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How was your ride on Mystic Timbers?


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For those who have made it onto Mystic Timbers, how was your ride?! (Remember to be respectful to those who have yet to ride if discussing details about the shed - use spoiler tags!)

I rode ~9 times at Media Day this morning, and I'm looking forward to more rides tonight at the Charity Auction and this weekend when the park officially opens. Mystic Timbers is definitely a ride that needs multiple laps to fully appreciate. You may also need several rides to fully uncover the mystery of #WhatsInTheShed.

It's already one of my favorites at the park. It packs a punch with its quick pacing and abundant airtime, yet it's one you can ride over and over. The night ride is phenomenal - it's going to be a hard choice between MT and Beast at night.

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Quick review, the ride is fantastic and a great addition to the park.  It is one of the best rides in the park and I could see it being considered the best ride in the park.  From the first drop until the brakes it never lets up and there is very little straight track.  Tons of airtime throughout the ride.  The shed is a nice addition to the ride and provides a good finish.  

The park has a really good competitor for best new ride of the year.

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It was amazing! I rode it 10 times! It's so smooth, forceful, and packed with airtime! GCI and KI did an amazing job on this coaster! But The Beast is still my number one coaster and favorite ride at night.

lol plus it kept me awake. Went to a Pacers game last night that didn't start till 8pm, got home from that at 11pm, left for KI at 1am. Now I'm home. So it's been a very long 18 hours ^_^

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Just.... oh my. The ride is quick, smooth, intense, forceful, absolutely non-stop, so much airtime, so much lateral g's, it twists and bends! It feels so much longer than 3200 feet!

The shed was a nice and unique thing, I liked it!

The front has ALOT of airtime.

Here are my FunPix! :) 



@Magenta Lizard @malem @Mrs. No Chickens


@Magenta Lizard @Mrs. No Chickens @IndyGuy4KI





@2012Jarrett @WailsLikeABanshee @Beastie1980


@rcwizard13 @malem @Beastie1980


@Beastie1980 @aandjgoods @ohiocolts


@ohiocolts @aandjgoods

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Wild! I had so much fun today on my dozen or so rides I managed between Media Day and First Riders. 

There is a fairly significant difference, IMO, depending on which side of the train I ride, even more than I noticed between front of the train or back. The left side doesn't throw you out of your seat as much as the right. It's still fun, but it offers a tamer more relaxing ride for anyone looking for that. 

I'm not going to discuss in detail the actual contents of the shed, but just in case someone really wants to go in clean I am going to use spoiler tags.

As I suspected, The Shed is more of a nice little bonus at the end of a wonderful ride, something to add interest to waiting in the brake run, rather than a blow-you-away show in its own right. I'll admit, on my first run, when "Total Eclipse of the Heart" started playing I honestly thought they were screwing with us. The music choice ended up making a little more sense when I heard the fuller storyline of the Miami River Lumber Co. later in the day, and the other parts of what happened in the shed were entertaining regardless.  Each time I went through I saw new details of the theming and the elements that do things during the show.

This ride is just gorgeous from all angles, whether riding it or observing. There are some amazing areas where the ride interacts with the WWC queue area (it almost feels like you could shake hands with a rider from the bridge just before the turntable), and there are so many picturesque spots to watch or photograph from. Even without the train or WWC running while I rode, there was so much to look at in the surrounding areas while on the ride. It will be absolutely amazing when all three are going at once: the interactions are going to add such excitement. 

I can't say that I prefer either a daytime or nighttime ride. During the night, there is that excitement of wildly and blindly racing through the dark woods, but during the day one gets a still wild ride and the bonus of being able to see this beauty!

To sum up, I didn't even begin to get my fill of this coaster yet, and I am looking forward with great interest to getting to know it even better as this season goes on. Each ride just makes me want another. 

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1 hour ago, Zayzayd13 said:

Just by watching the Pov's, that last turn into the break run looks mean!!!

During the pause before entering the shed, I was usually laughing and trying to catch my breath because of the elements in that curve. It just tickled me so much every time, because the expectation is "the ride is almost over, we're just heading into the brakes, things should be winding down" and the elements don't look like much as the track curves around to enter the shed. Then you get forcefully tossed to one side, then the other, full steam ahead until the brake. I totally imagine the tree from the logo asking "oh you thought it was over, did you?"

