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Soak City Construction Continues

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I understand that the Ellis and Associates training is considered to be much better and that is a good argument, but when is the last time that you heard of someone dying at The Beach?

Safety comes in various forms more than just a death statistic.

Being trained in recognizing a potential distress issue (like the 10/10 rule mentioned) has to be near the top of the list. Also near the top of the list has to be having the proper equipment readily available if an issue comes up.

I hope the Beach is not as bad as the poster/ x-employee made it out to seem. If one serious incident would happen, it could take down a very nice waterpark.

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According to Greg Scheid's Twitter, concrete work on the new wave pool is complete and it is named: Tidal Wave Bay.

@kigmgreg Concrete work is complete on Tidal Wave Bay, Kings Island's newest wave pool! Grab your suit, an inter-tube and prepare to get rocked.


I was kinda hoping we'd get a less generic name. Oh well.

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I'm kind of disapointed in the action river. Can't us old people have a nice ride to just relax on?

Haha. This was kind of my thought, too. We go to GWL and my kids are always trying to drag me under those darn beavers that conspire to get my hair wet. Then again, after I get soaked, then it's time to start shoving the kids toward the water buckets. I guess they know that once mom has been ruthlessly sprayed with water, she starts coming after them for revenge! I'll miss the lazy river, but will most likely embrace the water fight that I see in my future.

Has anyone ever been on the not-so-lazy river in Aquaventure at Atlantis? Now THAT is an action river.

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You can't say that there's "no chance", because we don't have anywhere near enough information to make that call right now. We have no idea what the future holds for The Beach, nor do we know if KI/CF is even interested in the slides. At this point we just know that The Beach won't be opening for this season.

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