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Guests Say The Darnest Things


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I remember being in line for Flight of Fear with my friends one day during the summer. The ride was down, but we were set on waiting in line til it opened back up cause we were close to the front. There was a large group of kids being super loud and complaining about the fact the ride was down. No biggie there, I get it, its annoying. But then one of the kids (a black kid) jumped over the railing and start hopping around on the set equipment by the UFO entryway and the screens and stuff. Then he kept hopping up on the stairs riling and sitting on the rail in the ufo, cutting in line basically, and asking this group of girls how they felt about him being black. He repeatedly kept saying "oh its cause im black right?" or "tell me how you really feel about me, a black person". I think he was trying to be funny, but all he did was **** off a lot of people in line, including this group of girls. Eventually ride kicked on and he got to go, but we had to listen to him and watch do stupid **** for like an hour and a half. 


This is more of a people do the darndest things but i guess it applies. Me and a guy i was at KI with were riding the zephyr ride, and this group of guys, college aged mind you, kept swinging their seats and kicking off of ours. We didn't wanna make a fuss during the ride, but as soon as we got off the guy turned to them and they made a remark of sorts, saying they were just trying to swing. and the guy i came with said they could go to a kiddie playground and swing if they wanted to act 5, when we were right next to the sign that said NOT TO TOUCH OTHER SWING SEATS. luckily didnt kill the mood though and me and the guy still had a blast. oddly enough later on in the day i saw the group of boys being escorted out by security from The Beast line. not sure what they did then, but i considered it kharma lol

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