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Orion Construction Photos


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1 minute ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

Try clicking on the Diamondback cam itself to play. Mine has the night view as well when paused, but when I click to start playing the cam, it goes to current.

I tried but the school has it blocked to play it so im always refreshing it to see it. This is the first day its been like this. 

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18 hours ago, Driver8rws said:


AND that wasn't the "correct" photos of it being finished!   That was the "fake" finish...   so funny.

He even says "you can SEE it RIGHT there! " like he knows it wasn't really the REAL finish. :rolleyes:

I work in construction. For multi-ton pieces like that you’re going to have to lift multiple times to ensure there is zero variances.

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33 minutes ago, collin.klopfstein said:


Okay, before everyone gets wound up. This was a powered-paraglider, aka. Butt fan with a bed sheet.  They are covered by FAR part 103. And everything I saw in this video was 100% legal.  No "airspace" issues (KI doesn't own airspace, just as you don't own airspace above your house), had plenty of altitude and never flew over crowds.  It would be against KI rules to launch or land on their property (they can trespass you if you refuse to leave), but that is is, no laws were broken.

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