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    I fully expect the Kings Island Giga to be one of the best coasters in the world. In its present form, per the leaked layout and footer drawings, I make the following prediction: Height: 305 ft Drop: 310 ft Max Speed: 94 mph Length: 5,250 ft This coaster will be shorter in duration and length then Fury, however there’s no way one can say it’s not in the same category. This coaster will be forceful (for a B&M) and will be relentless. All of B&M’s highlight elements will be in it. I expect a reverse treble clef and an ampersand along with ejector and floater hills. Again, just because it’s shorter, doesn’t mean it’s not as good as Fury. In fact many complain about the pacing of Fury and that the helix is almost pointless. For this coaster, pacing won’t be an issue. After 45-50 seconds of ride time (drop to break) this new coaster will leave you out of breath, wondering what the he** just happened. Don’t be discouraged y’all! Kings Island is going to get one of the best coasters in the world. No it may not be the 7000 ft long 350 ft tall “beast unleashed” y’all were hoping for, however this coaster will still be a wonderful attraction and the parks best coaster for years to come! #fiveIsALIVE #Polaris305
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    Never trust the opinion of anyone who enjoys Invertigo.
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    Dangit Don... teasing us? Haha From KI reader mailbox. I know this is legit, I just think it's funny.
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    All of a sudden everyone on this forum became astrologists
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    *Not drawn to scale * Everyone is talking about a the coaster having a 40 degree angle of accent, while this a long shot. What if the coaster was launched up the first hill to a certin point, kind of like Maverick, But the train goes over a “hill” of sorts that reaches the 300 foot mark. I’ve drawn a picture below to show kind of what I’m thinking about. Like I said, long shot. B&M has only produced 1 launch coaster (if you don’t count Hulk at Universal) and it would be a very long and probably very forceful launch. Not to mention, the launch would be at an angle. Side note. Does any one know the weight of B&M Giga/Hyper trains. I looked all over but cannot find any info, if I have this info, I can try and calculate how forceful of a launch would be needed to put such train over a hill that is 300 feet in height or higher. No guarantees though.
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    If I were in his place, I'd do the same thing. Better to have fun with the readers than to disperse the usual bland, monotone lawyer-speak ("We have nothing to announce at this time." Snooze.)
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    Physics called and wouldn’t stop laughing [emoji23]
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    Don always likes to have fun with the fans. He's just doing this because he doesn't want to actually answer the question. Similar to the whole deer lurking in the woods where Firehawk was thing.
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    I kind of threw up a little.
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    The time has finally come! On May 15th, Kings Island will begin their daily operating schedule for the 2020 season. The off-season, although very short now with Winterfest, still seems to drag on until we get to when the park is open daily. We are hoping that with daily operations comes sunny, warm days, which we have yet to see much of this spring. There are a lot of things to be excited about this season at Kings Island. This includes the revamp of International Street, the GlockenSpiel renovation, the addition of the Kings Mill's Antique Autos, Decoding the construction in X-Base, The Miami River Brewhouse, and celebrating The Beast's 40th anniversary! The list of things to talk about on KIC (each item has a link to their respective thread) has been plentiful this spring. To kick off the first weekend of daily operations we have one of the biggest coaster events of the year, CoasterStock. This event gets more popular every year and has become one of the premiere enthusiast events of the year. KICentral members love this event and we can't wait to see everyone there! Talking with Chad Showalter, he says the park is very excited about a new event coming in 2019. "There’s a lot of excitement building for Grand Carnivale. The more I learn about it, the more I believe it’s going to be an event our guests will want to experience more than once between June 15 and July 7. While some details were announced earlier this year, there’s still more to talk about and we’ll be sharing more details shortly." Tell us what is the most exciting change for you this season. Here's to a great 2019 Kings Island season. We can't wait to see you on the midways and on the forums! The KICentral Admin Team
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    Great... so after KI gets this new ride, we'll have to wait almost 19,000 more years before something better is built... uhh... where the footers for that Beast at?
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    I love finding these random theories... Found a star that is 309 light years from Earth. it's part of the Constellation Draco. The star is actually known by the name Thuban. It is also know as "Dragon's Tail". Where this gets interesting is, Thuban was the North star before Polaris was the North star. Thuban was the North Star between 4000-2000 BC. Sometime around 21000 AD, it will again be the North star. Things that make you go hmmmm.....
