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On 8/24/2019 at 9:16 PM, King Ding Dong said:

Breaking traditional industry norms and coming from opposite strategic positions the two entities appear to be aligning themselves for a merger.  Analysts are uncertain about the fruits this endeavor will bear, but are universally intrigued by the likely mutual benefits to the bottom line.  

Well this is interesting lol:P


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5 minutes ago, LovinMeSomeBanshee said:

I think he's right.  Looks like these questions will go directly to Kings Island staff, and the group moderators will post the answers when they get them.


Oh. That piece. Didnt notice it. 

Just remember, "some" of your questions. I'd rather ask in person. Plus, half the higher ups know who I am, so that's easy for me to do. 

I need to ask one of them about some recent pics...

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5 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

I want to know why Flight of Fear is not open for Winterfest this year. It would be interesting to learn if it is just for construction or for different reasons.

My guess is its for the construction of Orion. They probably want to make sure to have nothing in their way of the work they need to do. And I'm pretty sure part of Orion's construction work has to do with FOF's line.

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3 hours ago, jimlaheyscar said:

The Beast is down. Employees at gate said "Not sure if it'll open today but we hope so."

According to the web site Que Times (which apparently uses Cedar Fair's data), Beast has re-opened. If this is correct it must have just gone back up not long ago, as most other rides in the park have decent listed waits (will probably get even worse as Haunt approaches) yet it is listed as just being open.

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I can not imagine how much of a cluster everything is right now. We left at 4 and there was no handicapped parking.  Everything was an hour or more wait already. Drove back by after dinner, there was no visible parking to be found. From the water park to the great wolf lodge. No visible gaps. And the line to get in was around a half mile in each direction. 

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I suspect that is just parking control to pack them in so there are not tons of gaps and then people driving up and down isles looking for a spot.  

It was ridiculous.
I assumed they are trying to keep large areas open for when people flood in around 6 for haunt... But it seems crazy that those who come later get "rewarded" with the best spots. We walked from past Soak City posing to the front gate. I logged my complaint with guest services.

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