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2022 Entertainment Lineup Announced


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International Showplace has so much potential for the 50th, and sad to see it not being used until June 25.  If Off the Rails is similar to the CP show a few years back, didn’t find it too exciting.   With less and less utilization of the venue (or improvements in shade, paint, lighting), wonder if it’s in the KI 5 year plan to demolish soon in preparation for a major Planet Snoopy renovation.

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So many things to be excited for, it’s hard to choose which is the best!  I think it deserves to be said, we should not forget to vote for KI for best park. We were at 5th place yesterday, and now at 4th. CP was at 3rd, now they’re at 2nd place. 

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A Phantom Theater show?!?!? That's gonna be cool! I'm am actually really excited. Though I was alive when the ride operated, I was way to scared to try it out (my first ride experience in that building was Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle).

Also, Club KI? I'm in! B)

EDIT: The parade sounds cool too; wonder what kind of floats will be used (please be an Adventure Village/Action Zone themed float...)

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17 hours ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

Some more details have been released in regards to "a golden celebration"


EDIT: Here are some screenshots of some of the things planned: 

50 years of fun street party: image.png


Club KI: image.png


Fireworks: image.png


Taste the Tradition: image.png


Dj Diamond back... Nice

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