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    Wish I could like this twice..... Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
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    Yep, all the ponds and lakes at Kings Island were man made. I'd suggest checking out HistoricAerials.com, searching Kings Island, and setting the year to 1964. Before all the coasters and what-not, it was just flat farm land and some splotches of trees.
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    That's too bad, but at least today is the last day the park is closed until August!
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    As far as potential fake blueprints, remember they made a fake web site showing they were getting a wing right before announcing Banshee so anything is possible if it was someone internal that did the leak.
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    A floorless GIGA sounds awesome, what a crazy feeling that would be and the view would be so open! Sent from my KFSUWI using Tapatalk
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    @sixohdieselrage Pretty good day for flying!!!
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    I haven't studied Levi at all, but dropping in side images of Fury's lift into my CAD makes me think Fury's lift is at 39°. It's very possible the images I used aren't the best and Fury's lift could indeed be 40°. Going off the submitted blueprints for KI's coaster, that lifthill is definitely at 40°, no question about it. Resubmitted plans do happen, but for legit changes or mistakes in the plans, not simply to troll a very select, very small community of coaster nerds. All it would take is word getting to the wrong person, and the city could shut these plans down or delay them easily just because KI is wanting to play some internet troll games. Big risk for doing something silly. EDIT--dropping in an image showing Fury's lift compared to 40°. The grey line (near red arrow) is sketched at 40°. Dropping in a perpendicular image of Fury's lift on top shows the lift isn't quite parallel to 40°. If a sketch a line at 39°, it falls on top of the image. Of course, this image of Fury is not perfect, so this analysis could be off, but it's the best I have to work with.
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    I have to admit, I was really hoping for a coaster that topped off around 350'. But, I won't be so disappointed if it is just barely 300'. It will still be a giga nonetheless and I'm sure a very fun ride to experience! Like many others on here, I think it would be a huge disservice not only to the KI regulars but to Kings Island itself to build a second hyper coaster that is only 15-25 feet from being named a giga. I feel like that is likely not going to happen......but certainly a thought in the back of our minds here on KIC!
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    Question: Based upon earlier posts, it seemed to assume that the lift hill would be a 45 Degree ascent. Was the lift ascent on Fury and Leviathan? If that is the case, why would B&M alter their ascent angle to make it shallower? Neither Fury nor Leviathan has had problems with their left ascent that I'm aware of. It would seem if the goal was to reach a certain height, the quicker they reach that height, the cheaper it would be as the lift wouldn't be as stretched out, chain would be shorter, etc.. (though perhaps more wear on the motor?) anyhoo, if the scale on the front drawing is indeed incorrect, or at least doesn't match what is posted in the coordinates on the footings as some have said, how are we sure we can trust that detail that shows the lift ascent angle? Is it possible that the leaked plans are an "early approved set" that is then followed up by an "engineering change" marked set of plans that the public has not seen? To what extent would KI & Cedar Fair go to "throw us off". Somewhere there is a set of drawings that contain the rest of the footings on this ride, perhaps we are only seeing what "they want us to see". Just a random thought when thinking of that detail and how everyone assumed early on the lift would have a 45 degree ascent.
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    Cedar Point has something that KI will never have. And that's Lake Erie. I think it's tough to say KI is better than CP. They are just different. They each thrive in their own way. One is regional, one is a destination. Apples to oranges.
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    I like every park because of their uniqueness, not because of its rollercoaster selection. I’m hoping the new addition will bring overhaul to the x-base area. Perhaps a few new/used rides will pop up there. Btw. What if this is a first one of its kind rides? Floorless giga? Who knows. I’ll be excited if the teasers start popping up soon.
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    KI higher ups reading this thread
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    For the record, I think this coaster will be over 300ft. Cedar Fair took a risk at Canada’s Wonderland. (Rumor has it, Leviathan was slated for Knotts.) The risk obviously paid off since Carowinds repeated the model. Having riden Fury, I have high hopes for this coaster. It will be interesting to see what they do with the second element since MF, Leviathan, and Fury all make a turn after the first drop. This one seems to go straight for a while. It will need something other than an airtime hill to make it feel different than Diamondback.