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Here is my attempt at a spoiler free review of the shed.

I think the ride is better with the shed and it is a nice way to end the ride instead of just sitting in the brakes waiting for the train in front of you to move.  It seems really well thought out, and should tolerate a minute or two wait when loading hits a snag.  There is a good attention to detail and it is a level of theming I am not used to seeing at a Cedar Fair park.  I really want to see this continue on other attractions.

But the park made too big a deal about the shed and basically it does not live up to the hype.  I suspect the negative reviews of the shed are due to the park setting expectations too high.

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Had a great time today, got 9 or 10 rides in, (cant remember exactly, lost track after 7 because I was having a blast!) and Mystic Timbers was a lot of fun and a great new edition to the parks wooden coasters. It had some great airtime with plenty of twist and turns and I also really liked the tunnel in the middle! The Shed was a cool addition, nothing spectacular, but cool. I think everybody will be very pleased with Mystic Timbers, and it rivals The Beast for best night ride thats for sure! At night in the pitch black, it was even better. I still prefer The Beast, but this is a great ride and I hope everybody has as much fun and loves Mystic Timbers as much as I did today! The event was very cool as well and we even got to see Andy Dalton! Had a lot of fun and I think Mystic Timbers is one of my new favorites! :) MaestroJr

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I think if the park had not said a word about the shed and it was just a surprise for your first ride, I think people would LOVE it. However, since it was so central to the ride's marketing, many people will be understandably disappointed.

Curb your expectations and you will enjoy the shed. Don't expect some groundbreaking thing that's going to put KI on the map. Just expect a fun little distraction from sitting on the brake run and you'll love it.

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I am hesitant to say this but Mystic Timbers is one of my top 3 favorite wooden coaster.  This ride reminds me so much of El Toro second 1/2.  This coaster will definitely be in top 5.  I rate this as the best GCI has ever created.  It is a masterpiece.

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Hi all!  It was good seeing some of you at the media event yesterday - King's Island is really to be congratulated and thanked for a terrific event.  

I'll share my thoughts on MT - and will take off my rose colored Kings Island glasses to do so.

Going in, I was less interested in "What's in the shed" than I was the ride leading up to it.  I had hoped for a mid-sized woodie that would prove not only popular, but re-rideable.  Personally, I look for certain things - air, continual speed and pacing, surprises, and comfort.

I was ecstatic when MT delivered all those things.

Air - it's a air-time machine.  There's pop after pop after pop.  I'm a back-seat rider 75% of the time on woodies - MT changed all that.  It is definitely a front seat ride, and I couldn't get enough of it.

Continual speed and pacing - A lot of coasters seem to reach the final breaks gasping for air, having petered out.  Not MT.  From the time you drop off the lift until you reach the shed, it retains it's pace: fast, fun, and thrilling.

Surprises - I wasn't expecting the directional changes to be as fun as the were.  Specifically - the two directional turns just before the mid-course tunnel were great!

Comfort - the older I get, the less I want to feel bruised and battered, or sore.  I literally woke up today expecting to have a coaster-hang-over.  Instead, I woke up wishing I could go right back to the park for more. That says a great deal about the trains, track engineering and quality of the ride.

Frankly, MT is the best wooden coaster in the park.  It doesn't hold the legendary status of Racer or Beast, of course, but it's a coaster that people will flock to - not once-not twice - but over and over again.  Its as though you took the best qualities from wooden coasters you love, and combined them.  There's a vibe of Holiday World's woodies - specifically The Raven  - but without the bone-jarring roughness.  

Finally, while I'll not speak specifically of "What's in the Shed"... I can say I wasn't disappointed - but only because I hadn't hyped it in my head.  It was exactly what I had assumed it would be.  Actually, I was a bit charmed by it more than I thought.  Without spoiling it, I LOVE throwbacks, references and hidden nuggets in attractions.  The things you see in the shed are, essentially, Kings Islands version of "Hidden Mickeys."  And as someone else said, would you rather sit on a boring break run in the blazing sun, or have something fun to entertain you?  



