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What’s one practical attraction you wouldn’t mind having two of?


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It’s not impossible to find two of the same attraction at parks around the globe, we saw this with the Antique Cars behind the Eiffel Tower as well as when Cedar Point used to have two car rides, two Dumbo rides at Magic Kingdom, you get the idea…

What is one ride that would be a practical candidate for duplicating on a similar scale? My immediate thought went to the Flying Eagles. 

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I guess it's not "too practical" but I would love to see the train go more around the entire park instead of just the back.  Something that would serve to move the GP from one side of the park to the other like the SkyRide use to.  Even go by the front gate somehow without disrupting IS.

Something more practical is the return of "The Rotor".  I loved that ride as a kid but my 50+ year old body probably would not like it more than once a year now. :)

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I wouldn’t hate the idea of a second antique cars. I’m not sure that it would be a good ROI unless they changed the scenery to differentiate the experience between the two rides. I personally don’t think it would work out well since I believe even CP is down to one antique car ride. I just wish there were more family rides at the park. 

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