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  1. Nothing like the smell of burning coal in the evening.
  2. I’m not shocked by Orion’s rating at all. It’s short in length and ride duration, and in my opinion the only elements that make it stand out in comparison to Diamondback are the first drop and the ejector airtime hill. The rest seemed very Diamondback like. Way to many floater airtime hills and in my opinion, helixes for that matter. The theming is great, but not enough to make up for the coaster itself.
  3. Looks like MF is receiving or has received new brackets:
  4. Any post with the suggestion of replacing wood track for steel on The Beast is a direct violation of the terms of service in KICentral forums if I’m not mistaken, surely it’s in the fine print.
  5. She didn’t break any HIPPA laws? If you read her report there are no Patient identifiers that constitute a HIPPA ( Patient privacy ) law violation. Which includes: Patient’s NameSocial security numberTelephone NumberPatient’s AddressPatient Medical record numbersPhotos of the Patient (mainly the face) None of that is in her report.
  6. All this talk about painting the Eiffel Tower has given me a fever, and the only prescription is more paint! Hopefully they really explore the space! (Paint The Racer, Beast, and paint other things in need around the park.)
  7. In terms of coasters a B&M floorless like Dominator or a Mack like Blue Fire would be nice. The park really lacks on the flats tho. I wouldn’t mind seeing a gerstlauer sky roller, end up in Area 72, or an enterprise in Coney Mall.
  8. I’m indifferent to fast passes. I’ve never purchased one, granted I’m fortunate enough with my work schedule I’m able to go to the park on their slower days.
  9. Update on the return / refund. Still no reply from Kings Island gear about my order being broken upon arrival. I used the email link provided regarding questions to my order and have sent 2 emails so far with no reply. Frustrating non the less.
  10. The stablemates came in the mail today. Unfortunately Lew Brown was broken from the base of the locomotive and track upon on arrival. I’m currently in the process of getting a refund and or replacement. Other than that they look great! $19.99 is great value! I didn’t take them out of their plastic coverings yet, still waiting on refund / replacement for Lew Brown (Green train):
  11. As soon as I saw this posted on Facebook, I ordered the pair. Should be receiving them sometime this week!
  12. I wouldn’t mind if The Racer got reprofiled in places were ride experience would be improved, if anything it should be done. The jackhammering experience on my back while riding The Racer is one of the main reasons I avoid riding it, which is saying a lot considering 3 of my top 5 coasters are woodies. (Beast, Voyage, and Mystic.)
  13. I too, hope not! The only coaster that I have noticed that will operate way past closing due to a long line for the most part has to be The Beast during haunt. Nothing beats a 1:30am ride on The Beast in an eerily quiet park.
  14. I really can’t picture an Area 72 (x-base) expansion. Maybe a small expansion, which would require tearing down and moving maintenance buildings, but even then that only makes room for a flat ride or two and a couple concession stands. I’d say with the addition of Orion, Area 72 (x-base) was pretty much capped off. A hypothetical Area 72 (x-base) expansion in my opinion would’ve run parallel with The Racer and would’ve looped back into Coney Mall where the Action Theater is. This is what I’d imagine it would roughly look like: (Granted I added my own twist being that Action Theater is rethemed as the Hawkins lab in Stranger Things.)
  15. #1 The Beast #2 Mystic Timbers #3 Diamondback #4 The Bat #5 Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad
  16. I was disappointed when our Giga was going to be a B&M, I was hoping for a Intamin Giga or the worlds first Mack Giga. Mainly because I believe their are better manufactures out there to produce such ride. Not that I wouldn’t want a B&M coaster, I really do like the idea of a Wing Coaster in a future Area-72 expansion. I also would love to see a B&M floorless similar to Dominator taking up Vortex’s plot, seems only fitting. IMO.
  17. I choose The Bat. Vekoma designed floorless swinging suspended trains to replace old Arrow swinging suspended trains. There are currently 2 being used on Vampire at Chessington Worlds of Adventure.
  18. I hope not. I’d rather see another multi looping coaster take The Vortex’s old spot. A B&M floorless coaster like Dominator would fit that bill:
  19. RMC’s are about as reliable as they are made out of wood... They’re not.
  20. A good looking engine indeed. I wonder if Levi will keep that look after its refurbishment. I’m hoping they are going to swap those horrendous tanks out with tanks that are more original to Crown, assuming they want both engines to be able to share parts.
  21. Speaking of an additional train there are other Crowns out their that are waiting to once breath life again. Here is one with a rare Caboose built by crown for wheelchairs. They would need to take a coach from Lew Brown and Kenny Van Meter to make them all 5 car trains. Photo credit: https://klaq.com/where-the-train-from-magic-landing-is-permanently-parked-at/
  22. We’re gonna need another Train...
  23. A small but up and coming park that would be interesting for Cedar Fair to purchase would be Holiday World. Best water park by far in the Tri state area, but very much lacking in the coaster department, particularly steel roller coasters. Holiday World is consistently packed. A Carowinds like investment of 50-60 million dollars could take the park to the next level.
  24. Orion is a hyper coaster per its manufacturer B&M. That is it’s model, you can find this on B&M’s website: https://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/product/hyper-coaster. Which is what Diamondback is. If you compare Orion to the other Giga coasters in the world. Every other Giga coaster reaches a height of 300ft or more and drop of 300ft or more. Orion does not, being only 287ft tall. So personally I don’t consider Orion a Giga, but it’s 2020 and even steel coasters can now be considered wood. *cough* RMC *cough*
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