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  2. The Truth Behind "Tower Johnny"

    What a great read!
  3. The Truth Behind "Tower Johnny"

    I got that from the investigation report. None of the friends that I spoke with were in his car.
  4. How nice are GCI coasters to "larger" coaster fans?

    Last season at KI I was about 265 (5'9") and fit Mystic no problem. 240 this year, so that should make life a lot easier on those coasters where you feel like you're smashed in!!
  5. The Truth Behind "Tower Johnny"

    Out of curiosity. It says he had half a bottle of rum and some beers on the ride down (which I'm estimating was about a two hour drive?). It doesn't say whether he was a passenger. Did his friends ever elaborate on that at all? I would think that if they mentioned something like that, they also would go into that detail.
  6. Today
  7. I wander if they will surprise us with more than SV and Maverick at the hoedown...
  8. The Truth Behind "Tower Johnny"

    Great article! While long, it was an excellent read. I've not seen any story go so in depth.
  9. They started testing it about 10 minutes ago. The sound effects they brought back can be heard. (Magnum and the antique cars are running as well)
  10. The Giga Speculation Thread

    If those are buildings, they'd be new....although to me, they look like red shipping trailers with a few roof frames on top of them. The way to find out if there were dorms being built is if you look for building permits. I don't think Kings Island has enough international workers to really need dorms, especially with the amount of employees they get locally.
  11. For those who could not attend media day, Cedar Point's Youtube Page has put up the official POV: Yeah, it looks amazing IMO. I can't wait until May, when my sister, me, and a group of friends are going up there again (went twice in 2017) and I will finally be able to ride this monster. (Visited on the last Saturday of 2017 and saw it with the track completed and it looked amazing even then.)
  12. The Truth Behind "Tower Johnny"

    That was a great article! It really put a face on the legend. When I first read about this happening about 10 years ago, my father and sister thought it was just a FearFest/ Halloween Haunt storyline with my father citing "I remember the Flight Commander accident on the news in 1991, but I don't remember this accident." It is interesting to know that the 50' platform remained open for years after. On a previous thread about the Tower Johnny case, it was pointed out that when the Eiffel Tower opened in 1972, the only thing keeping you safe from falling was a 4' railing on both top platforms. That changed at least halfway through the season.
  13. Lightning rod is better than maverick.
  14. Passing through Bucyrus now, are they running Maverick today?
  15. Did not realize today was Media Day! Great pics everyone and I'm so excited to ride in May. Also, the real question is: is it better than Maverick?
  16. Yeah because RMC builds ejector machines. I would love to see what rmc can do with a t rex track.
  17. It's been some years since I've posted here. Went off to college to pursue Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University and really just stopped following the amusement industry all together despite it being what I breathed when I was younger. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I needed to strive to be in the industry I've always loved and changed my major to Computer Science halfway through my Junior year. It was an incredibly tough decision, but it was one that brought me back to the career path I always wanted to pursue deep down. After founding Vanderbilt's Themed Entertainment Association chapter, I was offered an internship at Animax Designs. They've worked immensely with Universal, Disney, Six Flags, etc. and are at the forefront of animatronic design. I am so thrilled to be on the path in the industry I love and I owe KICentral a huge part of that credit. This community was huge for me when I was younger and as I've started following the industry again, I've enjoyed coming back here. Can't wait to start obsessing over every little announcement detail with y'all again. - Bryce

  18. Steel Vengeance. A lot of SV reminds me of Mystic. Edit: It's weird to compare them.
  19. My only other RMC experience has been Lightning Rod. It easily became one of my favorite coasters in our area. Hearing the rattling of the anti-rollbacks on each airtime hill... Absolute chills. Can't wait to ride this in May.
  20. Steel vengeance vs Mystic Timbers?
  21. #KIMiles with WhenGodSaysGo

    We logged 23,500 steps on Sunday! Craziness! It didn't even feel like it.
  22. Another photo. Still has speed towards the end.
  23. Shout out to coaster net! https://www.wxyz.com/news/cedar-point-gears-up-for-steel-vengeance-world-premiere-weekend RMC is becoming this generation's intamin.
  24. Even the pre-lift section has it.
  25. I already looked at a few reverse POV's on YouTube and you can see the riders going out of their seats throughout the ride. Luckily the lapbar is there. Can't wait to get there. I'll be there a whole week right through Coastermania.
  26. The Truth Behind "Tower Johnny"

    This was such a good article. Thank you for this! Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
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