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Orion Construction Photos


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So it appears they lofted the track piece up, and now they're doing something to the support that was previously installed.  It's swaying back and forth, so it appears they're having to do some sort of adjustment with it.  It appears they resolved whatever it was.

Another support going up now.

For those unsure of where the brake run begins, it'll start somewhere in the circle, based on the blueprints.


Edit for 11:19 AM since the forum is so slow:

Another track piece is being strapped up to be lifted onto the new support.

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Keep in mind, that crane came from somewhere, it may currently be sitting at KI "rent free" as the place it was at prior didn't want to keep paying "rent for it"  I'll assume with a Crane of this size, the erecting company leased the crane for a certain period of time with a defined "start pointe" and a "not to exceed" date.  With weather and what not, they would have to build some fluff into the schedule for days they may not be able to use this crane (or any crane).  If you remember the windstorm from 10-11 years ago, I doubt there were any cranes in operation that day in this area.  Anyhoo, just because the crane is sitting at KI and not in use, doesn't mean KI is paying any more for it.  Given the additional space, KI may even be getting a discount to allow it to be "stored on space" rather than storing it at a midway point b/w its last job and this installation.  They'll start using that big boy when its needed, and not any time sooner than that.

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