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    -image from google- This hill here gives an amazing feeling Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Catching up with this thread..... From the leaked plan, the first hill is a highly banked, or overbanked, turn. The second hill is the treble clef element. So the first half will likely not have airtime. Well the station is a building with walls, electric, queue lines, control room etc. The rest of the ride is literally just track, rails, supports and footers. There is obviously going to be more involved with the station. They've drawn everything they can draw on the rest of the ride. They will also have the free dinner on the coasters nightly. Nothing like eating bugs! I think the 45 degrees was somewhere between urban Legend and just people making uneducated guesses about what Other coaster's lift angles are. That becomes "fury has a 45 degree angle, so this will too". That has been debunked on both cases. They'd have to also pay an engineer/architect to do the math and design those fake plans. All of the math in those data sheets is accurate and matches real world elevations. So that involves paying a surveyor to survey those spots. Pretty expensive for practical joke. I don't think for one second that the city plans are fake. I can fathom the whole plan leak being an internal fake. Even though, at this point, it was executed poorly if it was intentional. But the city plans are going to be what's built.
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    Don't listen to anyone, keep being imaginative and keep asking questions. That's how every brilliant mind got their start. As for your question about the weight of trains: I don't know exactly what they typically weigh, but I bet if Top Thrill Dragster can launch a train 400+ feet into the air at a 90 degree angle with a 120 mph launch it would certainly take way less kinetic energy than that. I would definitely use that ride, and also Lightning Rod at Dollywood as a basis for your research here.
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    The day of the Banshee announcement a placeholder webpage was tested . It featured a wing coaster with the tag, “The Bat Flies Again!” From my understanding this was done to make sure the actual page launched smoothly after the announcement. It wasn’t much of a “fake website” as has been described.
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    The announcement will more than likely have been made by the time we actually see any track. I think it'll be fairly interesting to see the layouts of footers once those are started.
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    Skyrush, in my opinion, is an I305 style- "twister" layout. The hyper being installed will have a plethora of airtime and tall hills. Also this ride will be a "front gate" coaster that's the first thing guests will see when it walks in. Like Diamondback our new 2020 coaster will be in the back of the park.
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    But why was it hoped for 45 degrees? I always assumed that is the angle on Fury and Leviathan, but haven't seen anything to confirm that. My only point is why would the lift angle be less than fury or leviathan? As far as playing games; its not that tough, if they are inclined. Submit a set of plans to get approved, then immediately submit a set of "engineered changes" to the same documents. There is a fee involved, but resubmitting plans is a normal process in construction; if KI wanted to, they could, would the city go along while still not bending any rules???? No clue, but mainly I was interested in that lift angle and how people got to 45 degrees. If Leviathan and Fury were both 40 degrees, then I'd expect this one to be at least that as well, while perhaps hoping for something steeper.
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    In the Reader's Mailbag post referenced above some hints may be gleaned, or not. Also in a blog about The Beast last month, I found it interesting that the original plan for the roller coaster that became The Beast was to rebuild the Coney Island Shooting Star beside (or maybe behind) The Racer. Things that make me go hmmm... https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/april/the-beast-40-years-of-terror
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    It would be neat if they completely themed this area and added some flat rides and whatever big coaster that may be coming in the future. It would be cool if they made it an interactive experience, maybe like Knott’s Ghost Town Alive but somehow make it work with aliens or Government scientist. Just a thought.
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    Hershey's two hypers are from different manufacturers. To me it doesn't make sense to have a second B&M hyper in the same park as another B&M hyper. If we were to get a hyper I'd want it from like Intamin, Mack, or even RMC.
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    Even for The Beast Unleashed video, the comments were full of GP saying "wow just another Diamondback? Meh" and I tried my hardest to make it wildly different. KI has to be aware of the risk of constructing something that looks way too similar to Diamondback. I have no doubt it will be very different in some way.
