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Kings Island Sounds


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Inspired by the recent "Kings Island Smells" topic, I have coined a new topic, about your favorite Kings Island sounds.

On my list are:

•Vortex and Son of Beast's anti rollback

•Firehawk's brake release

•Flight of Fear's launch

•Drop Tower's hum and brakes

•Whoosh of Delirium before it starts the cycle

•Invertigo's cable lift

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The sound of people skiding and failing to go down the Coolang......erm Rendezvous Run

The sound of the waves of Breakers Bay??

The sound of The Beast climbing up the lift hill

The sounds of people saying the darnest things

The sounds of BB1 talking about Boomerang Bay

The sounds of the Diamondback flaring out of its first drop

& many, many more

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I hear the sound of dogs barking and howling as I walk pass the sales/season pass building. Add the sounds of animals other than dogs and you hear a mix in the kennel area. Be it the sounds of the pigs and goats from 4 seasons ago to the quaking of the ducks this season. Now I won't talk about the other thread of the scents of the park.

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In no particular order:

  • The Beast's (and Son of Beast's, and Firehawk's, and Diamondback's) lift hills
  • The sound of both Racer trains running over the final anti-rollbacks and hitting the final brakes
  • Various games employees spieling over their mics (which seems like it'd be a common theme park sound, but I've never noticed it anywhere else. Then again, I haven't been anywhere else nearly as much as KI, so maybe I've been too excited everywhere else to notice it.)
  • Vortex's lift hill clanky noise
  • The train whistle on Adventure Express, as well as the thunkthunk noise of its wheels running over the transfer track gap
  • The screech of The Crypt's resistors*
  • The preshow ambiance music of Tomb Raider: The Ride**
  • The screams on Viking Fury
  • Invertigo's rrrrrrrrrrrng-CHUNK when the train is released from the first lift
  • Backlot Stunt Coaster's explosion
  • The train whistle on KI&MVRR

*I specifically name The Crypt and not Tomb Raider because I never noticed it when TR:TR was around.

**The first time I ever rode TR:TR, there was some breakdown that resulted in our group being stuck in the preshow room for an hour and a half with the music constantly running. It was unanimous afterward that it had nonetheless been entirely worth the wait.

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The laser sound effect that plays in the queue for Flight of Fear is my favorite. It gets stuck in my head all the time and I'd make it my text message sound if I had the sound file.

The creepy moaning sound as you pass the Adventure Express entrance is memorable, too.

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While I was scouraging around the youtube, I found actually walk-throughs of Soak City (meh, its still BB on the inside), and other walk-throughs of Kings Island as the sounds of Soak City and Kings Island.

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1.)DB's first Drop

2.)Firehawk's chain lift

3.)Train whistle, bell and chugging

4.)FOF's soundtrack

5.)background audio/announcements

6.)BLST's soundtrack as well as all the noise that goes on throughout the ride

7.)Water splashing at Soak City


9.)Beast's chain lifts

10.)the rumble of Adventure Express around the sharp turns

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Ahh, the sounds of Kings Island...too much to choose from, but I'll try...

Beast's "bada-bada-bada-bada-thud-bada-bada-bada-bada-thud..." as it approaches the first lift hill

Vortex's lift chain, "woosh" as it goes around the track, and brakes

Flight Deck's different-sounding yet similar "whoosh" and brakes

Son of Beast's loud anti-rollbacks, which we shalt never hear again...

Firehawk's high-pitched rollbacks that make it sound like the chain is going at 4X speed...

Flight of Fear's launch

Racer's anti-rollbacks and brakes, which are even better sounding when both trains are going at once

Drop Tower & Invertigo's "Ka-Thunk" they make right before dropping

That should about do it... :P

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There once was a pair of noises in Coney Mall, back by the SR&R. One sounded like a car alarm, for when someone won a prize "boow, boow, boow, boow, boow, boow..." The other was a random, electronic noise from the "Strength Hammer" game (the one with the super-bright flashing lights), which sounded like the background sound on the classic "Galaxian" game.

One favorite of mine is the boom from the salutes during the fireworks - how they echo through the valley behind the park. Awesome!

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