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  2. Again I think its mainly comfort. I believe@BoddaH1994 once said riding in a Millennium Flyer train was comparable to sitting on a couch and he was spot on. You have much more elbow room and the lap bars are very comfortable. When I ride Mystic Timbers I feel like I'm lounging. Even though I love both coasters, the PTC trains on Racer and The Beast aren't super comfortable- you feel boxed in and the lap bars can really hurt at times.
  3. I noticed that while riding it. I believe it is only 35 degrees on the other copies.
  4. The main problem I personally have with Intamin is that they over promise- especially with their capacity numbers. I've enjoyed every Intamin coaster I've ever ridden but I'd never want one at KI from an operations and maintenance standpoint. Yes they've become more reliable than in years past but they've left a bad taste in Cedar Fair's mouth. I believe Dick Kinzel mentioned that he regretted installing TTD. Its all about ROI. Universal hired Intamin because they wanted a multi launch ride that featured a rapid switch track double drop tracks and 12 trains. They got this but also receive
  5. Brumfield was a 20 year veteran of Kings Dominion's maintenance staff. Today he's an author and I highly, highly recommend his book and blog, both called "Theme Park Babylon." But Racer is even more unique as “Hill 95” has an angle of 45 degrees unlike the other copies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. You are most welcome. I noticed some neat looking items too. One that caught my eye appears to be a light up picture that looks like a firework.
  7. I mentioned that fact to my mother. I was totally shocked to see 2 maintenance people on either side of a moving train myself. Then again, in those days, you could take an 8mm camera on coasters.
  8. This is incredible! Thank you for sharing. The park was so beautiful back then...and with the recent improvements, it is again! It's very nice to see the beloved pedestals and know they have been put to good use in Area 72. This video helps me to see KI as I did as a kid. It looks so big.
  9. @KIBeastThank you (and your Uncle) SO much for sharing this. There is just so much to digest I really don’t know where to begin...it is all so amazing to see. I will mention an odder thing in your video that thrilled the collector in me...a common item on eBay is an old brown glass mug that has a wooden handle...it was fun seeing them on the shelf back then. Thanks again!
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  11. This is awesome! I especially enjoyed the POV of Scooby Doo with the two maintenance folks out on the layout on either side of a fully moving train.
  12. Great footage! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Single rails probably allow for less supports to be used since I imagine using solid steel track adds some structural integrity. That probably also allows RMC to do more intense maneuvers and tighter radiuses when it comes to curves, airtime hills, and inversions.
  14. Plus it used to head out into the woods. I think the design in the illustration/map would have really given an impression like The Beast today (lift hill going into the woods).
  15. Great video, thanks for sharing. Loved the video of the Bavarian Beetle. And the live actors on the train. And the Enchanted Voyage. And .... :-)
  16. Give me some time and I can get this cleaned up for you.
  17. Great to see the legendary $5000 ghost projector in EV. Got very excited when I saw that.
  18. At least from an aesthetics standpoint, The Racer is and was far better. Look up the pictures from when it first opened. Before the Action FX Theater, Flight of Fear, and the loss of the original color scheme, The Racer combined with the grounds around it were unmatched. I think the thrill of the layout was balanced with looks. Old Coney was especially beautiful when it was brand new in 1972.
  19. Per Dale Brumfield's blog: Brumfield was a 20 year veteran of Kings Dominion's maintenance staff. Today he's an author and I highly, highly recommend his book and blog, both called "Theme Park Babylon."
  20. Thanks @TombraiderTy! I think you are correct in that. As I watched this again, it is much easier to see on this forum than on my phone. I started noticing that it seems that some of the video may have been mashed together of another year. At the 10:03 mark, the lady sitting down with a baby on her lap is my mother and I. To her left is my uncle, so I am not sure who was videoing at the time. To the right of him is my late grandmother. At the 23:20 mark, the video on the carousel is my brother. On another note, I wish his other film was not lost. I specifically remember my uncle filming h
  21. Thank you for sharing! That's some fantastic footage of Enchanted Voyage, Cuddle Up, the Sky Ride, and more... especially Enchanted Voyage. Footage from that ride is usually really dark, but it's pretty bright and clear here. I also don't think I've ever seen video specifically of Kings Island's Rotor, so that's cool. Big thanks to your uncle too - I'm sure bringing a big, bulky video camera to an amusement park was a hassle, but I'm always grateful for those who did and have shared their footage decades later. For what it's worth, most of the video appears to be opening year (1972),
  22. Last night, my uncle sent me a video from what we think might be the opening year of Kings Island. Unfortunately, there isn't any sound. It's still a cool video in my book. My uncle was the one that took this video. He said the last time he moved, he lost a bunch of his old home movies, but found this one. He had it digitized so that he didn't lose the one remaining that he has. Hope everyone enjoys. I know I did, as it was a look back into my first time attending Kings Island. 0382376755.mp4
  23. Like I said, it's because I'm assuming MFs are lighter than PTCs. If they weigh less, they're not going to cause as much stress.
  24. Whoever voted Mystic Timbers for the RMC needs to get some roller coaster help
  25. There is more stress on the track in quick transitions & higher g force elements. Racer has none of that, so I am confused why anyone would through the expense of 4 new trains.
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