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  1. I’d be wayyyy more worried about Six Flags America. Clearly CF has plans with Iron Menace next year. Personally, besides CGA I think all the CF parks will be fine.
  2. Hey it wasn’t me lol I didn’t wish for a giga. Even thought it was a nice addition.
  3. Don’t know if this is true or not but someone told me that the park names would stay the same. I hope that is true. I couldn’t stand Six Flags Mason Ohio. If Cedar Fair knows what they are doing then I think they will go well. Cedar Fair seems to be in charge after the deal. Most of their executives are at the top. I just hope that Banshee doesn’t become Batman the ride and Orion become Superman the ride. If that happens I am personally calling Hershend to save us.
  4. Wow… I don’t know what to say… I never thought I’d see the day… As long as CF makes a push to keep our parks the same and turn the other SIX parks into nicer parks then I’m fine but if it goes the other way… things could turn badly FAST. If we start to turn into a Six Flags park then I will pray that Hershend steps in and buys KI. This deal could go either way.
  5. Problem is the GP aren’t going to look at things like that they are going to see the train design and go “oh that looks like a coaster I rode at Holiday World, or Cedar Point” (etc). It’s not about the layout is the same train design that the GP look at.
  6. Stop. This is going to haunt me for the rest of my life lol. Even worse. Six Flags Mason Ohio. I can’t remember which source it was but I saw them say in the article that if this deal goes through it could be announced at tomorrow morning’s earnings call. We’ll have to see if that’s true. I 100% agree. If it’s more CF directed deal then I’m all for it. But if it’s more Six Flags then I’m against it all the way.
  7. I’m on board with HFE buying KI. They run SDC and Dollywood do well. Plus that would open the door to more Vekoma and maybe even RMC and Mack. I don’t think they would raise prices insanely high because KI is not that type of park. Plus Hershend owns Kentucky Kingdom and they charge 35 dollar day tickets.
  8. I saw this a few minutes ago. I am really skeptical. They have such different business directions. Unless SF and CF come together to create the same mindset then it might work. If this goes through, we may see the return of Intamin and RMC.
  9. The problem with getting a B&M wing is GateKeeper is 3 hours away and if we wanted to do a launch to differentiate, Thunderbird is 2 hours away so it wouldn’t be very different from the surrounding area coasters. If we were to get a B&M I think a surf would work really well. I have heard that Copperhead Strike did not deliver the product CF wanted. It doesn’t have a high capacity and didn’t boost attendance like CF wanted. The reason I have been hoping we get an extreme spinner is that there is nothing like it anywhere near here. Sure CP had Wild Mouse but that’s small. We’ve never in the history of KI had a spinning coaster. Silver Dollar City brings in a ton of families but Time Traveler is easily the most popular ride there. And that’s not just capacity. It has 3 trains. I’ve talked to guests and enthusiasts in line who have ridden all the coasters at SDC and 99% of them said Time Traveler was their favorite at the park. During an hour span, me and a couple enthusiasts I met were marathoning it and it was not at all nauseating. Plus you get a different ride experience every time. I even rode when it was off balance and I was the only one in the car and I was spinning like crazy but I got off and didn’t even feel sick one bit.
  10. I do know the vest trains are lighter but I don’t know 100% that it causes the rattle it is very likely.
  11. Actually, Kings Dominion just ended year round ops last week.
  12. A spinning coaster 100%. Mack extreme spinner can fill all of those gaps. Hangtime, ejector airtime, above the track looping coaster. I’d also like to throw that we don’t offer a modern launch coaster
  13. I wouldn’t say it’s off the table yet because CP added 2 coasters back to back but with 2 maybe more CF parks adding coasters in 2025, I think 2026 is our year. 2024 the focus is on CP and Dorney. 2025 is most likely Canada’s Wonderland and (redacted) with also a shot of Carowinds getting a water related ride of some sort. I think 2026 will be KI and Valleyfair’s year. Personally I think KI is in a test period for their next coaster. I think CF wants to wait to buy more coasters from Zamperla until they see how TT2 turns out and I think KI is waiting to see how Vekoma handles things next year before deciding. We could get anything. The only manufacturer off the table is Intamin.
