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  1. Hopefully this is similar but not exactly like what is offered through Busch gardens and Seaworld. I have a platinum pass for Busch Gardens, and there is so much fine print involved that it takes away a lot of the perks. Most of the perks are only useable for the “Florida parks.” And not the rest of the properties owned by Seaworld and Busch gardens.
  2. While Ill agree with the sad state of affairs with boo hill, needing rethemed, I don’t think phantom theater would make a good fit in Planet Snoopy.
  3. When you realize only some parts of The Racer support structure was repainted and not the whole thing:
  4. Too be fair, Chick Fil A, is probably the most consistent with food quality and service than most if not all of the other food options within the park. When you’re paying park prices on food it’s nice to know and come to expect what you’re getting for your money. Chick Fil A does that. Getting Chilli Cheese Crinkle cut fries at Skyline is like playing Russian roulette, and yes I like to live dangerously for a unique fry that can only be found at Kings Island Skylines!
  5. Diamondback already has Orion beat in the Golden Ticket Awards. . .
  6. RMC don’t make wooden coasters tho.. I wouldn’t be opposed to the Gravity Group making something on the likes of The Voyage tho.
  7. Personally, I don’t like the idea of removing The Bat. It’s a unique ride and underrated one at that. I love the idea of a big coaster going in the space behind Banshee tho, the combination of SoB’s tall station with a sharp incline lift hill could clear Banshee. This space is honestly where I was hoping we would get a Giga Coaster.
  8. Firefighters no, but firemen yes! Fireman is the person who controls the amount of steam generated for the locomotive. They’re the ones who would feed the fire, and add water to create steam. It’s a delicate act but also very important one, not enough water could lead to the locomotive going caboom! Depending on what fuels the fire, it can be labor intensive position as well.
  9. So far I’ve visited: Sea World Orlando, and Busch Gardens Tampa. Planned trips include: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Island, Walt Disney World, Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios.
  10. I rode the Tennessee Tornado for the first time at Dollywood, it was awesome and reminded me of the fun times I had on Vortex…. That is all, I’ll go whimper in the corner now.
  11. Parts more than likely, I can’t see the park fabricating it’s own parts for rides that it didn’t build. I would imagine that would be a huge liability for themselves in doing so. Here’s a photo of work being done on Millennium Force not long after the TTD incident. They were replacing what appears to be brackets on the trains.
  12. It’s been years since I’ve done a haunt maze at Kings Island, the maze waits are very long and the experience in my opinion is not that great. They put way to many people through the maze at once and a lot of the jump scares are spotted before your group gets to it. I typically go to haunt anymore to get my fix of night rides. This year I went to Luminights at Dollywood and I can confirm it was packed! The benefit tho was that majority of the crowd their were either elderly or had kids which meant wait times for the big coasters were short. The longest wait I had was FireChaser Express, followed by Thunderhead which for some reason was only operating one train. I wouldn’t be upset if Haunt went away, and if it does go away hopefully those ugly haunt buildings follow suit.
  13. I’m not shocked by Orion’s rating at all. It’s short in length and ride duration, and in my opinion the only elements that make it stand out in comparison to Diamondback are the first drop and the ejector airtime hill. The rest seemed very Diamondback like. Way to many floater airtime hills and in my opinion, helixes for that matter. The theming is great, but not enough to make up for the coaster itself.
  14. Looks like MF is receiving or has received new brackets:
  15. Any post with the suggestion of replacing wood track for steel on The Beast is a direct violation of the terms of service in KICentral forums if I’m not mistaken, surely it’s in the fine print.
  16. She didn’t break any HIPPA laws? If you read her report there are no Patient identifiers that constitute a HIPPA ( Patient privacy ) law violation. Which includes: Patient’s NameSocial security numberTelephone NumberPatient’s AddressPatient Medical record numbersPhotos of the Patient (mainly the face) None of that is in her report.
  17. All this talk about painting the Eiffel Tower has given me a fever, and the only prescription is more paint! Hopefully they really explore the space! (Paint The Racer, Beast, and paint other things in need around the park.)
  18. In terms of coasters a B&M floorless like Dominator or a Mack like Blue Fire would be nice. The park really lacks on the flats tho. I wouldn’t mind seeing a gerstlauer sky roller, end up in Area 72, or an enterprise in Coney Mall.
  19. I’m indifferent to fast passes. I’ve never purchased one, granted I’m fortunate enough with my work schedule I’m able to go to the park on their slower days.
  20. Update on the return / refund. Still no reply from Kings Island gear about my order being broken upon arrival. I used the email link provided regarding questions to my order and have sent 2 emails so far with no reply. Frustrating non the less.
  21. The stablemates came in the mail today. Unfortunately Lew Brown was broken from the base of the locomotive and track upon on arrival. I’m currently in the process of getting a refund and or replacement. Other than that they look great! $19.99 is great value! I didn’t take them out of their plastic coverings yet, still waiting on refund / replacement for Lew Brown (Green train):
  22. As soon as I saw this posted on Facebook, I ordered the pair. Should be receiving them sometime this week!
  23. I wouldn’t mind if The Racer got reprofiled in places were ride experience would be improved, if anything it should be done. The jackhammering experience on my back while riding The Racer is one of the main reasons I avoid riding it, which is saying a lot considering 3 of my top 5 coasters are woodies. (Beast, Voyage, and Mystic.)
  24. I too, hope not! The only coaster that I have noticed that will operate way past closing due to a long line for the most part has to be The Beast during haunt. Nothing beats a 1:30am ride on The Beast in an eerily quiet park.
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