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Orion Construction Photos


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Everyone please stay calm about the webcams. Sometimes the answer you get is the truth. Here is a statement I received from the park.


Our three park webcams are currently not operating while we prepare for WinterFest, make technology improvements and system upgrades. We are working to make these improvements as quickly as possible, but we do not have a timeline for its return.


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Several things:

1. Thank you @Hawaiian Coasters 325 for the update. Orion's progress is really coming along!:D


2. I think, just by reading the last few pages of forums, that lots of people are REALLY upset about the webcams are down. Trust me, I am too. But remember, there was a time when webcams didn't exist, and all people could do is stay tuned to newspapers and TV stations for potential updates on anything with the park. Not only that, but we should be THANKFUL that the park is generous enough just to provide webcams not just for the park, but just a live view of the construction. I think we should all calm down and wait for the webcams to come back up. They probably will soon enough and we will get right back to watching Orion come together!

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This thread has now been cleaned up. Please stay on topic of the construction. 

The park has shared with us the status of the web cams that you can read in my last post in this thread. 

Yes, having the webcams down is a bummer, but we can do this the old-fashioned way until Kings Island gets the webcams back up. 

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