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  1. Just know other former employee tombstones had their names “removed” as well. This wasn’t an attack on any individual. For example here is former GM, Greg Scheid’s tombstone with the lettering removed:
  2. Nightmare fuel. My biggest fear at Kings Island has always been getting stuck at the top of Wind-seeker or Drop Tower.
  3. I know the truth in my last post makes you uncomfortable. But let’s stay on topic. Being angry for your friend is okay. It’s apart of the 5 stages of grief. However it isn’t doing anyone any good here. Now is the time to build bridges, not burn what is left down.
  4. Yeah, except that wasn’t the rhetoric you were trying to convey. Let’s not backpedal now. Don will be missed but this is a golden opportunity for the forum to hit the reset button and rekindle a relationship with the park. Unfortunately there are people like you who are holding onto the past and getting in the way of any future progress. The members of this forum deserve better.
  5. I noticed yesterday at Haunt that a lot of vinyl is missing or in disarray. They hate them because they hate you. Remember this when they are begging for your votes.
  6. The rest of the lettering was removed.
  7. They really need to charge more for season passes.
  8. We don’t have the hotels to make it profitable.
  9. No need for more scare actors. Some of you can just look into a mirror.
  10. After visiting other parks in the Chain, Kings Island by far has the nicest lounge.
  11. Gonna be on the lookout for these apples people keep talking about.
  12. Because complaining, and creating that narrative with Kings Island on KIC has no repercussions for him. This kinda crap isn’t said on any Attractions Group or Tower Topics channels because he has skin in the game there. This thread is supposed to be positive, and bring up good memories of Don’s time at the park. I think out of respect for him it’s best we keep it that way.
  13. Trying to make this a yearly thing being how much fun we had last year. The lady friend and I made our way to Sandusky to enjoy the short lines and low crowds. Day 1 Arrived at Castaway Bay and immediately started the trip off on the wrong foot. Left home in a hurry and ended up leaving my wallet at home on accident. This in turn created a dilemma of not having an I.D. or CC to show for check in. Luckily they allowed me to switch the room into her name and I was able to use my online banking to prove I’m the owner of the card. We spent most of our afternoon settling in the room and enjoying the waterpark before it was time to head over to CP for haunt. Got to CP and went to the ticket booth to get her in. Asked for a ticket and the woman working the booth gave me a total was over $100! At first I was confused, thinking maybe she mistaken thought I asked for a ticket for each of us. She ended up repeating the same number and stated it was for one ticket. I could feel the cringe in my wallet back home. I corrected myself and asked for a bring-a-friend ticket because like normally they prompt you with “are you a season pass holder?” So she then corrected me by stating that those tickets can only be purchased on line. Which I find an bit odd. Bring a friend ticket online price after fees: $33.98. Much better, LOL. The crowd levels were very low, I think the longest line we’ve waited for was Maverick which was roughly 20 minutes. Got in line for Millie and the water mist fans were going even tho it was in the 60’s. Maybe due to cuts they’re using them now to to supplement the fog machines in the midways? Then came to ride her favorite coaster and the coaster I’m definitely a MISFIT with (and I’ll leave it at that) which is, Steel Vengeance. The freebie lockers worked, and I had my usual run in with the loose articles people. Ate my favorite restaurant in the park being Back Beat BBQ. (One day maybe KI will get brisket.) As far as CP haunt goes the roomers were quite obvious to see with the crowd levels being so low, therefor there wasn’t much for “jump scares” in the midways. We did Cornstalkers 2.0 and being the first night of haunt. I think the scare actors may have been lost in their own maze, not many of them made an appearance lol. We wrapped up the night, right before park closure taking the Skyride back to the front gate. Day 2 Woke up and went to Jolly’s Donuts which is a hole in the wall diner which serves breakfast food and obviously donuts. Then proceeded to make our way to CP beach. The beach was surprisingly kinda gross with the amount of Seagull crap on the sand. The water was expectedly cold, so we decided to throw down a towel and chill. Afterwards we made it back to Castaway bay and finished our time in Sandusky at the waterpark. We sat and had our adult beverages inside the hot tub till an overzealous supervisor came over to yell at us and another couple that had drinks that they had to be on a table and not hot tub side. Nobody had glass containers so not knowing what his problem was, the group next to us dragged a table over to side of the hot tub so everyone could keep their drinks nearby. All in all other than some little things. We had a blast and definitely plan on returning to do it again next year!
  14. It’s safe to assume Camp Snoopy won’t be opened “on time” (Opening day). However It will be open by Memorial Day Weekend.
  15. Crazy to think this coaster has had two major modifications due to the maintenance issues. If this doesn’t work what’s next? The wrecking ball?
  16. But everyone has different opinions and biases? I myself prefer wooden coasters over most steel coasters. Most people would find that “daft” because a simple bump in the track to them = rough. And to most people Diamondback has gotten “rough” with age, especially after the hammerhead turn. I think it’s too easy to claim the event is “rigged” when I believe there is a multitude of factors that go into coaster rankings. Do you think Steel Vengeance will keep its ranking if the freebie lockers remain down for a good portion of next season?
  17. How different would Kings Island be if Herschend Family Entertainment owned the park and not CF?
  18. That’s the roomer I’ve heard.
  19. I would upgrade my 2024 gold pass to prestige if they eliminated the roomers.
  20. I fully support them cutting the Peter Peter pumpkin eater song that’s on a 10 hour loop in Action Zone from last season.
  21. I always thought they should’ve done that for Winterfest. The background should show snowing and maybe the abominable snowman and or an angry Christmas tree be the ones attacking the shed.
  22. Agreed. There is more money to be made from families than there is with young adults and teens. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a future of a highly decorated Halloween event with no scare actors or mazes. Much like what Dollywood does. It’s much more inviting for families, which is we’re the money is at.
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