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After having the night to ponder more detailed thoughts, the park has an incredible addition with this coaster.  As of right now, it is in my top two in the park after The Beast and it may eventually rise to the top.  This ride does not stop after it leaves the lift hill.  Using the speakers on the lift hill to enhance the theme was great.  The first time I rode it, I had my lanyard on top of my shirt and almost lost it right after the first lift.  Luckily, I did not and tucked it under my shirt on future rides.

I had high hopes for this coaster and it exceeded them.  It is nice to have an air time machine at KI.  It is one of those rides that you ride and then you want to get right back in line and ride it again.  As far as the shed, the first time I wasn't quite sure what happened but it grew on me over time.  As others have said it is much better than sitting on a brake run waiting.  If you have high hopes of what the shed might be, just accept it for what it is.  I think what is in there helps with the re-ridability of it though.

The theming with the truck, queue, station, lift hill, and shed are all well done.  Hopefully this is something that the park continues.  Whoever had the idea to use the classic Bat commercial audio during the truck's loop gets a shout out from me.  That was ingenious.    

I would say this ride is a cross between Thunderhead and Lightning Rod with a little bit of Jack Rabbit from Kennywood thrown in.  When the announcement was made a lot of comparisons were made to Racer and Beast, but this is completely different from either of those coasters.  As someone who loves all three coasters, this was a great addition.  It was a great coaster during daylight and even better at night.  I wouldn't argue if anybody has this as their best coaster in the park.  There are a lot of reasons this coaster is getting rave reviews, it is certainly well deserving of that mantle.

I'm in the Mystic Timbers shirt.


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I got seven rides in last night in seven different seats and every single one was unbelievable. The ride truly is relentless from start to finish. The airtime never lets up and the directional changes really throw you around, particularly in the stretch just before the turnaround tunnel.

My first ride was in the back row and I expected it to be the best, but boy was I wrong. The airtime is just as strong in every other seat. In fact, the front is actually my favorite due to still getting the airtime plus feeling the speed as the air rushed past my face, forcing me to put a hand down so I could keep my shirt from blowing up.

This was my first GCI and is definitely a contender for not just best ride in the park, but best ride that I've been on. I'll have to get more rides before making a firm decision on that, though.

As for the theming, it truly is another level for Cedar Fair. I hope we see more of it in future additions, but even more so hope they can keep it maintained on Mystic Timbers. The story is nicely done and does take several rides to really piece it all together, including what's in the shed. Speaking of which, I did enjoy the shed and think it is a great use of the extra time and space.


What's in the shed and my thoughts on it are contained within the spoiler below!


The shed just being an immersive environment is pretty much exactly what I expected. Well, I will admit I was hoping for an animatronic or two. Even at Disney and Universal, though everything seems to be projection screens nowadays. I love the way the theme is pulled together in the shed. From 'Its in the shed' everywhere on the walls to the 80's music it really puts you into the setting. I can see how select enthusiasts and the GP will talk negatively about it, given the hype. However, I also wouldn't say the park over hyped it. It's going to get people to ride a ride they might otherwise dismiss as not big enough and realize how great of a ride it is.


Overall, a great ride I can't wait to ride again and would rate ten out of ten.

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We really liked Mystic Timbers. It offers a nice dark ride experience as well as a day time ride as well. The first drop is fun, and the change of direction should bring thrills to so many people - people of all ages. Most of us are big coaster enthusiasts, but this ride also provides a great experience to children looking to move up from the kiddie coasters in Planet Snoopy! The partnership between GCI, IOE, Holovis, and Kings Island certainly created a winner here! 

I hope you do not mind us sharing here, but we offered a slightly longer breakdown in an article on our site as well. http://coasteraddict.com/mystic-timbers-a-real-winner-for-all-ages/

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9 hours ago, Rustbucket said:

I am hesitant to say this but Mystic Timbers is one of my top 3 favorite wooden coaster.  This ride reminds me so much of El Toro second 1/2.  This coaster will definitely be in top 5.  I rate this as the best GCI has ever created.  It is a masterpiece.

No Beast in your TOP 10?  Wow. I know people who think The Beast tops El Toro.


 Also.....Daryl Hall and John Oates are what's in the shed. Their careers just won't die. haha!

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