjunction with the current X-Men films. I think his cynical, meta humor would clash too much against the tone of a "serious" MCU film.
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