  14. I don’t know if you saw my construction updates post but it is not looking good for Camp Snoopy being open by opening day. Well, at least not Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers. Vekoma confirmed to Holiday world that they would be opening the first family boomerang in the US. They wouldn’t say where the others were going but theirs would be the first to open in 2024.
  15. When the red Racer retrack was announced they said in 2024 blue will receive the finished retrack on the second half. I don’t know the specific date of the tweet but for reference It was the same day Voyage was announced to receive a retrack for this season. Kind of random connection but only thing I could think of to link the dates. Correct me if I am wrong but hasn’t the front and back on The Beast been completely removed this year? The signs were removed and a trash can blocks the back of the train entrance.
  16. What improvements/additions would you like to see in 2024? I’ll state what we know is coming then share my thoughts. 1. Camp Snoopy. (Including Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers and Beagle Scout Acres. With a possible Flying Ace retheme and repaint. 2. Blue Racer second half retrack. I would like to see more re tracking done on The Beast. The new track has really improved the ride experience however the turn into the second lift is starting to get rough in my opinion. However, with The Racer retrack coming next year this isn’t very likely until 2025. Camp Snoopy open by opening day. I know this is just being picky but it did hurt opening day this year when AP wasn’t ready. I’ve stated this in the construction updates topic but with that information I stated there it is not very likely to see it open until summer. I think a sign showing which direction is the front and the back of the train would really help The Bat. I don’t know how many times I saw people in the line for the back of the train go up front of the train slowing ops down by going in front of front of the people in line for the front of the train. A sign that shows which line is for which would really help operations.
  17. This would cause a train to stop on the mid course break run unless the crew can dispatch the train in 60 seconds. Because Steve does not have multi move so it would take even longer for the trains to park in each block zone before a train can roll through the mid course break run. To achieve this they would have to dispatch right after the outer bank airtime hill.
  18. This most likely cause set ups though. And that would further worsen the problem of slow lines.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDSijBVK7ik&pp=ygUpVGhlIG9uZSB3aGVyZSBpdHMgYWxsIGdyYXZ5IGhvbGRpYXkgd29ybGQ%3D (23:40 for more details) I’ve just heard something on the Holiday World podcast that I thought would be worth sharing. Take this with a grain of salt. I decided to listen to the HW podcast on Good Gravy to see what was new with the project and I heard something that caught my attention. They started talking about SSBR and how they like the theme but then they mentioned that Vekoma was quiet about where the other Vekoma boomerangs were going during project development but could confirm them that Holiday world’s would be the first to open next year. Now this isn’t 100% confirmed but I would not be surprised to see SSBR open in the summer like Adventure Port did last year. Holiday World has stated that Good Gravy is scheduled to open with opening day May 4th. What are your guys thoughts on this?
  20. I think our next coaster will definitely be a thrill coaster with the addition of Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers. I think it’s highly likely it comes in 2026. With an outside shot of 2025. With 10 of our 15 coasters (including SSBR) being 48 inch height requirement or lower I think the park will focus on something that doesn’t have to have a 48 inch height requirement. If it comes with it that will be a bonus but I don’t think that is what the park will be focusing on.
  21. Kings Dominion announced the end of year around operations as well.
  22. B&M has developed a new type of OTS restraint that can be seen on Monster at Grona Lund. It is smaller than the bulky ones from the original ones. B&M seems to be going away from vest restraints on inverts after Banshee. The new Phoenix rising will feature lapbars. I really like the vest restraints on every B&M except Banshee. Banshee’s crush my thighs and other coasters with the same restraint don’t. The dive coasters and wing coasters aren’t as positive G focused as Banshee is so they don’t come down so hard on my thighs. This is not to say that I don’t like Banshee, it’s my 2nd favorite invert behind Afterburn. I really do like it, it’s just an improvement I would like to see.
  23. Banshee wouldn’t be a headbanger like Raptor with OTS restraints. The vest trains are lighter so they currently rattle around the track like crazy. With the OTS restraints the trains would be heavier so it would run smoother. The reason Raptor is rough is because next year it turns 30.
  24. I would change Banshee but for a different reason. I’ve heard rumors that the vest trains are lighter than B&M anticipated. So they rattle around the track when they shouldn’t. If it was me I would add the old over the shoulder restraints to Banshee. It might just be me.
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