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Six Flags and Cedar Fair Merge

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11 hours ago, Shawn Meyer said:

I'm very skeptical about this merger. I don't want to see my favorite Park(Kings Island) have the Six flags name in front of it. I'm also worried that they'll mess up one of the Cedar Fair parks like they did with Geauga Lake. I doubt they'll mess up Kings Island because that's a crown jewel to Cedar Fair. One of their crown jewels anyway. 

I'm having trouble seeing any park treated like Geauga Lake. Knott is too profitable as it is. SFMM is too big (probably) and does well enough. CGA is already closing. Dorney is a different kind of park from SFGAdv and does well enough from what I hear. SFA is probably far enough away from KD.

Geauga Lake was a unique case in many ways. First SF stripped away its old identity and dumped too much money into the park, then depending who you ask CF either gave up trying to win back the local market or they never intended to in the first place. Consider who was running Cedar Fair at the time and his attitude regarding Cedar Point's place in the chain.

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On 11/4/2023 at 5:11 PM, Tr0y said:

What has Bassoul done to ruin the Six Flags Brand? Other than trying to make it a more premium brand like Cedar Fair?

There's a slight difference between what I said and what you asked. I don't think he has ruined the brand--that's your word. I think Six Flags has a niche presence in the market and Bassoul has attempted to break out of it and redefine what Six Flags is extremely quickly, which (based on SIX's quarterly reports) has presumably done some damage to how Six Flags is perceived.

Whether or not doing that was a smart move is a matter of perspective. I'm purely going off of vibes here, but I do wonder if he was intentionally trying to position SF to seem more attractive to CF or other prospective buyers.

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31 minutes ago, DispatchMaster said:

I don't imagine a Cedar Fair executive would publicly admit that they lost significant revenue as a result of their pricing strategies, so I take those comments with a silo of salt. The fact of the matter is that they took a wildly popular product that was selling beyond capacity and reduced the selling price of that product. I simply do not subscribe to the Walmart-ization strategy.

Furthermore, the "also wrong about how many passes were sold" seems like outright, patronizing BS when CF has regularly trumpeted "record season pass sales" and/or "higher season pass mix" in annual/quarterly reports since the introduction of the Gold Pass.


This exactly.  I am reminded of a quote that Jason McClure has said and I have used it on the forum frequently as to why something may or may not be said from CF:  "It is important to remember that Cedar Fair is a publicly traded company and that affects the type and timing of our communication."  That simple statement says it all.  There are countless of real world, everyday examples demonstrating this same technique in other businesses and industries.

At the end of the day, they are not under any obligation to tell us the whole truth and thus they control the narrative and how it is presented (unless of course someone leaks it out earlier).  The fact of the matter is someone in the know will not officially come out and say something against the narrative the park is telling...unless they don't care about potentially losing their job LOL. 

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13 minutes ago, Tr0y said:

Six Flags is currently running Black Friday sales. 55% off park add ons, including their all season, all park flash pass.


And people thought Cedar Fair gave away the gate.

I thought the SIX CEO said he was trying to improve the clientele by charging more.  

I guess that idea didn't last now that they are merging :P

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