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    If it is shorter than 300 feet, I am desperately hoping it's a new ride model. If the leaked layout is the real deal, I am desperately hoping it's a new ride model. I would be more than okay with this thing being something totally new given the information we have. Part of me is still holding onto a shred of hope that KI disseminated some somewhat-bogus documents to shroud what will be the park's biggest investment ever. They know the blueprint song and dance – it has happened for several projects. My brother, who is a project management professional, told me it would be entirely possible to submit blueprints to the city that were slightly off and amend them after the fact. Is it possible they're tired of the blueprint leaks and have found a way around it? I SERIOUSLY doubt this is the case, but I'm kinda hoping it is based on all of our calculations and models we've seen so far. I want an epic giga with at least one record involved, sue me I guess lol. Additionally, I'm really struggling to shake the feeling that KI would very much want to break records for what is almost certainly one of the most anticipated giga projects for the last 10ish years. I can't think of a single park that has had people asking "Giga?" for every single season for several years in a row. The fact that all the info we have right now conflicts with something groundbreaking is... extremely strange to me. That said, I'll still ride the crap out of a mediocre giga if we get it. Could even NOT be a record breaker and still have a legendary ride experience.
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    https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/april/the-beast-40-years-of-terror Whats interesting is that it took so much planning for The Beast that they basically started working on it not long after the park opened. Also, I didn’t know they wanted to rebuild the Shooting Star right next to Racer. I wonder where exactly that means. That’s interesting...
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    I don’t feel like quoting, but someone above said the overbank and treble clef would not have airtime. From riding Fury, I can tell you that if it is low to the ground overbank type turn (as on CoassterMac’s coaster) there will be sideways airtime. The treble clef will almost definitely have airtime. Imo these are the elements that make fury so great. They give sideways floatjector which is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. They are absolutely incredible and I’d be more than happy if our coaster had these two elements with this airtime. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As for those of up you who are on my about physics, ok it’s an idea. I was wrong on some things. I’ve learned a lesson. Thanks for the criticism.
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    Polaris is 430 light years from earth. Polaris430... our coaster will only be a lift hill and a drop. Record setting!!
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    Some of you are off your rocker on these launched coaster theories lol
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    I would be very surprised if it is not at least 300' tall. With Leviathan vs. Behemoth and Fury vs. Intimidator at their respective parks they both complement each other well. I would expect that to be the same case at KI.
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    I think 45° was hoped for early on, but we know now it's 40° based on the footings blueprint. That blueprint for that particular view is very specific, good enough for the footings guys to use it to make that specific footing. A 45° lift would put more wear on the motor and its components and require more power to pull the train up versus the same design but at 40° --you're right about that. As for "throwing us off", the city is not interested in "playing games" with stuff like this, so any plans submitted to the city are going to be legit. The leaked layout still may be up in the air if it's true or not, but the footings blueprints for the lift are accurate.
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    Floorless giga. While that would be cool, I feel that would be a cop out and kind of a slap in the face of that was their major selling point on this. " Your all's giga will be 1200' shorter but....... You all get floorless trains! oOoOO!" Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Let’s be realistic here— besides us, the GP that is the 99% of KI on a daily basis isn’t going to know the difference or the stats on a new coaster or care for that matter. A new ride is a new ride and new experience to them. Something new will always draw the masses. We are the 1%ers. Only we will know the specs, the enthusiasts feeling towards the ride overall, and what a limited few think of it. That’s it. I don’t care what someone posts on Reddit comparing CP to KI. They will never be as a good as us. We don’t have to worry about them only installing a coaster every year to try to outpace another park. We actually get other decent rides and experiences. KI actually has a “feel” to it. Always have, always will.
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    "We welcome our newest Hyper, "#CantBeatUs", which is 299' 11". Take that Kings Island and Cedar Fair!"
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    Smaller size, Cheaper cost. World's Tallest Hyper Coaster. 299 feet. A record never to be broken.
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    Went to IB yesterday for their opening weekend. Some improvements for this year. Hoosier Hurricane - They added a 25 for the 25th anniversary. The blue train is now on the track and totally renovated. (red was last year, but not back on the track yet) with a new paint job. The decking in the queue was replaced. Lastly a little track work but still pretty rough. They did add a PA system with Spiels. A much needed addition. They are not automatic, they have to push a button. Cornball Express got decals added to its train this year. (It was rebuilt last season) It also got a PA with the same spiels at HH. It is running really well. I did not see any new track work from last season. Rocky's Toybox which is their new name for the kiddeland area is still majorly under construction. There is a new awning for what I am guessing is the new train station. The rest is still behind a fence and there is not much there. A ride op said mid June for opening. So a few new kids rides. There are abut 6 kids rides operating. The bad part is no train ride until this opens. We are so luck at KI.
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