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Orion Construction Photos


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14 hours ago, spooky21 said:

Oh believe me I get it, I just feel like it needed to be said. Not all of us have free time all day and it's hard to see the "real" updates. How else could it have been addressed? Just seems like this forum is filled with meaningless posts.

You want a quick update....look at the webcam. Get over it. We are on here to discuss the construction of Orion. So the updates are about the crane because that is all that was being done from what we can see from the webcam. It'll be ok I promise.

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2 minutes ago, vwkw1981 said:

Zeus is bringing parts of the next crane.  Rumor has it we should expect 3 large cranes on site.  The next one will be bigger than Zeus.  This is a post from a person that works for Sterett Crane and on site.


Can you please provide a source? I see nothing but a message anyone could of typed up.

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21 minutes ago, Maverick44 said:

Those things have to be small. I wonder why they are using such a massive crane  to move small things. lol

Checking for proper operation with lighter objects maybe? Or someone needs something to do so "housekeeping time"

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